Upskill Yourself by Getting Six Sigma Certification in Pune


Six Sigma certification is designed to provide an overview of the organization's objectives and demonstrate how DMAIC (Definition, Measurement, Analysis, Improvement, Control) is applied in various industry cases. This program is designed for professionals who have experience in problem-solving business solutions. This certificate is the first official level of training and certification can be followed by any graduate or professional. 


Five Key Benefits of Six Sigma Certification

Studying Six Sigma gives you many benefits by improving your skills, changing your thinking, and the extent to which it is applied in your work and even in your personal life. Let's take a look at some of the main benefits of Six Sigma as shown below:

  • Increase your productivity and performance - When working with an organization you are expected to deliver 100% productivity and other results and that's okay because you get paid for it. Productivity is usually calculated using KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) specific to your profile. e.g., KPIs for employees working in customer support in an e-commerce company, being able to handle customer inquiries to satisfaction without ignoring calls, etc. These KPIs can be used to calculate productivity. Six Sigma allows you to apply various Six Sigma tools and techniques to increase productivity by identifying and eliminating errors in business processes. Finally, when the number of defects or errors is reduced, customer satisfaction will increase, which benefits the company with higher sales and profit margins.
  • Cultivate managerial and leadership skills in yourself - Six Sigma black belt certification also prepares you for leadership roles, with the techniques and knowledge to reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve business process efficiency. Those who achieve the Six Sigma Green/Black Belt are not only trained in the Six Sigma method but are also prepared to become agents of change in their organization by making efforts to improve processes and improve the quality of products and services provided to customers. Once you have completed the Six Sigma course and received your certificate, you will have a clear understanding of how to measure and calculate the financial benefits of any Six Sigma project. Because financial management and risk assessment are highly desirable skills in middle and senior management, Six Sigma certified professionals have excellent opportunities to advance to higher management positions.


  • Cross-Industry Application - Six Sigma green belt certification is a quality improvement method that focuses on eliminating defects from business processes to deliver 99.99966% flawless products or services. It is well known that quality is everywhere, starting with the finger of the pen next to the plane, and thus Six Sigma finds application in industries around the world including telecommunications, electronics, banking, IT, human resources, marketing, agriculture, manufacturing, health, tourism, and many other industries.
  • Professional growth - According to a study conducted by, the salary of a Six Sigma certified professional is included in the $100,000+ salary bracket and is one of the highest-paid professionals in the world. With lean six sigma green belt certification, you can position yourself as an agent of organizational change and lead quality improvement within your team and therefore within the organization. Six Sigma results, including streamlining business processes, improving employee orientation, reducing costs, and increasing revenue, increase your chances of being promoted horizontally and vertically within the organization. In addition, earning a Six Sigma certificate will result in better job opportunities with better pay scales and labelling.
  • Globally recognized status - One of the reasons Six Sigma certified professionals are highly respected and prestige is that acquiring Six Sigma competencies is not as easy as other competency development programs on the market; HR managers in almost every company are aware of this fact.

You can start studying at any time, and with ISEL Global's Six Sigma Certification training, you get the benefit of studying it at a time and pace that's convenient for you, even on your smartphone! We give you the power to make the most of it from day one by teaching you to save time studying and we all know time is money! So don't waste your time or money and register on for a minute. Obtaining six sigma certifications in Pune is easy with ISEL Global.

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