What are the six sigma certification levels and their importance?

Competition in the high-yield financial and commercial sectors for project managers or management consultants is intense. The company has a selection of candidates and currently one of the criteria used to sort the husks is the selection of certified candidates. Lean Management certification or Six Sigma certification is highly valued by the industry, so Lean Six Sigma certification is very helpful in bringing your credentials to the top of the list. Combine the two levels of Six Sigma certification online and enroll in the Six Sigma Green and Black Belt Combo course today. 

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How high is the Six Sigma belt?

The Sigma Six belt level will vary based on your skills, knowledge, training, and experience. The more you improve your knowledge and skills, the higher your rank will be. The belt tiers are White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, Master Black Belt, and Champion.

      • Six Sigma Yellow Belt - The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification is designed to prepare a professional to serve as a member of a Lean Six Sigma project team. Professionals with Yellow Belt certificates have completed basic Lean Six Sigma training and have good knowledge of the methods used. Prior knowledge and basic understanding of Lean Six Sigma are taught at Yellow Belt. Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt professionals have the added benefit of working on a Green or Black Belt project. In addition, Yellow Belts have a basic understanding of how to be an effective team member in a Lean Six Sigma project.

six sigma certification information

      • Six Sigma Green Belt - The Green Belt is the next level after the Yellow Belt in Lean Six Sigma training and certification methodologies. Lean Six Sigma formal training begins at this level. Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certificationis not required to complete this certification. The Green Belt certification is designed to prepare you to lead a full-scale Lean Six Sigma project. Six Sigma Green Belt certified professionals are involved in project management, among other organizational tasks. Green Belt certified professionals have a good understanding of how certain aspects of the organization work and lead team members with Yellow Belts. In this level, you will learn about various tools and techniques for Lean Six Sigma and apply them in more depth than with the Yellow Belt.

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      • Six Sigma Black Belt - The Black Belt is designed to prepare you to lead complex Lean Six Sigma projects. Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Professionals manage and oversee Lean Six Sigma projects from a leadership perspective. This includes yellow and green belt targeting and targeting. If you want to lead a Six Sigma project, Six Sigma Black Belt training and certification provide the most stable education. Professionals with a Six Sigma Black Belt have strong managerial and leadership skills. At this level, your training will cover more statistical tools, change management, and leadership skills. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt professionals often train Yellow Belts and Green Belts to improve organizational performance.

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      • Master Black Belt - Master Black Belt is at the forefront of Lean Six Sigma project management. This Belt is a designation for Lean Six Sigma professionals trained in many business projects such as Six Sigma, Advanced Statistics, Presentation Skills, Lean, Design for Six Sigma. Master Black Belts has years of experience managing and directing complex business projects and training yellow, green, and black belts. Professionals with this certificate possess a high level of technical knowledge that is critical to business success. Six Sigma certified professionals are in high demand in industries such as banking, telecommunications, finance and insurance, human resources, supply chain, and logistics, manufacturing, healthcare, and more. Earning a Lean Six Sigma certificate from a world-renowned training and certification service provides you with effective training to boost your growth and confidence.

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