CLSSMBB Certification Kit: 

  • Access to MBB modules, Industry applications, and content for lifetime access
  • Body of Knowledge – ASQ BOK & CSSC BOK for reference
  • Hands-on training on Data Analysis & Simulation using MINITAB PRO and live project data
  • MBB project implementation and deployment
  • Seamless integration of Lean six sigma with other initiatives like ISO, CMMI, EFQM, etc
  • Personal coach and mentor throughout the Master Black Belt Certification journey
  • MBB Certification examination anytime within the course duration
  • Internationally accredited certification to the candidate passing the assessment with a 55% score
  • Third-party credential validation tool for certification validation

Certified Master Black Belt is an expert in the entire Lean & Six Sigma Body of Knowledge through the execution of DMAIC or DMADV, The Design For Six Sigma Projects. In addition, by having completed and submitted an approved change management project, this MBB individual has demonstrated a thorough knowledge of both Six Sigma philosophies and principles.

The Master Black Belt Certification in India also features an expert understanding of leadership roles, team dynamics, and the ability to successfully assign team members roles and responsibilities of six sigma projects. Lastly, it signifies a master-level understanding of the DMAIC model in accordance with the Lean Six Sigma principles, knowledge of lean enterprise concepts, and skills to quickly identify “non-value-added” activities.

The Council for Six Sigma Certification abasiselglobal minitab training isel iassc accreditation

The focus in the Master Black Belt training program shall be to understand the details of managing the projects undertaken by the teams – hence the Master Black Belt will need technical competence in assessing the project and also understand the program management perspective to drive optimum resources utilization and drive success.

Global Recognition of Your Certification

  • MBB curriculum and certification Accredited by The Council For Six Sigma Certification, USA
  • Certification Accredited by International Quality Federation, USA
  • Training aligned and acknowledging the BOK of American Society For Quality, USA
  • Certification recognized and accredited ISO 17024 & 9001:2015 Standards
  • Certification Accredited by American Board, USA
  • Certification Accredited by UKAC, United Kingdom

Master Black Belt as a professional is mostly an enterprise change management leader, responsible for the overall management of the Six Sigma Black Belt improvement initiatives in the organization. Managing the MBB Role entails both a change management role and a key driver for organizational lean six sigma project initiatives.

This Master Black Belt Certification Course offered in India is aligned with the American Society For Quality and the candidate is taken through the CSSC- BOK with practical MBB implementation and MINITAB orientation.

1. Data Champion – Enterprise-wide Planning

1.    Creating a data-friendly environment
2.    Working in data constrained environments
3.    Applied Data analysis
4.    Analysis of data from Experiments
5.    Building Multivariate models using Regression
6.    Test of Hypothesis
7.    Control Charts

2. Execution Champion (Operational Excellence)

1.    Hoshin Kanri / A3 Matrix / Balance Score Card :
2.    The concept for alignment of projects to management objectives
3.    Integrating with non-Lean Six Sigma initiatives
4.    Implementing a hybrid DFSS and DMAIC deployment

3. Innovation

1.    Innovation and Innovation Management
2.    Principles of Fantasy creation
3.    Core concepts
4.    Object-Feature-Value (OFV)
5.    Functions and types of functions
6.    Seven core skills of innovators
7.    Inventive opportunity identification
8.    Contradiction thinking
9.    Abstraction and Analogy thinking
10.    Express Failure Analysis
11.    Ideal Scenario Thinking
12.    Resource Thinking
13.    Systems Thinking

4. Data Analytics 

1.    Advance Minitab usage in MBB
2.    Advance Six Sigma Tools for Simulations

Master Black Belt Certification Eligibility

Anyone whosoever fulfills and meets any single criteria out of 6 mentioned below, is eligible for MBB certification.

1. Three years certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
2. Five years of professional work experience
3. Coached or mentored at least three continuous improvement professionals
4. Accomplished five professional development activities
5. Taught three Lean Six Sigma training classes
6. Completed three projects or kaizen events detailing

On successful completion of the course and course requisites, the candidate will receive Internationally recognized Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification accredited by CSSC & IQF, ABAS USA & UKAC UK. 

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt training and certification is approved and accredited by The Council of Six Sigma Certification, The International Quality Federation, American Board USA & UKAC United Kingdom.

This course offers the Six Sigma Certification Validation Tool for Employers

Your CLSSMBB Validation Tool can be used by employers, clients, and other stakeholders to validate the authenticity of the Six Sigma Certifications you have received. Using the program code located on your certified LSSMBB certification, one can see all your training and certification details online.

Six Sigma Master Black Belt Salary:
According to Glassdoor: The National average salary of six sigma master black belt in the United States is 96,637$

Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt Median Salary by Job in  India:

  • Vice President (VP), Quality – Rs 3,198,283
  • Six Sigma Black Belt Project Manager – Rs 1,600,000
  • Senior Director, Operations – Rs 5,400,000
  • Vice President (VP), Operations – Rs 3,800,000
  • Sr. Operations Manager – Rs 2,000,000
  • General / Operations Manager – Rs 2,000,000
  • Assistant General Manager (AGM) – Rs 2,500,000

Source- PayScale

About Course Advisor

Master Black Belt Expert, TPM & TQM Consultant, ISO 9001 2015 Lead Auditor & Consultant, and CMMi L5 Assessment Team Leader

He has around 30+ years of proven experience as an Experienced Leader, Trainer, and Consultant towards Lean Six Sigma, Quality Management, Risk Management, Total Quality Management (TQM), Defect Management, Customer Management, Project Management, Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), ISO 27001, ISO 20001 and other Process Improvement Areas.

Overall completed around 225+ Green Belt and Black Belt Projects and mentored around 225+ Projects across various esteemed organizations.

Have also conducted around 400+ Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt Training Sessions in all, covering 20000+ professionals in Open House Sessions, Virtual Sessions, and In-House sessions in India, USA, South Africa, France, and Belgium.

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