Six Sigma Success Stories in Electronics Companies Six Sigma is a set of techniques and tools for business process improvement. Lean and Six Sigma methodologies seek to improve the quality of the output of a business process by identifying and eliminating the reasons for defects and minimizing variance in manufacturing, production, and business processes.

Six Sigma helps in reducing the risk of process and that's the reason Six Sigma at many organizations and in every industry simply means a measure of quality that strives for near perfection. Six Sigma streamlines quality control in an effort to improve current processes, products, or services, thereby improving the customer satisfaction level.

Here are the success stories of the Electronics industries that applied the Six Sigma Methodology

Arrow Electronics Every year the National and International experts meet over the Annual Six Sigma conference, where they discuss value creation, process improvement, and customer experience. The company has bagged an award for successfully implying the six sigma methodology in their business process. Also, the organization has saved $1 million since 2015. CSA Group The general counsel and six team members of the company were facing difficulty in their new legal work. The company was not prepared with the idea of hiring new staff, and thus, the general council leads the time effectively.

To streamline the workflow, the organization applied Six Sigma.EMC Corporation The company used the Lean Six Sigma methodology to improve the process stability of the organization. The company also incorporated different levels of Six Sigma to analyze and identify the process and financial benefits. The company also utilized the methodology in monitoring its business process. General Electric The company has manufactured a molten salt battery which is competent from many other brands for being high in energy, with longer life, and that charges really fast. The company hired Six Sigma experts to help them in their manufacturing process. The team helped the organization in reducing defects and proved the efficiency of the methodologies. Global Learning and Performance Software The director of Global Learning and Performance Software had a question about how to make discoveries while improving the business process. The company got in touch with a Six Sigma Black Belt Certification, and the needed improvements were made within the organization. 

LG Corporation The company had a total of 60 Six Sigma projects, including production, HR, etc. The company, as a result, could experience a cost-cutting in communication and phone bills. The amount was decreased from 13.5 Lakh to 5.5 lakh per month. Minitab The software improved its efficiency of itself. As a result, the file can be imported from excel, and they kept the changes updating free for its users. VCC The visual communications company is a manufacturer of illuminated components and is a supplier of the global market. The company adopted the culture of the Lean methodology in the form of knowledge sharing, innovation, etc. It helped the organization increase customer satisfaction. Vitamix The company is a manufacturer of high-performance blenders. The company has a track record of keeping up a double-digit growth performance for the last 7 years. The lean manager of the organization started to implement the lean methodology in the organization and its current employees. The company saw a performance growth of 45 %, and they believe that Lean played a vital role in that. Xerox The company was associated with SpencerMETRICS to provide on-demand customer services. The lean six sigma process helped the organization to identify the bottlenecks and the wastes. The company experienced a considerable cost savings and overtime. Xerox considers Six Sigma to be the most influential business improvement tool.

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