Today a vast number of organizations across the country have implemented six sigma tools in order to reduce errors and to constantly improve their business outcomes and processes. Such improvisation tools help build a stout and concrete level of the system to wipe out the defects in the processes, and its proven methodology for quality assurance and management, several leading organizations have adopted six sigma and enjoying a rise in their profit charts.

Six Sigma Green Belt is the most renowned and popular certification across the globe. As per the report, six sigma green belt comes under the top 10 certifications for It and Management professionals across the globe consecutive for 3 years, 2016-2018.

A Six Sigma Green Belt certification confirms your commitment to quality and it is essential to go through rigorous training in order to clear the examination. Since the exam format is multiple choice and consists of 100 questions those candidates answering 50% of questions correctly are declared as certified. A certification with a license number is issued to candidates which demonstrates one's ability to initiate and deploy six sigma methodology in an organization or daily life.

Learning the Six Sigma methodology benefits a professional’s career as it showcases to stakeholders and management how much one is committed to one's work and ascendingly contributes to business growth by eradicating the flaws known and unidentified.

To achieve certifications following are the two ways,1. Candidates exposed to topics covered in the Six Sigma Certification “body of knowledge “ can opt to take a standard comprehensive examination on their own.

2. Self-study or in conjugation with accredited training Live virtual classroom or orthodox physical classroom training followed by appearing in examination online/offline.

Path number two has been preferred by most of the candidates.

  1. The Six Sigma Council has accredited various training providers across the globe to impart training and conduct certification for the candidates. Pricing has been dependent upon the training module that they have designed along with the training the institute provided.
  2. It is pretty much essential for candidates to opt for the best training institute such as ISEL Global which bestows quality training at a pocket-friendly price. ISEL Global’s six sigma green belt training is designed with or in a case study-based approach by citing and quoting various real-time industry examples.

The cost for the Certified Green Belt Exam is $195 USD. The cost for the Certified Black Belt Exam is $305 USD. The cost for the Certified Master Black Belt Exam is $499 USD.

  • The six sigma green belt certification cost 195$ / 14500 and is one of the most accredited and globally renowned certifications. The course is delivered by six sigma master black belt faculties and is completely an instructor-led live virtual training program.
  • The ISEL GLOBAL certification, both Green Belt and Black Belt are widely accepted and is a mark of quality excellence in many industries and top companies.

The six sigma green belt certification cost differs with the mode of learning and the accreditation a six sigma certification holds. Generally, a six sigma green belt or six sigma black belt with poor accreditation and less recognition is cheaper, whereas the certification with multiple accreditations and international recognition is costly and hence they are widely accepted in the industry.

These modules are designed and developed by industry experts hence providing in-depth knowledge of various designs, calculations, strategizing and analyzing many other tools of six sigma.

To Summarise:

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification certification unlocks plenty of career opportunities. The certification helps in career growth along with rising salaries and promotions. Those who are trained in this course can easily expect some openings exclusively offered to them. Those who are trained in this methodology have lucrative ideas and are respected and sought after in their field. Lean & Six Sigma Green Belt Training can help in a number of ways and is widely applicable in every domain and process. Individuals looking to excel can easily tap into these training courses and get on the fast track to a successful career.

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