Best Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Institute in India

In a competitive era, everyone needs to stand out from the crowd in order to reach new heights of success. One should have a USP that makes him/her distinguishable from the others. People working in the corporate sector try hard to reach the top position in the company. In the race, no one wants to be left behind. For this one needs to constantly upgrade themselves and become efficient. One should possess some of the latest skills demanded by the industry. To attain various skills as per your profile and domain, certifications are the best option. One can acquire the latest skills in a limited time and budget. One of the most demanded certifications nowadays is the six sigma certification. In this course, one learns to detect and correct mistakes in the business process so that the compliance standards can be met.The course teaches the professionals to avoid defects in the first place through manufacturing control. It helps in meeting the performance standards and thereby making the process apt for the customers.


Table of Content

  1. What is Six Sigma Certification
  2. Benefits and Scope of Six Sigma Certification
  3. Requirements for Six Sigma Course
  4. Best institutes for six sigma black belt in India
  5. Career perspective and interview preparation with ISEL Global
  6. Conclusion

What is Six Sigma Certification?

The evolution of Six Sigma started in 1979 when Motorola detected a problem with quality standards. With the six sigma approach, the company not only improved the quality of the product but also achieved low production cost and time.

The six sigma certification helps in delighting the customers by reducing defects and variation in the process. Through this, the cycle time is reduced. The figure six sigma means 3.4 parts per million which mean 99.99% accuracy in the process. It means that 3.4 defects may occur per million opportunities.

Six sigma is a:

  • Metric: For the demonstration of the quality level at 99.99% performance
  • Tool: Practical statistical tool for the DMAIC technique
  • Benchmark: For the process capability and product quality
  • Commitment: To offer premium quality of service and products at the lowest cost.

Six Sigma Certification has three levels that are:

  • Six Sigma Green Belt Certification
  • Six Sigma Black Belt Certification
  • Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification

Each course can be completed in the mentioned hierarchy only. The duration of each course is approximately 2 months of classroom study followed by an objective test to get a universally renowned certificate. Nowadays this certification has become the criteria for management promotions in various organizations.

Benefits and Scope of Six Sigma Certification

Six Sigma Certification in India is highly in demand nowadays. This skill is demanded across industries and offers a promising future. The benefits of availing of this course are as follows:

  • Improve employee acceptance across the industries. Nowadays this certificate is in high demand.
  • It acts as a USP by increasing your value across industries.
  • Professionals with six sigma certification are well paid. The salary increases by leaps and bounds.
  • One gets hands-on work on an industry project by reducing risks, eliminating errors, and solving real-life problems.
  • Great Exposure

Lean Six Sigma certification in India is asked of by various sectors nowadays. The prominent ones where one can get a good opportunity to show their skills include telecom, IT, banking, aerospace, financial service, HR, FMCG, Insurance, healthcare, etc. The scope and demand are immense while the people possessing these skills are limited. This makes it a rare skill and can help you to have a bright future. You will be recognized in your organization.

Requirements for Six Sigma Course

Due to the advancement in technology, accessing anything has become very easy. Technology penetration can also be seen in the field of Education. The best part about this course is that it can be availed in both the modes that are offline as well as online. ISEL Global Education is one of the best institutes that offer courses across PAN India.

The requirements for the lean six sigma green belt certification are as follows (preferable):

  • The applicant should have a bachelor’s degree.
  • He/she should have a minimum of 3 years of work experience. It helps in understanding the business processes better. Though this course is now being offered in some of the reputed B schools as well.
  • High-speed internet connection and supporting hardware for online classes.
  • Basic Knowledge of MINITAB for regression module
  • Aptitude towards analysis and regression.
  • You should have basic English language skills.

Because of the online live sessions at ISEL Global Education, the course can be completed from anywhere and at any time. The accessibility has increased highly.

Best institutes for six sigma black belt in India

When it comes to doing any certification, there are a plethora of choices. But the important point that everyone must remember is that not only the curse you choose is important but the place from where you pursue it is also of vital importance. Here are some of the best institutes in India for Black belt certifications:

  • ISEL Global Education
  • KPMG
  • Henry Harvin Education
  • Indian Statistical Institute
  • ASQ
  • VAR Sigma

ISEL Global Education

The institute plays a vital role in the level of knowledge attainment of the professional. ISEL Global Education is a preferred choice by many professionals who want to pursue Six Sigma Certification. The firm offers the course both from the theoretical as well as practical perspective.

The institute helps the individual to analyze the problem and develop problem-solving skills. During the course, one also develops analytical thinking. One can cultivate the potential for analysis of the business process.

The main aim of the institute is to focus on the growth and development of the applicant. He/she should be well versed with the concepts of the course. The course curriculum is updated from time to time to match the industry’s demand. The course is designed to help professionals and college students for advancing in their careers. The course is designed in a manner that boosts business productivity. By reducing waste in the process. This is done by the techniques called DMAIC (for the existing process) and DMADV (for the new process).

DMAIC stands for define, measure, analyze, improve control while DMADV stands for define, measure, analyze, design, verify.


  • Define the Selection of performance characteristics critical to meeting customer requirements.
  • Measure: Creation and validation of measurement system.
  • Analyze: Identification of sources of validation from the projective objective
  • Improve: Discovering the process relationship and establishing new procedures.
  • Control: Monitoring of implemented improvements to maintain gains and help ensure corrective actions.


  • Define: Initiate and define the scope of the plan
  • Measure: Understanding customer needs and satisfying critical to quality.
  • Analyze: Developing design concepts
  • Design: Develop high-end and detailed designs
  • Verify: Implementing full-scale processes.

The trainers of the ISEL Global Education are also highly skilled and have the best industry experience. They make sure the classes are interactive and they impart as much knowledge as the applicant can grasp. The learning process is given time and is filled with real-life industry examples and hands-on experiences. The batch size even in the online sessions, is kept low so that each student gets an equal and right amount of attention.

It is a pioneer professional training institute when it comes to six sigma black belt certification.

  • KPMG

It is one of the best and most renowned institutes in India which aims at training the professionals and leading improvement projects. The firm teaches tactics to improve the business process. The training is imparted by the senior professionals which use adaptive learning methodology.

  • Henry Harvin Education

It is an ISO 29990 certified organization that offers the course at a global level. The firm believes in providing result-oriented training. By far the institute has trained up to 23000+ applicants and has tie-ups with 150+ colleges. It is one of the recommended institutes in India. Though it only offers two courses that Six sigma green belt and black belt.

  • Indian Statistical Institute

It is an old institute that was established in 1931. Since then it is providing training to the professionals. Though the institute holds less value as compared to other competitors. The institute focuses on statistical tools and methods including empirical.

  • ASQ

The institute provides quality training that helps in understanding the concepts in detail.  The institute believes in-classroom training and has built a community of professionals across the globe. The firm is associated with Exemplar Global which provides certifications.

  • VAR Sigma

The VARSigma is also associated with Exemplar Global which provides certificates. It is an operational strategy consulting firm that focuses on Decision strategy, lean six sigma, big data analytics, operational excellence, etc.

Career perspective and interview preparation with ISEL Global

Getting certified by ISEL Global Education can have a positive impact on your career perspective. It can fetch you a top position in the company with a handsome salary. It is an agency-based training institute. The firm not only imparts high-quality knowledge but also helps the applicants in getting their dream job. They have tie-ups with many firms which offer employment opportunities and assistance. The course also contains some sessions on soft skills which helps the applicant in cracking the interview.

The applicants get millions of opportunities to improve their capability as a leader and to stand out from the crowd. The teaching standards are so high here that people get the best service and efficient teaching. With the hands-on experience on the live projects, the applicants hardly face any problems during their job.

The certificate offered by ISEL Global Education is universally accepted and holds high value. The firm is determined in building your career and 100% practical training and full-time assistance.


The best institute when it comes to the black belt six sigma institute is ISEL Global Education. The firm maintains high teaching standards with nominal processing. Their motto is to see you grow in your corporate journey. Apply today and reach new heights of success!!