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A rank assigned to an experienced and effective Lean Six Sigma expert. Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt is generally responsible for a portfolio of improvement projects, leading enterprise-wide Lean Six Sigma implementations, and training/mentoring others in Lean Six Sigma.

  • MBB Certification in association with The American Association for Lean Six Sigma Certification, USA
  • Curriculum outline aligned and acknowledging The American Society of Quality, USA
  • Accredited by International Certification Accreditation Council, ISO 17024


CSSMBB Certification Training Deliverable:

  1. 7 Days of weekend LVC live sessions by MBB panel experts
  2. Body of Knowledge – ASQ BOK for reference
  3. Hands-on training on Data Analysis & Simulation using MINITAB PRO and live project data
  4. MBB project implementation and deployment
  5. Seamless integration of Lean six sigma with other initiatives like ISO, CMMI, EFQM, etc
  6. Personal coach and mentor throughout the Master Black Belt Certification journey
  7. Completion of the training requisites and the post-assessment test will qualify the participant for 50 PMI PDU
  8. MBB Certification examination anytime within the course duration
  9. Internationally accredited certification to the candidate passing the examination with a minimum 55% score
  10. Third party credential validation tool for certification validation

To be certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification, as an MBB you (referred to as the candidate) must submit this “application & portfolio” detailing your professional accomplishments over the past five years. ISEL uses a certification board of Master Black Belts from across the United States who review each application, discuss and reach consensus to either “approve for certification’ or “do not certify at this time’. The entire process from submission through decision can take up to 45 days.

The identity of the certification board members is not made public to prevent the appearance of impropriety.

The participants are given an end to end mentorship session to develop MBB capabilities and complete all the requirements for the certification.

In addition to the above definition, ISEL requires other activities detailed in this application. Our certification is different from other certifications by requiring candidates to demonstrate an understanding of emotional intelligence and the ability to relate to the workforce for sustainable improvements.

Being able to bring people together for lasting improvements is an MBB skill expected from employers and clients – thus ensuring a relevant certification.

When certified as a Master Black Belt you are authorized to add the distinctive “LSSMBB” signature block enhancer and potentially serve as a certification board member for other MBB candidates.

Master Black Belt Certification India Eligibility

1. Three years certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (or equivalent) with current certification. • Equivalent certification: Six Sigma Black Belt, employer certified Black Belt equivalent, etc.
2. Five years of professional work experience.
3. Coached or mentored at least three continuous improvement professionals.
4. Accomplished five professional development activities.
5. Taught three training classes.
6. Completed three projects or kaizen events detailing: • Size, scope, and impact of each. • How you adjusted your style to bring the workforce in for sustainable improvements.
7. Optional: Writing and examiner duties can be submitted to strengthen application if desired

Phase 1: Master Black Belt Certification Programs. Candidate submits online certification portfolio and payment. The portfolio is reviewed for completeness by AALSSC Director of Certification. (7-day processing time) • If determined to be complete – the candidate is notified, and portfolio is sent to certification board. • If determined to be incomplete – the portfolio is returned to the candidate with recommendations.

Phase 2: Portfolio is received by certification board. Each board member reviews the portfolio and provides feedback with the recommendation. Board members meet, discuss and reach consensus for certification decision (up to 30 days processing time). Recommendations are reviewed by Director of Certification who records recommendations and archives portfolio package.

Phase 3: Director of Certification notifies the candidate of the decision. • If the board recommends certification: certificate package is generated and mailed to the candidate. • If a board does not recommend certification: the candidate is notified of the specific reason(s) and given the opportunity to appeal the decision.

Appeal Process:
The candidate has one year from notification to re-submit application with modifications. Additionally, a candidate can include a letter to board members explaining details as necessary. Once the application is re-submitted the process begins again (at no additional cost).


Six Sigma Master Black Belt Salary:
According to Glassdoor: The National average salary of six sigma master black belt in the United States is 96,637$

Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt Median Salary by Job in  India:

  • Vice President (VP), Quality – Rs 3,198,283
  • Six Sigma Black Belt Project Manager – Rs 1,600,000
  • Senior Director, Operations – Rs 5,400,000
  • Vice President (VP), Operations – Rs 3,800,000
  • Sr. Operations Manager – Rs 2,000,000
  • General / Operations Manager – Rs 2,000,000
  • Assistant General Manager (AGM) – Rs 2,500,000

Source- PayScale

About Course Advisor

Mr. Erik Christensen (LSSMBB) Erik Christensen is the President of Las Vegas Lean Six Sigma and the Director of Certification for the American Association for Lean Six Sigma Certification (AALSSC). He has been a Lean Six Sigma instructor and consultant since 2006 and is passionate about the positive effects Lean Six Sigma has on both individuals and organizations. Erik Christensen was raised in Rutherford, New Jersey, USA. He joined the U.S. Air Force after graduating high school. Airman Christensen began his military career as an aircraft weapons loader, later became an Air Force recruiter and ultimately commissioned as a communications officer. After his military career, he used the Lean Six Sigma training and expertise to find employment running large Lean Six Sigma programs. In 2010 he followed his passion and started his own consulting and training corporation. In 2016 Erik was given the prestigious position of Director of Certification for AALSSC’s accredited certification programs.

1. 1989 – 1997 Weapons Loader/Instructor
2. 1997 – 2002 Air Force Recruiter
3. 2002 – 2007 Air Force Communication Officer
4. 2007 – 2010 Lean Six Sigma program manager
5. 2010 – 2012 Lean Six Sigma Transformation Consultant
6. 2012 – Present Lean Six Sigma trainer, consultant, and certifying official

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