Georgio Al Chidiac
Director/Owner at Take the Leap LB

The program was rich and explained in a comprehensive way, the instructors made it clear and easy with the help of the visual explanations, also the customer service was really helpful and responded in no time.
Even though I took this program online, it did not feel any different from other classes that I attended during my education years. Thank you for your efforts.  

Jaimin Bhagvanbhai Bhadani
Development Engineer at COTESA GmbH, Germany

ISEL Global has organized and conducted a very successful Lean Six Sigma Online course, which is well structured, on time, and worth the money. The organization has took care of everything including study materials, online class link, study materials and many more.

The instructors were exceptionally skilled, breaking down intricate concepts into easily digestible segments with many practical business examples and various case studies. All the contents were prepared in such a way that anyone can understand the concepts and applications in real life. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the Lean Six Sigma program at ISEL Global Institute. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their skills in process improvement and drive organizational excellence.
Thank you once again for offering such an exceptional program!

Ashis Kumar Pal
AGM at JSW Steel Ltd

I'm immensely grateful for the outstanding Lean Six Sigma Black Belt program at ISEL Global Institute. The curriculum is comprehensive, instructors are experts in the field, and the interactive learning environment kept me engaged. Practical application opportunities were abundant, and the continuous support from the staff was exceptional. I highly recommend this program to anyone seeking to enhance their process improvement skills. Thank you for offering such an exceptional program!

Naresh Kumar Ronanki
Director Operations at Cognizant

It was a great learning through the ISEL GLOBAL trainers and extensive support provided by the team during the overall learning sessions. Thank you for the support and highly recommended to enrol ISEL courses.

Sukant Dev
Senior Manager at IOCL

In today's competitive business landscape, efficiency is paramount. Six Sigma offers a data-driven approach to identifying and eliminating process variations. By minimizing defects, one can directly improve customer satisfaction, profitability, and overall business performance. ISEL GLOBAL program is a well-designed Six Sigma Black Belt course that delves deep into the DMAIC cycle (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control). One gains a thorough understanding of essential tools and techniques for data analysis, statistical modeling, and project management. The course also emphasizes leadership skills, enabling you to effectively guide teams and implement process improvements. Having completed a Six Sigma Black Belt from ISEL, I can confidently say it has been instrumental in my professional development. The course not only provided a strong foundation in Six Sigma principles but also fostered a critical thinking approach that I now apply to various aspects of my work. 

Azeddine Majdaoui
Heavy maintenance Bay Manager at Qatar Airways

One of the best training sessions I have had. Content is so rich and diversified, and the trainers are very knowledgeable and friendly.

Madhu Revanna
Senior Process Associate at TCS

Firstly, regarding the program, I found it to be incredibly informative and well-structured. The content was relevant and delivered in a clear manner, making it easy to grasp complex concepts.
Secondly, I would like to commend your customer support team, Specially Saurabh for their prompt and helpful assistance throughout our engagement. They were always readily available to address any queries or concerns, which significantly enhanced the overall experience.
Thirdly, the training sessions conducted by Mr. BKS Prasad were exemplary. His expertise in the subject matter was evident, and he demonstrated a genuine passion for sharing knowledge with the participants. His teaching style was engaging, interactive, and conducive to learning, making the sessions both enjoyable and valuable.
In conclusion, I am thoroughly satisfied with the program, customer support, and training provided, particularly by Mr. BKS Prasad. Please convey my appreciation to him and the rest of the team for their outstanding efforts.
We eagerly anticipate receiving the same level of support until we successfully pass our PMP exam. Thank you for your unwavering dedication to excellence.

Ravi Duggar
Senior Deputy General Manager at L&T ENERGY

The program was well-architected w.r.t course content covering the maximum area with a depth of fundamentals, easy to understand, shared recordings have help for missed sessions.
Saurabh, My course coordinator, was easily and quickly approachable for a quick resolution to queries and doubts apart from the core training process.
My trainer Swami Narayanan, has well articulated the course content during classroom sessions, I especially liked his habit of asking questions to participants to gauge the depth of participation and knowledge transfer. Sound knowledge of the Industry and sharing same with the participant, guiding the participant w.r.t application and use of Lean and Six Sigma tools for process improvement. Above all, thanks again Mr. Saurabh K & Mr. Swami for sharing this knowledge to clear this assessment and filling my mind with quality improvement tools and philosophy to implement in both my personal and professional life. 

K Jaishree
Senior Quality Assurance Analyst at Google Operation

Bala was the trainer for the session and I have thoroughly enjoyed the training. In short, worth each penny and immense knowledge.

Venugopal Lakshmipathy
Manager at Caterpillar India Engineering

I’m grateful for the insightful and engaging sessions during the Six Sigma Black Belt program. The instructors’ expertise and the well-structured content significantly enhanced my learning experience. The practical exercises allowed me to apply concepts effectively, and the collaborative environment fostered valuable interactions among participants. Overall, I feel equipped with valuable skills that I can apply confidently in my work. These newfound skills will undoubtedly add value to my projects and contribute to achieving higher efficiency and quality outcomes.

Sudhyasatya Banerjee, PMP

Had a cherishing and long term relationship with ISEL Global, as I completed by Black Belt in 2022, followed by Master Black Belt in 2024. I was trained and coached by Mr. Debasish Mukherjee, who has exhibited immense experience in the field as a trainer with diverse live examples from his own career.  He is very professional, and has a good understanding & knowledge of the Six Sigma concepts, at the highest level. His concentration was always about Project Execution and not only the theoretical aspects of the course. Special mention and thanks to the course Program Manager, Mr. Saurabh Kumar. He is a thorough professional and has been very accommodative and helpful in resolving all the queries related to the training as well as the examination. I am definitely going to recommend ISEL Global to my contacts, friends in India and abroad. Examination patterns were well designed and adequately competitive.

Sathish Hariharan S
Project Manager at Madina Group

Thanks for the CLSSGB Training provided by ISEL Global.It was a interactive session  of training which was intresting and I came to gain my knowledge in all Six Sigma.The Support provided by ISEL Team was really awesome and I wish to thank them for their Dedication shown during the program..Hope the same contines for Black Belt Training also.

Jyoti Rai
Squadron Leader at INDIAN AIRFORCE

The entire course was very interactive and contained good examples. The trainer was able to keep us attentive in all the sessions and kept it extremely active and interactive. Due to my college I couldn't attend some classes live. However, Pdfs and videos were provided in good time so that I could complete the course in my own time. It was a good experience and I'll be looking forward to this again.

A.F.M. Kabir Anwar
Maintenance Manager at Samah Razor Blades, Bangladesh

The TPM course was well strutured and facilitated. Everything was upto the mark. I am satisfied. 

Kiran Kallappa Dupargude
Sr. STA Engineer at Jaguar LandRover TBSI

One of the best training , Trainer Vindo’s way of training was really excellent, cource cobtent, examples and data was relevant to the topic. Knowledge we gained from this training is really helping me in my current Job. Training arrangements were superb, received training material and recordings on time. Thanks Vinod & ISEL team.

Zalak Anil Parikh
Industrial Engineer at Alstom Rail Transportation Pvt. Ltd

My experience with ISEL's Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (LSSBB): 
The training reflects a well-structured and impactful learning journey. The commitment of the trainers to ensure a thorough understanding of fundamentals is commendable. Their in-depth knowledge, coupled with practical industry experience, serves as a valuable asset, providing real-world insights that go beyond theoretical concepts.

The emphasis on encouraging participants to ask questions creates an interactive and engaging learning environment, fostering a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

The hypothesis testing segment underscores the exceptional quality of instruction, setting ISEL apart in the market. The trainers' ability to teach this complex topic in an understandable and comprehensive manner is a significant highlight.

Furthermore, the active and responsive support staff adds another layer of support, contributing to a seamless learning experience. This holistic approach, combining knowledgeable trainers, interactive sessions, and attentive support, reinforces the credibility and effectiveness of ISEL's LSSBB certification program.

In conclusion, I strongly recommend to choose ISEL for those seeking LSSGB/LSSBB certification, serving as a testament to the program's quality and its potential to empower professionals in the field.

Ayat Mahmoud Hassan Mahmoud
Senior Planning Engineer at Ital-Consult

Thankful for the enriching experience of completing the Black Belt program at ISEL! The journey has not only sharpened my expertise but also fostered a deeper understanding of continuous improvement and leadership. Excited to leverage these skills to drive excellence in every endeavor ahead!"

Lt Cdr Amit Gupta
Logistics officer at Indian Air Force

The training reflects a well-structured and impactful learning journey. The commitment of the trainers to ensure a thorough understanding of fundamentals is commendable. Their in-depth knowledge, coupled with practical industry experience, serves as a valuable asset, providing real-world insights that go beyond theoretical concepts. 

Major Prashant Negi
Supply Chain and Operations Manager at Indian Army

Very informative course, a professionally enriching experience. Mr. Vinod as a trainer is a knowledgeable trainer with command on Minitab.I enjoyed his technique to involve the student and close the doubts by giving examples from student industry.  .........

Dr. Prerna Singh

Good knowledge share, well organised & focused content and knowledgeable trainer. I think a wide variety of topics were covered in a detailed manner over the course of the training. I had a good learning experience at ISEL GLOBAL and I will surely recommend it to my colleagues who are interested in it. 

Tarkeshwar Prasad
BPE Manager at Commercial Bank of Qatar

Thank you Saurabh for all the support. The training sessions were nice and interactive. I have learned a lot. Woule highly reommend this course to my collegues and friends. 

Mohamed Awadh kroush
Lean Construction Specialist at ITALCONSULT, Qatar

I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the outstanding Lean Six Sigma program offered by ISEL Global Institute. The program has been incredibly beneficial, and I am thrilled with the knowledge and skills I have gained throughout the course. Here are some specific aspects of the Lean Six Sigma program that I found particularly valuable.
The program's curriculum is well-structured and covers a wide range of topics, from the fundamental principles of Lean and Six Sigma to advanced tools and techniques. Each module builds upon the previous one, providing a comprehensive understanding of process improvement methodologies.
The instructors are highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the field of Lean Six Sigma. Their expertise and real-world insights have been invaluable in helping me grasp complex concepts and apply them effectively in practice.
I appreciated the interactive nature of the program, which included engaging lectures, hands-on exercises, case studies, and group discussions. This interactive approach not only kept me actively engaged but also facilitated collaborative learning with my peers.

One of the highlights of the program was the emphasis on practical application. ISEL Global Institute provided ample opportunities to apply Lean Six Sigma principles to real-world projects, allowing me to gain hands-on experience and make tangible improvements in my organization.

Throughout the program, I received excellent support from the program leaders and staff at ISEL Global Institute. Whether it was clarifying concepts, providing feedback on assignments, or offering guidance on project work, I always felt supported and encouraged every step of the way.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the Lean Six Sigma program at ISEL Global Institute, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their skills in process improvement and drive organizational excellence. Thank you once again for offering such an exceptional program!

Vivek Dhar
Director of Engineering at TechnipFMC

Good trainers who have in-depth knowledge of Lean six sigma and very considerate in providing industry and business examples for better understanding.. A well groomed institute to qualify from. 

Ashish Kumar
Manager at Oracle India Pvt. Ltd

It is a really good program conducted by ISEL to learn quality management. Content quality is excellent and both teachers Prashant & Vinoth were very thorough and explained concepts in detail. 

Tushar Sinha
Manager, Enablement and Quality at Adobe Inc

The program was well structured, and the sessions were informative. The trainer shared multiple industry-specific examples, which helped me to understand the concepts better. 

M Anand Kumar
Senior Manager at Genpact

ISEL Global Six sigma Black Belt training program is one of the best programs that i have come across in my entire career. The training program is structured really well and training duration is spread across 3 months. Initially they start with the Lean principles & then move to Green Belt methodologies and finally they take you through in depth of Black Belt concepts. Saurabh is my training co-ordinator & you can reach out to him at any time & for any support. He always clear your queries on time and that helped me to focus my training. Vinoth kumar sir is my trainer, his knowledge level is incredible. you can ask him any doubts in statistics, six sigma concepts or whenever you are stuck on your own projects. He explains you clearly with real time case studies that the trainee works and that helps to relate and understand the concepts very clearly. His patience level is next level to god. Thanks for all your valuable insights and guidance and that really helped me to clear the assessment & i will keep these concepts in my mind forever . Once again, Thank you ISEL for creating such a wonderful training program. 

Naresh Kumar Ronanki
Associate Director at Cognizant

It was a great learning through the ISEL GLOBAL trainers and extensive support provided by the team during the overall learning sessions. Thank you for the support and highly recommended to enrol ISEL courses.

Sanjay Suryakant Acharekar
Founder, Coach and Consultant at Practo Excellence

ISEL Global Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training program was an absolutely amazing experience. The material provided was more than adequate. The support from Neha Gupta was exceptional- Prompt and Precise. What can I say about trainer Mr. Vinothkumar? If anyone comes to me and asks for a trainer/coach/guide, I will ask him/her to get trained by him. I will not hesitate to rate him 10/10. I would like to be associated with ISEL Global and him forever. 

Souvik Chakraborty
Head Stewardship at BASF

The LSSBB course was an intense sessions of 11 during the weekend. Our trainer, Vinod was thorough in his approach and very responsive to any doubts we needed to clarify. I would personally recommend to aspiring professionals to begin their journey in the same path.
The support team is very quick to respond to any need, which makes it very easy to focus on the course. Thanks for the wonderful learning experience.

KVS Paratha Sarathi
Maintenance Head at Birla Copper, HIL

Mr Amit from ISEL has well co-ordinated in all respects. He explained the process very well and supported when I needed training material.
The trainers are also very good and explained the subject very simple and understandable. It helped me in enriching my knowledge base and helps in my daily activities.

Antariksh Singh
Deputy Manager at Hindalco Industries Ltd

I would like to express my gratitude for the insightful and engaging Six Sigma training program you conducted. The sessions were exceptionally informative and provided valuable insights into the world of process improvement and quality management.
Your clear and concise delivery of complex Six Sigma concepts made the training sessions engaging and easy to follow. I particularly appreciated your use of real-world examples and case studies, which helped me understand how Six Sigma principles can be applied in practical scenarios.
Your extensive knowledge and expertise in Six Sigma were evident throughout the training. Your ability to answer questions and provide relevant examples to illustrate key concepts was highly beneficial in deepening our understanding of the subject matter.

The well-structured organization of the training material, along with the interactive activities and group discussions, contributed to a comprehensive learning experience. Your use of visual aids and practical exercises effectively reinforced the key principles of Six Sigma and facilitated a better grasp of the methodologies involved.
I also commend your responsiveness and support during the training program. Your willingness to address questions and concerns in a timely manner was greatly appreciated and contributed to a positive and enriching learning environment.
Overall it was a great learning....

Rabih Dib
QHSE Manager at Matelec S.A.L

The TQM training and course was with added value and lots of resources. 

Dr. Waseem Ali
Asst. Vice President, Drug Safety at Accenture

The Six Sigma Green Belt course at ISEL Global Institute exceeded my expectations in all aspects. The program content was well-structured, covering essential concepts comprehensively. The trainer, displayed immense knowledge, making complex topics easy to grasp, and their teaching style was engaging. The customer support team was consistently responsive and helpful, ensuring a seamless experience from enrollment to completion. The training environment and materials were both excellent, offering an interactive and accessible learning experience. ISEL Global Institute's commitment to quality was evident in the certification process, which was well-documented and supportive. I wholeheartedly recommend this program for those seeking Six Sigma expertise. 

James Mwangi Menu
Production Superintendent at WTS Energy

My experience with ISEL global during my training in Certified TPM Professional Course was great. The support in training materials and the study work was impeccable. 

Subramaniam MVG
Colonel at Indian Army

This course helped to reinforce a number of things I have learnt over the years but didn’t realise that it is part of Six Sigma.The Trainer Shri Vinod has very well endeavoured to explain the concepts through a voiced over PowerPoint online classes.I sincerely thank him for such great training sessions.Shri Vinod’s subject matter expertise and knowledge has been invaluable to me in application of Six Sigma in my work. 

Leo Stephen Collins
Marketing Director at EasiGo Ltd

The Design For Six Sigma, DFSS course is well-run, very useful course. It was full with very good illustrations. The trainer is obviously very experienced in this field. Overall i enjoyed the course. 

Dayanand Andurlekar
Vice President at AXIS Bank Limited

Training program was comprehensive covering all the required areas of Lean six sigma topics which are applicable in banking & other industries. The balance between theoretical , case studies & hands on approach (activities) was perfect also the pace of the training was very well managed. Special thanks to Vinoth Sir, as he is very knowledgeable and was using his skills to simplify topics with real life examples/case studies or situation at work which helped us in easy understanding of concepts. He had answers/solutions to all the our queries. Also the frequent revision and recap on daily topics was really helpful. Also Big Thanks to ISEL global support team for arranging and conducting smooth assessment at end of the session.  

Chasiwa Omphemetse
Production Manager at Botswana Power Corporation

The course is practical, excellent and made very easy to understand. It will help me tremendously in my career path. Thanks ISEL for giving me this wonderful opportunity to gain knowledge. 

Liew June Chiat
Head of Operational Excellence at AICPA & CIMA

I enrolled and pass the Master Black Belt Certification. Overall its an excellent training material and with good customer support.

Lee Lai Fun
Director of Software Engineering at GBG PLC

I am glad to have completed and pass the Black Belt Lean Six Sigma Certification. It well a structured course content with valuable industry insights for project implementation. The customer contact was also very helpful. 

Raghava Pichikala
Technical Lead at Tata Consultancy Services

The program is planned with a good pace. The support team had responded to all the queries without any delay. And coming to the Trainer, Mr. BKS Prasad, he is very patient and clarified all the doubts. His guidance throughout the course is excellent.

Nithya K
Associate Director at S&P Global

The trainer is very knowledgeable and have answers to all questions. He provided materials and his sessions were really good. The sessions were highly interactive. Overall wonderful. 

Marwan Radi Abu tarboush
Production manager at Saudi Rubber Products Co.

Thanks so much for the valuable and insightful training lecture, The trainer was knowledgeable, well-prepared, and communicate clearly. The training materials and tool-kit are very useful. 

Shouvik Kar
Sr. Service and Ops Professional at Ameriprise Financial

The Six Sigma Green Belt training program was comprehensive and well-structured. The content was delivered in a clear and organized manner, making complex concepts easier to grasp. I would like to express my gratitude to Vinothkumar Rajendran for their exceptional training delivery. Their expertise in Six Sigma methodologies, coupled with their ability to explain concepts with clarity and patience, significantly contributed to my success in the exam.

Lastly, immense gratitude to Program Manager Sourabh Kumar as he was prompt and helpful throughout my journey. Any queries or concerns I had been addressed in a timely manner, which enhanced my learning experience.

Anil Thomas
Manager at Texmo Industries

I had a fantastic learning experience for Master Black Belt with peers from various manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors. The trainer excelled in explaining advanced statistical concepts using Minitab, and he possesses versatile experience in the industry. The live classes were truly beneficial in clarifying doubts and applying the tools to my ongoing project. This experience has boosted my confidence in leading the team. I am eagerly anticipating the opportunity to guide my organization through its transformation journey. It's worth noting that the training classes were well-organized, offering the flexibility to attend recorded sessions as well.

Anis Udaipurwala
Sr. Capability Coach at Emirates Airlines

Training in ISEL was an enjoyable experience. Vinod Sir is one of the best Six Sigma trainers I have experienced so far. He has covered topics that are otherwise confusing in a very simple manner with practical examples. I would highly recommend this course especially with Vinod Sir. Looking forward for my Black belt journey with ISEL too. 

Amit Ananda Arjune
Manager at JSW Group

Training program was very informative and easy to understand.The trainer was professional and made this topic so easy to understand by giving practical examples and clearing doubts. overall it was a valuable and practical program which will help to develop problem solving skills.

Muruganandham Sundaram
Director at Johnson & Johnson

The program as such is very well coordinated starting from customer support ( Mr. Amit). He provided me with all the necessary information and kept me very comfortable. His response was quick and also the point. The trainer is a great teacher. He was extremely good at covering all the topics in the curriculum and he has very strong expertise in all the subjects. He has a fair idea about all the sectors and could quote very suitable case studies for almost all the topics, The training was well done in Zoom with clear video and audio. I would rate this training 4.5 stars.

Teeba Khasib Ahmed Al ‘Ouweini
Project Engineer at Petroleum Development of Oman

Excellent experience during the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification. It was valuable learning, the instructor has a high experience and knowledge that he did not hesitate to share it with the participants. Many thanks to ISEl and entiore team. 

Maneesh Agrawal
Service Delivery Manager at Schneider Electric Systems

The training provided was very good, clearly explained the concepts in detail and precise manner. The support by the team and Saurabh was good and available all time. 

Subhajit Kumar Das
Senior Project Manager at Infosys Limited

The course trainer was absolutely brilliant and Saurabh and ISEL were a great help and support in the successful completion of the course. I would recommend others taking courses at ISEL

Tariq Imam
Business Analyst at IBM

I appreciate ISEL Global's excellent LSSGB course. A truly pleasant and statistical course, made possible by the excellent presenting style of Mr. Vinod Kumar and the abundance of opportunity for discussion of real-life examples and concerns. This has exceeded my expectations in a big way by getting constant support from Mr. Saurabh and the team and really acquired useful knowledge for both personal and professional purposes.

Kamal Kumar Mahawar
Program Manager at Biel Crystal HongKong

The course delivered by trainer Debashish Mukherjee for Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (LSSBB) was incredible. He made sure we understood the content conceptually and accurately answered our questions. He was also friendly and quite engaging during the course. This training supersedes by far any training I have attended, and I look forward to applying the skills I gained in my career and profession. Thanks a lot to the facilitators too.

Narayana Prasad Subramanian
Manager at Grand Hyatt Abu Dhabi

This has been by far one of the best Project Management courses I have ever attended. I wanted to express my gratitude for the insightful and comprehensive learning experience. The training was exceptionally well-organized by ISEL Global and covered all aspects of project management in a clear and concise manner. The content was highly relevant to the PMP exam, and I feel much more confident in my understanding of the concepts. The training materials provided were of excellent quality, and the real-world examples and case studies shared by Prasad truly enriched the learning process. The interactive sessions and group discussions allowed for a deeper exploration of the topics and helped in grasping complex concepts effectively.

Mr. Prasad demonstrated an exceptional ability to simplify complex project management concepts and present them in a clear and accessible manner. His deep understanding of the subject matter was evident, and his real-world examples and case studies were invaluable in helping me grasp the details of project management. What truly stood out was Prasad's commitment to creating an engaging and interactive learning environment.

Thank you, Prasad sir, for your exceptional training and for being an inspiration to all of us aspiring project managers.

Sandip Pathak
Deputy General Manager at Desun Hospital

I am very glad to have had the chance to be a part of the PMP program in ISEL, primarily because of the outstanding support and cooperation from you as the trainer and the entire coordination team. Your humble and approachable nature made it so much easier for all of us to grasp the concepts and stay engaged throughout the training sessions. The training methodology employed was exceptionally well-structured, focused on the subject matter, and remarkably easy to comprehend. The entire experience has left a positive impact on me, and I am keen to encourage my friends and colleagues to participate in future programs at ISEL. Once again, I would like to thank you, Mr. BKS Prasad Sir, for your wonderful classes and unwavering support throughout the program. 

Ashwin Joel Barboza
Sr. Product Development Engineer at DAIMLER TRUCK INNOVATION CENTER

Very well organized, in-depth clarity on every concept and knowledge area with business case examples. The training program was excellent. Right from the beginning of being contacted to the end, the overall process has been a hassle-free, user-friendly, service-oriented, and very satisfactory experience. Thanks to the trainer sir for the impactful training. special thanks to the support team, Saurabh Kumar for providing the recorded sessions soon after the classes. 

Giriwar Kumar Pathak
President Technical at ViJOHN GROUP

Mr. BKS Prasad is an excellent teacher. He has exemplary teaching skills and he makes the sessions interactive so that participants feel involved and do not get bored during the classes. He is patient and tries to provide a reply to each and every participant and clears their doubts in depth. He has deep knowledge of Project Management and can go to any length to teach the students in a very simple way. 

A R Khurram
Sr Vice President at B2C Solutions WLL

Mr.BKS Prasad was really good, he explained the concepts of all strategies and techniques with clear understandable examples. All recorded functionalities & materials were good enough to recollect the learned lessons. Had an extensive, thoughtful & meaningful learning experience with the ISEL team.

Muralikrishnan Vasudevan
Sr. Buyer at Ford Motor Private Limited

Course materials are very clear and easy to understand and it really helps people to correlate their day-to-day work in the supply chain profession. The trainer is well experienced and narrated all the topics with good examples. Thanks to ISEL.


Dr Vrushali Vikas Shahasane
Quality Lead at Aster Whitefield Hospital

The certification program was informative and very effective. Working in a hospital, and attending live classes was a challenge. Saurabh helped me overcome it by sharing the recording whenever I had challenges.

Kiran L
Senior Process Excellence at Ernst and Young LLP

The trainer's expertise and patience helped us to clear out the concepts with ease. Simple yet effective examples for methodologies applications are very useful. I am able to impart the knowledge gained from this training to my current role. Wonderful support by Saurabh throughout the learning. Thank you. 

Swapnil B. Patil
Associate Vice President at PharmaZell

The course content was good, the trainer explained the concepts in detail, and the entire course was well-managed by Mr. Saurabh. The content covered key concepts effectively, and excellent trainers provided valuable insights and practical guidance for understanding the details of the course. I feel equipped to apply what I’ve learned.

Manoj Praveen T J
Vice President at Barclays Global Service Centre

Sessions were very well organized and with seasoned trainers with industry knowledge and experience.  Very well articulated with illustrations of concepts and techniques.  Highly recommend this training program for working professionals. The entire program is well-organized, and comprehensive and provided me with valuable insights about Lean Six Sigma Methodology. The incredible knowledge of the trainer made the theories so impressive, interesting, and simplified to understand quickly. It really helps me to boost my knowledge and confidence level in professional development.

Madan Lal Saini
Team Leader Production at Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Ltd

Thank you for providing a good trainer for this course! I really enjoyed the training session and I'm able to apply the methodology to my origination. It has been invaluable. Thanks for a great training course. Your enthusiasm and humor were very motivational and you've given me a lot to think about. The support from Saurabh has been commendable. would recommend all. 

Romeo Sharma
Head of Operations at Biswal Ltd Nigeria

I want to give feedback on the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt program, specifically on customer support, training, and the trainer. The customer support was exceptional, providing prompt and helpful responses. The training was thorough and well-organized, with high-quality materials and practical exercises. The trainer was engaging, approachable, and provided valuable insights. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the program and would highly recommend it.

Kishore Anand Narayana
Scientist-III at PharmaZell India

The introduction and training for LSSGB were excellent right from the word go. The training of Mr. Praveen Pavithran was outstanding. The training was interactive and the trainer was able to clarify our doubts in the class with out-of-the-box examples in layman's terms. The entire curriculum for the green belt was very well designed. Special thanks to the  Program Coordinator Mr.Saurabh for being available for any clarification about the process at any time. My heartfelt thanks to the ISEL team for your time and support. Now I'm looking forward to a black belt. 

Ajay Singh Patyal
Manager at Samsung India Electronics

The overall program and functionality provided are impressive. The model demonstrates a strong understanding with a wide range of examples. The customer support experience is largely positive. The training has undoubtedly been extensive and beneficial. The trainers have done an excellent job overall

Hemanth Kumar S N
Vice President - Transformation at Quatrro Business Services

The training/VC program was informative and engaging. The real-world scenarios and hands-on helped me a lot in understanding the concepts. The trainers were very knowledgeable and experienced, and their passion for the subject matter really shone through in their teaching. They were also patient and helpful, and always took the time to answer my questions. The training program was well-organized and comprehensive and covered all the topics I needed to learn. I feel much more confident in my abilities now, thanks to this training.


Ramachandran Kumaresan
VP Global Delivery at ValueLabs

I am very satisfied with the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification program conducted by ISEL. It was an effective and project based learning. The program was comprehensive and well-structured, and the support team was responsive and helpful. The trainer was knowledgeable and experienced and was able to effectively convey the concepts to a diverse group of participants.

Ajay Dutta
Senior Manager at Hayco Industries Shenzhen

Training Material is very informative and useful like a Tool package. Mr. Rajendra is a hands-on trainer and answers all queries. The training focussed on Real scenarios. I will definitely like to stay connected with Mr. Rajendran to stay upgraded with DFSS tools. Customer Support has been very helpful to be in regular contact and support for any situation. 

Sadhna Harinkhede
Analyst at TIAA

The training was very Knowledgeable it helped me in understanding how and what skills are required for Project handling and trainer was very Skillful he always explains every doubt with examples which makes things clear and his explanation through different diagrams make things more understandable. So training with him was a very good experience and it helped me in gaining new milestones. Thanks to ISEL and Trainer Mr. BKS Prasad.  

Sagar Deopujari
Compliance Manager at Amazon

Great sessions, keep up the good work. It was a good course with relatable examples along with good course material & templates to be used later. I am happy and satisfied. Highly recommended. 

Dipanjan Kundu
Chief Engineer at Trident

The Entire training session for GREEN and BLACK Belts was excellent. The method of training by Mr.Vinoth & Mr.Prashant was excellent. The training was interactive and we were able to clarify our doubts then and there. The entire curriculum for green belt and Black Belt was good with examples. The Program Coordinator Mr.Saurabh and Mr.Amit is helpful and was available for any clarification about the process at any time. Thank you ISEL team for all your support. 

SendhilKumar Reddy
Director at Capgemini Technology Services

I had very good experience attending this training. The instructor was knowledgeable and was very responsive in responding to the query. 
A special thanks to Amit who helped me understand the scope of training and was very accommodative in scheduling the batch according to my schedule.

Yaswanth Reddy Bingi
Senior Client Account Manager at ADP India Pvt Ltd

Writing this review for ISEL Global and the support provided in terms of Program, Customer support & training. I had a great time doing this course, I have got in touch with many senior leadership members from different domains, platforms, industries and countries. The experiences they have shared while training helped a lot to understand things in a better way and in all aspects. Our trainer, facilitator Anbu has taken a great initiative not just explaining the course from the books, but live examples have been taken out from every individual who has joined the sessions. This has thrown a great light towards understanding different projects from different industries and provided the exposure towards thinking it from all the aspects and not just from a single POV.

Thanks to ISEL Global team, great support has been provided from registration till you attend your assessment. I would highly recommend this program to my friends and colleagues too :)

Pranabesh Bala
Senior Analyst at Accenture

One of the top quality courses I found. From the contents shared for the studies to the case stuies given, were quite helpful for though provoking. Above all, we got a very good support from the mentor Prashant. Excellent. Thank you! 

Subharun Pal
Facility Manager at UDAAN

As an attendee of the recent Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification program from ISEL GLOBAL, I am thrilled with the experience and the knowledge gained throughout the course. The instructors were highly knowledgeable and engaging, and their practical insights and real-world examples helped me understand the concepts better. The course content was well-structured, comprehensive, and provided ample opportunities for hands-on learning, which helped me develop a practical understanding of the Six Sigma methodologies. Overall, I would highly recommend the Six Sigma Black Belt certification program from ISEL GLOBAL to anyone looking to improve their process improvement skills and gain a deeper understanding of Six Sigma methodologies. The program has equipped me with the tools and knowledge to drive significant improvements within my organization and advance my career. Thank you, ISEL GLOBAL, for this fantastic opportunity! 

Dhritiman Mukherjee
General Manager at Acme Rolltech Pvt Ltd

Very Informative and useful training program for Six Sigma Certifications. The Trainer Anbazhagan Selvaraj shared real life experiences and scenarios to explain cases which makes learning easier. The lectures were always on time. The session videos always posted in case someone missed anything. Will highly recommend..

Lakshmi Narayana Magathoti
Dy.Manager at Bharat Heavy Electricals LTD

The training session is very interactive. The training coordinator is very knowledgeable and communicated all the concepts very nicely. The customer support was very prompt and reliable. The trainer was excellent and ensured everyone participated and understood the material.

Sarath Kumar
Project Leader at Flipkart

The PMP course is well organized. The trainer Mr. BKS Prasad is a great trainer. The training content, training methodology, and approach were brilliant. The customer support provided was great as well. I highly recommend it. 

Manoti Aggarwal
Process Expert at Amazon

The program is well structured with engagement activities, Mr. Prashant is kind and has patience throughout the course and always provided clarification to all the questions. He always explains the concept with real-life examples. The support from Saurabh is commendable and always available. I recommend ISEL GLOBAL. 

Vijay Babu S
Chief Security Officer at DRDO

The course was very effective in achieving the objective. Instructor Vinod was very dedicated as well as deliberate in imparting knowledge on Lean Six Sigma in terms of many industry cases along with live classroom participation/discussions. I strongly recommend ISEL to all. 

Mohammed Abdul Fayyaz
Deputy Manager at Biological E Limited

The course was highly interesting and instructive. A very well-thought-out course, taking you through the history and main aspects of lean and six sigma methodologies. The course materials and handouts were well-organized and presented. The content of the course is well-suited to people from different industrial backgrounds. The session content was delivered through a range of learning activities which included innovative techniques to make the learning process more realistic and enjoyable. The absolute best part of the entire course is the trainer, Mr.Vonod, who, with infinite patience and kindness sought to always provide clarification to any questions and guide everyone to acquiring and using the correct mindset required for LSS. The one-to-one interaction even online makes Vinod stand very differently from others. Special thanks to Saurabh and the team for the wonderful support and successful completion of the course & assessment journey. 

Aldin Anthony Ambosta

The training program was extremely informative and engaging. I appreciated the hands-on approach and real-world examples that helped me understand the material better. The trainers were very knowledgeable and experienced, and their passion for the subject matter really shone through in their teaching. They were also patient and helpful, and always took the time to answer my questions. The training program was well-organized and comprehensive and covered all the topics I needed to learn. I feel much more confident in my abilities now, thanks to this training.

Adil Ishaque Shaikh
Head Transformation at Tata Consultancy Services

The Master Black Belt at ISEL gives good content delivery and application scenarios and topics covered in an extremely detailed manner. 

Stanley Charles
Asso Vice President at J P MORGAN CHASE BANK

Excellent program design, and delivery; great CSAT and amazing TAT, the training was very well paced and had all the components that were required for a comprehensive coverage of all the aspects pertaining to SSBB. 

Aijaz Mahmulal Ghodeswar
Asst Manager at Adani Enterprises Ltd

The course is very good and it was very interactive which lead us to have interest in participation in the training on all different days. All presentation of different topics is very precisely explained in short and to the point. simple explanations were easy to understand. I recommend this training.

Amit Gupta
Project Director at GE Power India Limited

The overall experience was great, I enjoyed learning and the sessions by the trainer and the recorded sessions were good. I am sure I will be able to go back to the course as and when required and I will be able to easily solve the issues presented to me. I am also happy with the extent of the material I provided, which I am sure will be handy in the future. Thank you to the ISEL Global team and the trainers for providing such a well-prepared course. 

Saurabh Srivastava
Assistant Vice President at Barclays

It all started by providing the complete knowledge and benefits form the curriculum. Thank you to the coordinator and trainer for the valuable guidance and training. I really enjoyed it and appreciate that the training was made so fun to learn while sharing complete practical knowledge. I feel much better trained and experienced now to deal with all process related scenarios and surely going to utilise my learnings. Thank you for your wisdom and guidance.

Sunayana Sarda
Assistant Vice President at GI Outsourcing

The trainer Prasad sir is a very knowledgeable person. His way of giving the session and resolving the doubts is remarkable. The program is created in a way that the trainee can attain maximum value it. Overall I am satisfied with ISEL. 

Anjum Banu I
Program Manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise

I’d just like to take the time to say thank you to Key Consulting. I took the PMP Certification Preparation course as well as other Six sigma courses. The presentation of the content of the course was excellent and truly beneficial. I feel they helped me obtain my PMP! Thank you very much for the great institution and teachers. Highly recommended. 

Oruganti Ravi Kumar
Deputy General Manager at TATA PROJECTS LTD

The training was wonderful, Mr. BKS Prasad has covered and guided all the syllabus well for PMI PMP Certification Examination. The overall training was Excellent. Simply the best online program I have ever attended. Support by Saurabh is commendable. 

Gajendra Ramchandra Tawale
Subject Matter Expert at KPIT Technologies Ltd.

The LSSBB training program is very well designed by ISEL Global to have an easy understanding of all the phases of DMAIC. Many thanks to trainer Mr. Vinod for making the training more interactive and giving recent examples from different industries. Appreciate his efforts in stretching the lessons to clear all the doubts.

Special tons of thanks to Saurabh for sharing the training material and video recordings of the sessions on time. It was really an amazing experience to have the LSSBB training with ISEL Global after successfully completing the LSSGB. Looking forward to DFSS now.

Vinay Madhukar Bauskar
Chief Manager at Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd

Trainer Mr. Vinoth is an extremely good faculty with thorough knowledge of six sigma and DFSS. The trainer puts lots of effort into explaining concepts. The training content is good. Customer support is also good, receiving the required information. 

Mahmoud Morsy Abdelalim Elrefaey
Chief Operating Officer at Global Health Egypt

The program is engaging and very well organized. Very much appreciate the support with all materials and helped me whenever needed. The materials are of industry standard and shall be useful in future endeavors.

Hanamant Balundagi
Analyst & Tata Consultancy Services

Overall Good training program and was very interactive with the experienced trainer Mr.BKS Prasad. The trainer has explained the concepts with detailed examples thereby avoiding confusion. The trainer explained the answers for the chapter tests in detail.

Mahesh Madhukarrao Pathak
Assistant General Manager at Elica PB Whirlpool Kitchen Appliances

Excellent customer support, Wonderful Experience with a trainer, nice learning specifically Minitab. The training material provided is good, it helps to complete and pass the course easily.

Dharanidhar Chatrathy
Associate Staff Hardware Engineer at Silicon Labs

The training was awesome. There was good support from the ISEL team from the day of approaching them for the training till the completion of training. The trainer has good experience in six sigma training and the way he explained the entire six sigma methodology with live examples gave us good insights.

Prashant Mallikarjun Waghmare
General Manager at TUV Nord

The ISEL training is good and the trainer is good knowledge to explain the easy understanding.

N S Anand
Head External Affairs at Bharat Soka Gakkai

The PMP Certification training program was a great learning experience. Our trainer Mr. BKS Prasad was outstanding. With his simple, real-life examples, he made some of the complex concepts sound easy. Mr. Saurav, guiding through every phase with high-level information and fulfilling knowledge to its peak. Look forward to completing my PMP certification. 

Opeyemi Joseph OWOLABI
Project Manager at Mayonish Analytics, Nigeria

Am happy to pass my Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Exam. The training was excellent, the trainer provide in-depth clarity on all concepts and hands-on experience in using Minitab in solving practical process problems.
Thanks so much for the customer support and for providing a timely and well-structured answer to my queries.

Praveen Singh Chauhan
Senior Manager, Lean Digital Transformation at GENPACT

The class was very detailed + organized with a structured curriculum and rich experience of trainers. I liked being able to access info any time of the day and the sessions were very interactive & well-planned. The entire process starting from enrollment to the certification phase was smooth. Overall a great learning experience” Thanks

Capt. Anand Krishna Sharma
Director at Indian Navy

I was part of the Black Belt certification course. The course was well structured, the instructor was very good and he resolved all the queries. 

Vinkesh Thareja
Associate Director at Newtimes Group Limited

I have completed the course in Six Sigma and passed the exam successfully since the training provided from basic concepts. The program was very well organized and timely managed, customer support is good, and the trainer was very forthcoming and very descriptive during the session.

Korukonda Sreedhara Babu
Director - Engineering & Procurement at CSE Development India Pvt. Ltd

Glad to complete and pass the GCSCMP, Global Supply Chain Management Certification. The course content is good and the trainer has good experience and the methodology of training is good. 

Anoop Unnikrishnan
Manufacturing Head at BFG International Ltd, Philippines

The overall quality of the program was good. Trainer Mr.Mukherjee explained the concepts well with additional information apart from the contents of the study material. There are still exercises available that are provided by ISEL to work offline which helps a bit. The good thing is even if I miss the classes, recordings of the class were shared on time and I can refer to it anytime. Course materials were shared on time. Thanks to Saurabh also for the complete support from ISEL.

Ajit R. Kulkarni

The content of the course, as well as the trainer, was very good and this shall help me in my job henceforth, for sure. The recorded functionalities really helped to break the doubts, giving the privilege to recollect and apply the concepts in real-time.

Richard A.Ngowi
Head of IVP & Commercial Strategy at MIC Tanzania PLC

The Program was useful and insightful and I recommend others who are working in the Projects aspect to pursue the course. The customer support was good. The trainer had a very good experience and detailed knowledge on the subject.  

Rishi Kumar
Lead Engineer at GE Power India Ltd

The PM training program has been excellently designed to help working candidates such as myself. The trainer, Mr. BSK Prasad, has been a great guide to us while teaching us the concepts of PMP. His real-time examples are the true highlights of the program as this help tremendously in learning the course quickly. Mr Saurabh from ISEL has helped and coordinated well for the exam. I have already recommended this course to a couple of my colleagues who intend to do PMP certification. I look forward to clearing the exam very soon. Thanks for all the support.

Ilambharuthy Balasubramaniam

If you think about LSSGB, then go with ISEL GLOBAL. Best institute for six sigma certification. The Trainer Mr. Vinod - He's a wonderful trainer and really gained lots of information from him. He's putting lots of effort into his training for the content to reach the trainees. Great Person.

Tanuj Kapoor
Team Lead at Syneos Health LLC

It was a great course with a very good trainer who provided the training with outstanding tools and I have learned a lot from this course. This entire course is really helpful from an industry perspective. Even the ISEL customer support team (Saurabh) encouraged to enroll for my future growth perspective so that I can enhance my learning.

Ghansham Jeeturam Jaiswar
Test Lead at TCS Canada

I really enjoyed the entire session, and appreciated that the trainer made it fun during the session! I feel much better prepared to deal with uncomfortable issues. Thank you for your experience and personable presentation.

Harsh Verma
Manager at Genpact

I really admire the efforts that the trainer has taken to make each concept clear. All sessions are very much interesting and interactive, where we learned many concepts of Project Management, which help us to handle projects smoothly in our organization. Thanks for all the support provided by the Technical and Non-Technical Teams. This training program was really good. I enjoyed each session and learned in the depth about PMP. ISEL will be my first choice to go for any other courses. 

Mukkara Varaprasad
Clinical Data Manager at Tech Observer India

The PMP Certification Course training was very good to understand basic concepts of Project Management. Mr BK Prasad provided training to understand with his examples and experience. All the materials have been provided by ISEL and this training is worth attending. I really enjoyed it, and appreciated that you made it fun! I feel much better prepared to deal with uncomfortable issues.

Sachin Satyawan Lad
Assistant Manager at Tata STRIVE

The program was inclusive and interactive. The sessions were well organized and managed well. Trainer Mr. Prasad facilitated the session very well. The concepts were explained with examples from various industries which were well connected to each section of the modules. The material and reference link shared during the session was qualitative. Also would take this opportunity to thank the support team (Saurabh) for impromptu support on the queries. 

Nandini Hardik Soni
E&I Engineer at Trelleborg Marine Systems (Melbourne, Australia)

The PMP Certification Course training was very thorough. Mr BK Prasad made it very easy for us to understand with his examples and experience. All the materials have been provided by ISEL and this training is worth attending. I really enjoyed it, and appreciated that you made it fun! I feel much better prepared to deal with uncomfortable issues. 

Bobby Varhese Cheriyan
Deputy Manager BPI at AL MULLA GROUP

Enjoyed the classes by BKSP. Special thanks to ISEL backend team for wonderful support through out the program. 

Naresh Kumar
Sr Consultant at WNS Global

The session was very engaging and participative. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was absolutely enriching. Mr. Prasad could cover examples from various industries making the concept clear. He is quite deeply well versed in Lean Six Sigma methodologies and very good knowledge gained from him"..."Overall the Institute is customer friendly and Sourabh has been great in managing all our queries quite professionally and well".

Sweta Shukla
Business Transformation Manager at Accenture

The LSSBB course offered by ISEL was detailed and comprehensive, overall it was a great learning experience. The trainer has in-depth knowledge of the topics. Access to the course material, sample papers, and reference material helped us in preparing for the assessment. The support by Saurabh is wonderful, always available for all sorts of learning aid. 

Gokul Mathi Mar Salasu
Manufacturing Engineer at Caterpillar India Pvt. Ltd

The trainer is very knowledgeable, explained everything, and covered all the topics. The sessions were really helpful and the trainer was also good. He indulged everyone in the session. The support team who are always there to point you to your directions to a quick and easy road to achieving success as a Six Sigma professional.

QA & QC Manager at AL YAMAMA, KSA

The program content was really good and conducted with real-time industry examples. The trainer communicated each concept with examples that can be understood easily. The support of faculty for every query is appreciable. 

Kartheek Thumuluri
Team lead (Operations) at Cognizant

The Program is very good, and flexible and the content provided was exhaustively great. The customer support is very supportive, and polite and had a great and timely response from Mayank and Saurabh whenever contacted them. 

The design of the training was amazing with a very good and user-friendly LMS portal. The trainer has taught everything very clearly and in a very simple way. Was able to solve all the doubts during the sessions. I have successfully completed both green belt and black belt now with ISEL and would definitely recommend others.

Tamilarasu K
Engineering Officer at Indian Air Force (Govt. of India)

Six Sigma Black belt training by ISEL Global provided an enriched learning experience. It helped me strengthen the basics of Six Sigma concepts and gain an in-depth understanding of DMAIC methodology. The training material provided is quite elaborate and a special mention to the trainer for the thorough conduct of the course that has enabled me to gain confidence in handling six sigma projects.

G Ganesamoorthi
DGM Engineering at Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd

Understood the concept of Six Sigma and learned to improve the processes. The customer support: very prompt, attentive, and helpful. The Trainer very experienced trainer and conducted very interactive classes. The training is full of discussion with a lot of cases discussed from major industries to help each member understand the applicable part of six sigma. 

Pravin Jainapur
Manager, Quality Assurance at Bosch

The LSSBB training was extremely interesting and useful. The course contents were very well structured. The class consisted of participants from the industry and the faculty was expert enough to give relevant examples & case studies to make everybody understand the concepts. The study materials and LMS portal are very easily accessible. All back office team was very helpful and guide properly throughout the course.

Kaushik Ghosh
Managing Director at Patil Rail Infrastructure Pvt Ltd

I have completed the  Lean Manufacturing Excellence program from ISEL global. Mr.Shinde, the trainer was excellent and has a rich experience in the industry working especially in lean manufacturing. The tools and references used were very precise and educative. The administrative support provided by ISEL in attending to the candidate queries is excellent.

The training was interactive. We are looking for a line training program for our various production Units across India with ISEL GLOBAL. 

Sudhyasatya Banerjee
Lean Project Specialist at ITALCONSULT, Qatar

Special mention and thanks to the course Program Manager, Mr. Saurabh Kumar. He is a thorough professional and has been very accommodating and helpful in resolving all the queries related to the training as well as the examination. 

I am very grateful to the Trainer & Coach Mr. Debasish Mukherjee, who delivered the contents in such a simple way, even to the newly joined professionals who have no previous LSS background. He is very professional and had a good understanding & knowledge of the Six Sigma concept. His concentration was always on project execution and not only the theoretical aspects of the course. 
I am definitely going to recommend ISEL Global to my contacts, and friends in India and abroad. The overall training was well planned & executed. The exam content was also adequately designed. Well Done. Keep it up.

Graham Sharp
Master Black Belt at Experian

Easy to use course curriculum. 

Romeo Sharma
Head of Gas Project at Biswal Limited, Lagos

Special mention and thanks to the course Program Manager, Mr. Saurabh Kumar. He is a thorough professional and has been very accommodative and helpful in resolving all the queries related to the training as well as the examination. It is because of his behaviour, I am going to recommend ISEL Global to my company as well as other friends in India and abroad to enroll for the courses offered by them. Well Done. Keep it up. 

Sena Topgul
Industrial Engineer at Vivo Communication

The course is useful for Industrial engineers. I gained much important knowledge and I will use all of the knowledge and techniques in my job. 

Mahmoud Morsy Abdelalim Elrefaey
Chief Operating Officer at Global Health Egypt

Very well organized, in-depth clarity on every concept and knowledge area with business case examples. Thanks to the trainer BKS Prasad sir for the impactful training. Special thanks to the support team for providing the recorded sessions soon after the classes....

Devashis Gupta
Project Lead at Tata Consultancy Services

The program was definitely a holistic approach toward the PMP Certification. The trainer was really awesome and held in-depth knowledge of PMP and very insightful while explaining the topics with several constructive examples. The customer service guys are very cooperative. The entire backend staff and customer support were attentive and supportive with regular updates and timely disbursement of the recordings, and materials whenever needed. Overall, ISEL is doing its best to educate society.

Arnav Palit
Associate Manager at Honda Cars India Ltd

The session was very interesting as the concepts were explained in detail with relevant examples so that we can correlate the concepts with real-world and understand them better. It was also a very interactive session. Also, Sourav Sir helped a lot during the session. His support and guidance helped me to get my doubts cleared.

Keyurkumar Ashokkumar Shah
Regulatory Affairs Manager at IQVIA RDS PVT LTD

I am glad to be a part of the ISEL forum. The topics which they have covered with depth of knowledge are really admirable. The trainer is also quite confident and answered all the questions by providing real-time examples, and training is not one side, they are involving participants in exercises and give handy experience. Also, I would like to extend my thanks to the Customer support team, who has provided tremendous support during the journey. The customer support team is just a call away, to support you during any kind of trouble, either for time schedule, training, or other queries. Wholeheartedly thankful to all ISEL Black Belt Six Sigma team.

Shashank Barapatre
Senior Manager at Bank of America

The overall program was built very informatively with a proper mix of both theoretical and practical approaches used to help understand the topic in-depth. Logistics and arrangements were prompt and effective. Training content used during the overall program was pretty precise and concise, making the overall learning experience seamless and easy to articulate. Special mention to the trainer “Prasad Shende” for his in-depth understanding of the subject and effectiveness displayed throughout the program taking up questions and coaching us all with finesse.

Bichitra Kumar Patra
Business Process Lead at Tata Consultancy Services

The program was definitely a holistic approach toward the PMP Certification. The trainer is really awesome in in-depth knowledge of PMP and very insightful while explaining the topics with examples. The customer service guys are very cooperative. The entire backend staff and customer support were attentive and supportive with regular updates and timely disbursement of the recordings, and materials whenever needed. Overall ISEL is doing at the best to educate society.

Ankit Pal
Team Manager at AMAZON

The SIX SIGMA program is well designed to meet the industry standards, It has been super helpful in overcoming day-to-day challenges at the workplace. It was a super awesome experience connecting with your highly motivated team, they were always available to assist me when I was stuck. I would definitely like to partner with this team in the future for my learning and development.

Manoj Shah
Manager at Accenture Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

I am very happy to be a part of this program. And Simarpreet has been very supportive and elaborative during his entire session of Black Belt Training. The support by the backend team, Saurabh is very prompt. I would like to thank the ISEL GLOBAL team for arranging such a great session!

Ajay Jambhale
Quality Lead at Jaguar Land Rover India Ltd

The lean six sigma training was good & has covered all the topics related to the Green Belt. The trainer was excellent & have given good examples to understand the concept clearly.

The program and the instructor were both interactive and gave good insight into the concepts along with the hands-on experience of certain relevant tools.

Mayank Gera
Associate Director at Clarivate Analytics

Overall, I found the program very engaging and reinforced the concepts that I had learned in my Green Belt at GE 8 years ago. The support provided by the administrative team, especially Saurabh, was very good. He was always prompt in answering the queries and guiding on the process to be followed. 

One can easily register for any desired course at ISEL GLOBAL, and complete it without having to sacrifice much on anything else.

Jasdeepti Singh
Sr. Program Manager at MERCEDES BENZ R&D

The trainer was very professional, and had a good understanding & knowledge of Six Sigma concepts. He did a great job in explaining concepts if people were asking again as well. The program was well managed & conducted virtually. The customer support team of ISEL was very supportive & was regularly in touch with me asking periodic feedback. Overall training was well planned & executed. 

Erwin B. Ordoñez
Senior Manager, Process Improvement at Omega Healthcare

The MBB program is very detailed and comprehensive, and I learned other skills that are helpful in my role as an MBB. Plus the additional Black Belt refresher class and modules were a huge help in honing my skills as a black belt. 

Dattatray Kulkarni
Senior Consultant at Novartis

Glad to complete Master Black Belt Certification at ISEL GLOBAL. Overall course training is explained with great detail, topics are aligned as per ASQ recommended BOK. The customer support team was prompt to assist whenever required.

Bindu Kumari N
Supervisor Global Supplier Compliance at WALMART

Saurab you have been extremely helpful. I would definitely want to share your great work with your manager. There are many institutes that run programs like this, what sets ISEL apart is your customer service and great trainers associated with ISEL.

The trainer was very patient and ensured the trainees understood all the concepts right. The recap before and at the end of every session was very helpful. It was a great experience to be a part of ISEL GLOBAL Black Belt Certification. 

Chunduri Neelakantaiah
Asst. Vice President at Hitachi Energy India Ltd

Trainer (Deepak) is very good, quite knowledgeable, Practical, Industry experienced. All concepts are simplified for easy understanding with ample of examples and real-life scenarios. It was wonderful taking learning at ISEL GLOBAL. Would highly recommend it. 

Ramesh Vitthal Panchal
Head Customer Experience at Bharti Airtel Limited

Excellent communication from the organization on mail, very clear on agenda and training schedule. Excellent prerequisite and training material, the trainer is having relevant knowledge and expertise to resolve queries in class. The recording of a class gives a good experience to learn and practice the concept. Overall a wonderful experience. Would highly recommend this course and ISEL GLOBAL. 

Anjana Susan Arumadas
Deputy General Manager at Omega Healthcare

Thank you for the excellent program. The entire course was very informative and the sessions were conducted in an interactive way which allowed all participants to ask questions and talk about real work-life examples which made it live and very interesting. The coach and the program both met more than my expectations.

Kunwarjeet Walia
Asst. Manager at Tata Consultancy Services

Program content is good and easy to understand. All of the content has been nicely explained by the trainer. Examples are easy to understand. The program has definitely taught me some new things. It has refreshed my knowledge. Every professional who wants to get a clear idea about PMP.

Prasad Sarma Viriyala
Manager Quality Assurance at KBR Engineering

I enrolled in the Green Belt, Black Belt certification course. My experience with the designed course and the trainer at ISEL Global has been wonderful. Overall it's a great course with full flexibility to manage each and every aspect. 
Thanks to Saurabh & Subham they were always available to answer any questions all the time. 

Heeral Radhanpura
Quality Specialist at Infosys BPM Ltd

ISEL team was very supportive till the completion of certification. Rohit Virmani Sir cleared the doubts whenever reached out to him. Rohit Sir & ISEL coordinator was easily reachable & helpful. Sessions were effectively covered with logic & examples. This course gave me good visibility about Lean & Six Sigma. I would refer this program to my colleagues to do it from ISEL.

Mary Jane R. Olleres
Quality Analyst at Interglobe Technology

The LSSGB course content is very well designed & presented. I am looking forward to beginning my black belt course with ISEL at the earliest. Everything happened on time; right from beginning the classes to getting the study materials. The trainer was very soft-spoken & technically sound and his teaching was interactive rather than one-sided. Overall it is a superb experience. Thank You.

Lord Joseph Castillo Avila
E-Distribution Executive at Rotana Hotel Management

ISEL Global is a great learning platform to develop hidden skills, build self-confidence, and put ourselves in a remarkable position. Customer support is great. The content of the program is very useful specifically for a quality professional. Our trainer is a great personality and possesses a piece of deep knowledge of six sigma methodology. Thanks to the entire ISEL team......

Junais Yoosaf
Technical Engineering at Qatar Airways

Course Material is exhaustive and very knowledgeable. The trainer was very supportive and helpful. Program coordinators are very dedicated and available on request. 

Shashank Srinath Videm
Quality Auditing Sr. Analyst at Accenture

Great platform and support from the trainer who is extremely knowledgeable. I enrolled in the Green Belt certification course. My experience with the designed course and the trainer at ISEL Global has been wonderful. 

Overall it's a great course with full flexibility to manage each and every aspect. Saurabh was "Outstanding", always very supportive, and was available to answer any questions all the time. 

Joash Kurt Dellosa
Chemical Engineer at Emerson Automation System

Really wonderful course with a detailed curriculum &  enriching knowledge-enhancing program. My special thanks to Trainer Mr.Rohit Virmani for clearly imparting knowledge regarding the lean six sigma in a well-organized way. The learning from the course will be helpful for my professional journey.

I am also thankful to other supportive staff of ISEL for best coordination & cooperation.

Musa Saiyed

The training was very helpful in bridging the gaps and microlevel understanding of concepts, especially in Hypothesis testing. Trainer (Vinod) was having thorough subject knowledge and was very passionate. Never felt this is an online session and credit must go to Trainer (Vinod). The program was well designed and received a good and quick response from the team. Thank you to the entire ISEL team. I would recommend this training to my friends/colleague

Hemant Parashar
Manager Operations at Numerator

I was a little hesitant while I was applying for the Master Black Belt certification, but the support I got from ISEL made this course a cakewalk for me.
There was a plethora of tools and techniques in the course and looked giant at the start. But the robust structure of content and the way faculty explained it all made it very adaptable and easy to grasp.
Now that I have qualified for the course and can proudly say that I am Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, I would like to refer every LSS- Black Belt to go for MBB through ISEL, it will give you a broader perspective. 

Rommel Romero
Director Of Operations at Mars Company

Thanks a lot to my Education Counsellor and ISEL GLOBAL, The International Society For Executive Learning. Sincere thanks to Mentor/trainer Debasish Mukherjee for the valuable learning and sharing of best-known methods and industry best practices of Lean Six Sigma.

Looking forward to having a wonderful Lean Six Sigma journey ahead! 

Mitesh Shah
Operation and Launch Manager at Jaguar Land Rover India

Program Framework is designed very well to suit the Requirement. Excellent Customer Support throughout the training coordination stages. The training Duration and Details covered are very appropriate. The Trainer has in-depth knowledge of the Subject and utilizes relevant examples to explain the concept. A very structural Approach was taken though out the sessions by the trainer. 

Gomathi Narayanan
Senior Project Manager at Experian APAC

A structured approach to the MBB course contents. Well-guided and precise recording of lectures entails topics across ASQ and MBB BOK. A very valuable certificate and the trainer gave detailed examples and reviews on the applicability of LSS to a wide spectrum of organizational initiatives by sector. Illustrated relevance to strategical and operational functions of the organization. The complete set of question banks and books for referral was useful for the certification preparation. Customer support was swift in responding and helpful. Overall a good program facilitation and logistics support.

Abhijeet Vingle
Quality control at Zydus Cadila Healthcare Limited

ISEL Global is a great learning platform to develop hidden skills, build self-confidence and put our self at a remarkable position. Customer support is great. Saurabh from the support team is always available for all sorts of assistance. The content of the program is very useful specifically for a quality professional. Our trainer is a great personality and possesses deep knowledge about six sigma methodology. Thanks to the entire ISEL team

Sagayarobert Anthony Chettiar
Transition & Process Lead at Capgemini

I am fortunate to select the ISEL Training institute for Six Sigma GB & BB, They have excellent coordination and best Qualified Trainer like Debasish Mukherjee Sir. The course content is very well designed and structured. The most exciting part of ISEL is that at every start of each session the past session is revised and Debasish Sir makes sure that we all understood the previous topics before proceeding further. All our doubts are clarified promptly.
Overall a great experience. I would strongly recommend the program to others who are looking for Six Sigma Knowledge and Certifications.

Rohith Muraleedharan
Media Assets at BYJUS

The LEAN SIX SIGMA GREEN BELT program provided by ISEL is quite detailed and interactive. The program is comprehensive for someone like me, who did not have the bandwidth to attend live sessions and sailed through with the recording sessions of the live classes. The recordings clearly show how the trainer Mr. Rohit Virmani was able to accommodate learners of various backgrounds. It is worthy to note that the ISEL teaching model online is easy and comprehensible.
Appreciate Mr. Shubham for the customer support even on a Saturday afternoon. He patiently heard out the query and took time to explain things at a time whereas in most cases we would have heard “Call back on Monday”. Kudos on the service and customer support!!!

Ranjan Kumar Khandai
Manager at Ford India Pvt. Ltd

Content designed for the training and the training materials as well as reference study materials provided by ISEL Global Team was really helped me to get deeper knowledge about the six sigma concept and also various practical examples provided to understand all the key concepts very clearly and the trainer also have a very good training skill which was helped me to complete the course in my first attempt by going through the subjects within few hours.
I can recommend others be a part of ISEL GLOBAL

Preet Chacko
Project Manager at Maersk

A well-designed course aimed at helping individuals looking to upskill themselves. Great program and support system provided by ISEL. The instructor-led sessions were really good. Concepts were explained with a lot of examples and correlated to what I was doing. Overall a great learning experience as the faculty had a very strong experience and explained key concepts with a lot of clarity. Thank you for all the support! The facilitators have a deep understanding of the subject and are always available for support. Overall, a great platform for anyone who is the "Learning Mindset".

Uchechukwu Cletus Ogidi
Managing Director at Uzek Services LTD, Nigeria

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training was very interactive, and the online assessment had a spread that cut across all the topics discussed during the training. The time and money spent were in no way a match to the knowledge gained.
My appreciation goes to the training coordinator and the trainer for a job well done. I equally thank the front desk officer, who was very swift in resolving some issues I raised during the training.
ISEL Global is a one-stop educational institute for skill enhancement.
I can't wait to start my black belt training.  

Kyle Clemens Ruppelt
Quality Engineer at Tenneco, South Africa

The training was really great. Gave such a depth understanding of TQM and how to make that implementation of change and maintaining that change is possible with the correct approach. Overall wonderful. The support team is exceptionally good. 

Now planning to start PMP certification with ISEL GLOBAL. 

Prosenjit Bhattacharyya
Operations Manager at Capgemini Technologies Services

I feel fortunate to be a part of the excellent program (Six Sigma Green & Black belt ) from ISEL. The program was well organized and structured with excellent learning materials. The online classes were exceptional and the support received from the ISEL Admin team has been well above expectation. I strongly recommend this program to anyone looking for in-depth knowledge and certifications in  Six Sigma. 

Manoj Prabhakar A
Quality Manager at Amazon Development Centre

The trainer was very informative and more detail-oriented. He was able to address and clarify the questions asked by the participants irrespective of their domain. The online sessions were very engaging and the trainer focussed on each and every individual. 

Overall a wonderful learning experience. 

Ramesh. Y
Manager, Process excellence at Wipro Ltd

Happy to get certified from ISEL Global!! The entire program was well organized and structured well with excellent training materials. I strongly recommend this program for anyone looking to enhance their skills in Quality methodologies.

I would like to thank the entire ISEL team and special thanks to facilitator Mr. Rohit Virmani Sir, for sharing his vast experience, knowledge with excellent examples. 

Raji Johnson Chacko
Manager at Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA)

I had completed the green belt and black belt six sigma certifications from ISEL global. The tutors are excellent. The administrative support provided by ISEL in attending the candidate quires is excellent. I recommend ISEL, is one of the best educational training institutes across the globe. 

Megha Punia
Deputy Director at Coalition For Disaster Resilient

My experience with the designed curriculum and trainers at ISEL Global had been wonderful. Insights I received while undergoing the Six Sigma Green Belt, Black Belt, and PRINCE2 Practitioner certification helped me achieve the desired results.
Academic & Administrative support had been excellent. Special mention for Saurabh who has been excellent support throughout.

Dr. Mohammad Farhan
Clinical Quality Manager at Almoosa Specialist Hospital, KSA

I take this opportunity to thank ISEL Global for the enriching program. It is by far the best training program I have attended. I thank my Trainer SIr for support and mentoring. His way of explanation is hands-on and easy to understand.

He made even the complicated statistical theories easy to understand. He first gave examples from real life, then followed up with equivalent examples from Statistics. The program is a good balance of Business theories and Statistical theories. I strongly recommend this program, for anyone looking for a good grasp on Six Sigma methodologies.

I thank the entire team of ISEL Global for all support. I thank the Program Manager, Saurabh Kumar Sir, for his continuous motivation during the program. Overall it was a wonderful experience.
I once again thank ISEL Global for this rich learning experience. I look ahead to attend more training programs from ISEL Global.

Kunal Punjabi
Process Head at JSW GLOBAL Business Solutions

I have got tremendous and commendable support from the ISEL Team Specially Shubham who has not even once got agitated with a flood of my questions and answered all of them adequately, he is a true professional. Regarding Training and Trainer- it's a memorable training for me that was interactive and backed up by real-life illustrations instead of just a PPT and monotonous session.

The trainer brings great knowledge about Six Sigma on the board and effectively shares it with the trainees, he ensures everyone is participating and obtaining the required knowledge. 3 cheers for the trainer.

Ariel Marc Bagorio
Analyst at Amazon

The program is comprehensive whilst able to accommodate learners of various backgrounds. It is worthy to note that the ISEL teaching model online is easy and comprehensible. This would not be possible without our Trainer’s expertise and professionalism. He was graciously accommodating to our learning needs; ensuring that we totally grasp and satisfy the respective topics during the session. 

Indeed, my learning journey with ISEL Global has been fruitful and meaningful. Our Counselor has satisfactorily provided her awesome support in guiding and providing information necessary to continue the course. From the introduction of the program up to the assistance needed, her dedication was superb! 

Proloy Kumar Das
Sr. Manager (EHS) at Larsen & Toubro Limited

Very good training conducted and trainers are also very professional. The program helped me nurture my managerial and leadership abilities. Furthermore, it is very useful in improving our company's business process and sustaining quality improvement. Lastly, our trainer, Mr.Mukherjee, is very accommodating and brilliant. 

Tarun Kumar
Manager (Quality) at Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd

LEAN SIX SIGMA GREEN BELT program Provided by ISEL is Quite excellent and very Interactive between Mentor and the students.
Customer support Mr Shubham, Trainer Ayesh Sultana is very Interactive with each student. It was not like a virtual class but it is like a classroom programme.

The trainer is having the excellent skill of explaining each and every point. Discussion on topics is quite understandable. Awesome experience. 

Ankit Navin Haria
Director Training and Quality at Publicis Global Delivery (Publicis Groupe)

Thank you for providing a great learning opportunity through remote learning. The faculty for the Green belt training provided was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and motivating.

The learning of this program was made extremely simple through real-life scenarios. Also, ensured that constant check through Quiz was conducted. Glad to attend this session, looking forward to the BB training and certification.

Rajan Madan
Global Supply Chain Quality Leader at GE Renewable Hydro

The course was enriched with valuable content, the trainer has complete knowledge of the domain and conducted training with professionalism, cleared all the doubts, and helped to learn the course. Overall a wonderful experience. 

I would recommend all to explore ISEL GLOBAL for their credential needs. 

Sanjay Kumar Saxena
Operation Excellence at ADNOC GAS PROCESSING

The Master black belt course by ISEL was of great help. There were 14 instructor-led modules that explain in detail the key concepts which an MBB should have for a holistic view of Lean Six Sigma.  The course is going to be of great help to me for the successful deployment of Lean Six Sigma in my organization. 

Santanu Basu
Global Innovation Leader at Concentrix

I really appreciate the ISEL Team helping me with this certification. The training provided was very systematic and detailed course materials. The trainers were very knowledgeable and explained the concepts in detail. The sessions were interactive and engaging as well.

Support by Saurabh is commendable. Overall a good learning experience. Thank you ISEL Team. 

Dr.Deepa Raju MBBS, MBA(HA)

The overall experience was wonderful with the ISEL team. ISEL team is very supportive by providing all the study materials and class recordings too.

The program was conducted in a very organized manner and the trainer was also interactive & knowledgeable. 

Ajay Dadpe
Senior General Manager, Business Excellence at Garware Hi-Tech Films Limited

Excellent Material Provided, and Great Support from Trainers. 

I feel glad to inform you that I have gone through all the study materials provided on the LMS platform and have seen all the videos uploaded and appreciate the efforts taken by Sh Debashish Mukherjee sir in making the subject very lucid and simple to understand. 

Dear Sir, I am currently heading the Business Excellence Function at Garware Hi-Tech Films Ltd and we are moving towards JIPM certification. CII is our strategic partner in this journey. As I am now conversant with the TPM basics and practicing the same in our organization, this TPM certification will help me a lot. Thanks for your support. 

I find all the material very helpful and shall recommend this certification for others in my organization and business fraternity. 

Amith Kumar
Business Program Manager at Deloitte

I am very excited and happy to complete the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification from ISEL Global. I am from Audit & Accounting, Taxation background having 0 practical knowledge in Six Sigma. Before enrolling in this program I was worried about whether I am able to understand the concepts or not, but surprisingly I am able to understand the concepts and pass the exam.

The whole credit goes to ISEL Global Team, Mr. Saurabh  & the trainer who is extremely knowledgeable. The content of Lean Six Sigma is very well structured and Organised. Great experience and worth enrolling in.

Sankhadip Das
Area Sales manager at SMITH & NEPHEW HEALTHCARE

I have enjoyed the program and it was full of examples and case studies. I would like to thank ISEL to provide me the opportunity to participate in the learning program. 

Overall a wonderful experience. 

Dr V.Ramesh, M.Pharm, Ph.D
Project Manager at Acme Generics LLP

Great course to learn about six sigma Green belt from entrance level to expertise level. This is a very well-designed course that will help you learn about the six sigma concept. The provided material is very helpful to attempt the exam. I highly recommend this course. Thank you all for the immense support throughout the course. 

Dhamotharakumar Tamilarasu
Senior Design Engineer at Milacron India Pvt. Ltd

This is very good I must say the best course. It is excellent for the students who want to learn SSGB about teaching as freshers. Really useful. The course was well-structured and the different theories and techniques were well presented with memorable examples. 

Since completing this course, I have used several techniques in my everyday work and they work! Very Big Thank you to ISEL Global for conducting this course.

Colin Savio Coelho
Director at Icoe EduHub

The program is well planned and designed. The examples are to the point and make the subject easier to understand. The reading material is elaborate and very thorough.
The trainer was good and clear. The communication was very good and despite being an online course, I got a lot of information. The training overall was well spread out. It was good and had a lot more than just the relevant topics. The examples were very helpful.
The Customer Support Representative, Priya, who was interacting with me, answered all the questions and all the queries I had were responded to swiftly and aptly.

Pauline Loretta Reeves
Technology Consultant at Ernst & Young LLP

Thanks to the ISEL GLOBAL Team for continuous support throughout my learning journey. 

The Program is very well designed for working professionals. The content was extremely informative and incredibly useful. The classes were very conducted on weekends which added to the advantages.

The trainer has done wonderful and appreciable efforts. I, myself would love to attend future pieces of training organized by you and I will recommend this training to my friends and colleagues.

Chaithanya Sai Amba
Manager at Hyundai Motor India Pvt. Ltd

The course is well designed and balanced for the quick and easy understanding of a professional irrespective of industry experience. 

The support team has done their best to provide the service for me during any time of day, my doubts were clarified within not more than a day.

I wholeheartedly refer my fellow colleagues to take up the course from ISEL Global. Thanks for the training and facilitation, the course is very informative and it will help greatly in my career advancement.

Manager at Honda Cars India Ltd

It was a wonderful learning experience! I would like to thank ISEL, my trainer Mr.Debasish Mukherjee and the coordinator Mr.Shubham for their relentless efforts and support from time to time.

Course content is also easy to understand and always available as a ready reckoner. Keep up the good work!!! I would recommend this ISEL GLOBAL to all my colleagues and friends. 

Mithuna Krishnaswamy
Vice President Operations at BNY Mellon

Excellent course content and detailed lectures. The online lecture by the trainer was helpful in understanding the concept clearly and the study material was very helpful.
Support from Saurabh who coordinated the course was well organized and approachable.
I would recommend online the course for those who want to learn the concepts and grow in their career.

Michelle Ann Pearl Sequira
Customer Service Manager at ATS SHIPPING LLC

I really appreciate the ISEL team helping with the certification program.

I was looking for more practical aspects of Lean Six Sigma implementation which are exactly been focused on in the course curriculum.

I will recommend the courses of ISEL in my contacts. I will give my best to the ISEL team on this journey of helping professionals.

Bryan Anthony Liwag
Business Intelligence Officer at MetroBank

It was good learning. The program is well structured, and the sessions are very interactive and engaging. Thanks to Debasish for putting all his experience to make the subject understand in an easy and simple way.

Thanks to the entire ISEL team. I strongly recommend it. 

Arshford Mariga
Entrepreneur at Rinowise Construction, Zimbabwea

ISEL has helped me in completing my project and quality management program with great ease and help. The people in ISEL were always there to support and the trainer was always open to questions and made sure that all the queries were been resolved.

At this time when we were not able to attend the offline classes the people in ISEL were always there to support us and made sure all the queries were resolved on time.

Thank You ISEL for providing all the help and support.

Smit Sharma
Regional Manager at MAX LIFE INSURANCE CO

The Trainer was very knowledgeable and very witty. Explained the all concepts very well and easy to understand manner. Looking forward to completing Master Black Belt in Six Sigma through ISEL GLOBAL. Interactions of few more people from ISEL Global are much appreciated other than Neha, who enrolled me in this course.  

Shailesh Bajrang Shinde
Global Process Owner at WNS Global Business Services

It was a great experience. I have learned in detail from the ISEL Global Six Sigma GB certification course. Special thanks to Shubham for excellent customer support and our Trainer who has provided excellent support in teaching this course with real-life examples, which all made for a really enjoyable experience and great learning for all of us.

I also want to specially mention great support from my colleague - friend Vikram Purohit whose guidance helped me a lot to complete this Six Sigma GB certification course.

Again big thanks to all and happy learning......

Mukul Agrawal
Senior Engineer at Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited

Well-structured course with almost complete coverage of all key areas of Lean Six Sigma. Sessions were interactive & efficient. Trainer has in-depth and practical making the entire session to be of great utility to us.

Learning was superb due to interactive and engaging online sessions. All in all I can say it was a splendid online certification course from ISEL.


Aparna Khanduri
Assistant Manager Training & Quality at Naukri.com Division

I would like to take this opportunity to let everyone know about the training I attended for the six sigma black belt. The trainer was very supportive, attentive, and knowledgeable. He has answered all the questions asked by each member and also help us to set the right expectations.

The session was just not a tick mark activity for him but he trained us like he is coaching himself. Even micro details were explained wonderfully. He explained a lot of content with real examples and also shared his personal experiences which helped a lot. 

The content was extremely informative and incredibly useful. I have attended six sigma green and yellow belt training before but I can't recall any of them having such a strong impact. Trainer has done a wonderful job and I appreciate his efforts.

Satya Prakash Shaw
Chief Financial Officer at MAHINDRA MSTC RECYCLING

The Program Curriculum is exhaustive & statistical pattern-oriented. Customer Support is prompt & adequate & Faculty Sir is awesome, has good eloquence & command over subject & address each & every problem of the candidates in a very humble & jovial manner.

Never ever felt us be in apologetic or dominating tendency & never allow us to seek apology for any doubts. 

With the Six Sigma Black belt course, I am able to strengthen my problem-solving skill. Study material and Online class recording help me for flexibility.


Jaffar Siddiq Janibasha
Manager at TATA Consultancy Services

Good Training program with dedicated support from Mr. Saurabh. The trainer was experienced and knowledgeable in the area.

Ramesh Sir is awesome, has good eloquence & command over subject & address each & every problem of the candidates in a very humble & jovial manner.

He is equitably an inspiration towards imbibing interest for this Course.

Subhasis Nanda
MEP Manager at Avenue Supermarts (D Mart)

PMP training was very good and the quality of materials provided for study purposes/learning was also very helpful.

The trainer was quite professional and had a deep understanding of the subject. Highly experienced and expert in this domain matter.

All in all this course really helped me prepare and be ready for exam + preparation. 

Aruj Bhatt
Manager ITSM at IRIS Software Private Limited

Six Sigma BB course was on my bucket list for quite some time. I was looking for the right partner in my learning journey and I must say that choosing ISEL Global was a wise choice.

I am quite happy in completing this milestone and credit goes to ISEL. It was my pleasure to be trained by Mr. Mukherjee, the entire training content was rich and we pretty much touched all the required topics.

Minitab labs were really practical and exciting and helped a lot in conceptualizing the learning. I wish the best of luck to all future learners!! 

Rajeev Awasthi
Senior Manager at STATE STREET

The curriculum has been designed keeping in mind the ongoing needs of the professionals in Lean Management and Quality Improvement processes.

The trainer shared some amazing real-life experiences which only come with experience and will stay with us as a learning experience and mindset once we are faced with such a situation. 

The trainer kept us all involved and is inspirational. Wonderful experience. Would recommend it to all my collegues. 

Veena Gadad
Sr Associate Consultant at PWC

Ramesh is a highly knowledgeable person, before asking the doubts he will clear them. I am glad to get this kind of trainer and explaining with a very generic and understandable example. 

Overall it was a wonderful learning experience. The support is prompt and easily accessible. I would strongly recommend ISEL GLOBAL. 

Amit Kumar
Manager Operations at Genpact India Pvt Ltd

After taking the Green Belt certification course from ISEL Global, I Feel Confident and prepared. ISEL Global training methodology, content, their way of explaining concepts with real-time examples helps you understand the concept very easily.
I would like to thanks our trainer who was always there to assist us and answered all our questions patiently. Mr. Shubham coordinated the entire program so well and assisted me on every call and message. 
With such great experiences, I will be continuing my learning with ISEL Global. Thank you ISEL global. 

Shruti Dogra
Team Lead at Othain Software Services

I enrolled in the Black Belt certification course. Overall it's a great course with full flexibility to manage each and every aspect.

I made the right choice.

ISEL GLOBAL has been a great learning experience. The support has been outstanding. Saurabh was there to assist and manage things always. Thank you for helping me achieve this.

Basavarajappa B
Production Developments at ABB India Limited

I have attended online sessions for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and also completed the online Exam successfully.

I honestly admit that the content is too good, and the trainer is knowledgeable. Also, they present the content in a very interesting way. There were no technical glitches while attending sessions, voice clarity was good, you can put up your queries and trainer interaction with students was also good.

I highly recommend ISEL GLOBAL to all for Lean six sigma certification.

Chaitanya Kumar Mohanty
Assistant Manager at Laurus Labs Limited

Program by ISEL has been in top standard and made it easy for me to learn without affecting my work or life. The training course is simply the best course made superbly in simple and clear language.
The trainer is a class apart when demonstrating such technical subject made so easy to learn and giving live examples are very good for learners.
Thank ISEL for selecting such a wonderful technically very sound professional instructor. 

Satya Deo Mishra
Sr. Consultant at 4x Technologies

My trainer, Mr. Debashish Mukherjee has excellent knowledge and he also makes sure that concept is fully understood. I have learned a lot of topics that helped me during the exam. I would definitely recommend ISEL GLOBAL to all my colleagues and friends. Thank you!!

Ganapathy Raman Ganapathy Subramanian
Associate Consultant at TATA Consultancy Services

Very prompt, professional, and responsive.  Above all, they know what they are doing so that they can guide people who approach them, to their fullest potential. Mr. Prasad, who was our trainer had immense experience in the industry and his knowledge of PMP is very commendable. 

It was a wonderful session to take away the exact foundation on which one has to build their path of PMP certification.


Karthikeyan Palaniandy
Global Finance Continuous Lead at Experian Malaysia

Having certified in the Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt program provides me further strategic knowledge and improvement methodologies that allow me to introduce more excellent changes in the organization. ISEL GLOBAL is one of the best curriculum providers in this area.
Their customer support was top-notch throughout my learning journey. Training materials/ webinars are well explained and cover all the syllabus. Overall, I will give 10/10 for the learning experience I had with them.

Pankoj K Bhattacharyya
TPM Subject Matter Expert at Dr Reddys Lab

I have completed a six sigma black belt from ISEL. It was a wonderful journey for me starting from initiation, then proper communication, Live sessions. Our faculty was truly excellent. He has taken utmost care so that all the participants can understand the subject. god of war ragnarok Management of timing is highly appreciable. The assessment was also very smooth. A lot of value addition I had from this course. Highly recommended course for all.
Overall I am very happy.

Ashish Sharma
Chief Manager at Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd

Excellent experience with Debashish Mukherjee, He has wonderful knowledge in his area. The way he taught makes it easy to recall concepts. ISEL is one of the fastest-growing educational institutes which uses a great platform to impart knowledge virtually in pandemics which is much appreciated. I have learned a lot of topics that helped me during the exam and I'm would like to thank ISEL for the amazing training setup. Thank you!!

Deval Mehta
Associate Director at S&P Global Market Intelligence

The trainer was excellent in going through each topic in detail. I enjoyed the training. The training was very detailed and all the concepts were cleared by the trainer very effectively, also experienced two-way conversation since the beginning. The trainer was very experienced and capable to clear all queries. Saurabh was very supportive and always available to answer any question I’ve related to the course. 

Bharat Mandhiyani
Chief Operating Officer at Beekay Group

Team ISEL is very much focused and giving individual attention. Flexible with the sessions and that helps us when we are trying to get the certification while on a job. A brilliant team that we can rely on to progress with our career.

My special gratitude to Mr. Subham for appropriate guidance and support. Thank you team ISEL GLOBAL for a wonderful learning experience.

Vikram Purohit
Group Manager at WNS Global Services.

It was a really good experience learning Black Belt -LSBB from ISEL Global. I would definitely recommend ISEL GLOBAL to all my colleagues and friends. Our course trainer has a very good hold in each concept and provided a very good example. Overall wonderful experience. Looking forward to Master Black Belt. 

Mritunjay Pandey
Subject Matter Expert at Optum Globle Solution (UHG)

"Simply 10/10. Awesome course........"

Miraj Sharma
LEAD Engineer at Mahindra Comviva

"Excellent program. Well managed and beautifully executed. The program, customer support, training & trainer are all very good. Happy to complete my PMP & Six Sigma Combo program. Thanks, everyone in ISEL Global team. "

Neelam Kakapuri.
Manager at Confidential

"Excellent course. Dear ISEL global team, Thanks for the appreciation and support from your side.Hopefully will again join for black belt. "

Rajeev Ranjan Prasad
Managing Partner at Mouski LLP

"The experience was good and was matching my expectation. The coach Aisha was good. Material supplied was also good but needed more descriptions especially in the last 4/5 chapters. I am very happy with the after sales and services especially you as I experienced lot of proactiveness in helping the students with best of your ability. Kindly accept my best wishes for all your efforts for your organization."

T.D.Venkata Krishnan
Technical Manager at Liberian Agricultural Company

"Excellent course and very cooperative staff. I work in Africa and i did this Lean six sigma green belt course via online sessions and it was very comfortable and experiential learning for me. Trainers very effective and supports in every aspect. Fully satisfied with the course and support provided. Highly recommended course. Looking forward to Lean six sigma black belt. Thanks to the entire team of ISEL GLOBAL. "

Ipsita Dutta
AVP & Head at SLK Software Services

"ISEL is a very good online platform for learning and certification. The Lean Six Sigma online training medium, trainers and support has been very helpful in my certification journey. Glad to complete my CLSSGB certification today. Thank you!"

Sourabh Dutta
CIP Process Engg at Diversey India Pvt ltd

The programme content and overall learning were very good. Customer support is very prompt, for any query I got a very effective and quick response. Training was also very good. The trainer is excellent and teaches in a very effective way, focusing on every participant in a group. Highly recommended the course and ISEL GLOBAL team for six sigma courses. "

Kaveri BK
Operations Manager at Vodafone Global Services

"Good course. It is very affordable and extremely convenient! I love the multiple tools in the course package: Online live classes, toolkits, study guide, practice exam, physical books, & live data projects. I definitely recommend ISEL GLOBAL to any professional with limited time. A great way to stay current on Lean six sigma certifications."

Balakrishnan Babu
Sr.Consultant & Owner at M/s GLOBAL SERVICES

"Overall satisfactory and no negative feedback. Thorough and Applicable course. Just completed my Green Belt exam...took single attempt to clear it. Well worth the time and money. I'm excited to place it in my office and business. Having a Six Sigma opens opportunities and gives a new way of managing the business. Thanks to the entire team of ISEL GLOBAL. "

Manasa Musuku
Sr. Engineer at Schneider Electric

"It was extremely easy to enroll and navigate the training and learn the fundamentals. ISEL GLOBAL provided support to me when I had questions and course moved very swiftly. I completed my six sigma green belt in 15 days and fully satisfied with each and very aspect. Looking forward to Black Belt course. Would definitely recommend ISEL and their six sigma certification.   "

Madhusudan Dasari
Process Excellence Manager at Procter & Gamble

"The six sigma green belt program was absolutely amazing. I would highly recommend this training program and ISEL GLOBAL as a training institute to anyone looking to add value to their resume or to themselves for career enhancement. It had a very practical approach and all of the information was explained very clearly. Thank you. "

Vikram Singh Chopra.
Associate Director Strategic Alliances at MSD Phamra

"I have attended online sessions for Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, & I honestly admit that the content is too good, and the trainer is knowledgeable but they present the content in a very interesting way. There were no technical glitches while attending sessions, voice clarity was good, you can put up your queries and trainer interaction with students was also good. As the content is vast & students are from varied backgrounds, a reserve session should be kept for covering up sessions & hands-on training."

Hema Sampathkumar
Manager Buss. Excellence at Infosys Ltd

"Thanks, I have completed LSSBB exam and have passed the exam. Trainer and the training program were good and customer support was excellent and they were prompt in clarifying queries and able to reachable through phone for any clarification at any point of time. What App group formed for certified LSSBB resources which will help us to connect and clarify any real-time queries during real-time project execution among us at any point of time is another best thing at ISEL. "

Col Pradeep Thapa
Colonel at Indian Army

"An excellent faculty and environment for learning, the best way to get an education in a compact learning environment. The trainer was phenomenal in imparting the knowledge of the course. Overall an Outstanding Endeavour. I will recommend this program to be of paramount importance for one's career growth. Trainer well informed of the subject and the worksheets and tool kits are informative. "

Sumit Sinha
Lt. Colonel at Government of India, Defence

"The six sigma black belt training was absolutely superb and I genuinely enjoyed each and every moment of it. The content was extremely informative and incredibly useful. I have attended several pieces of training before but I can't recall any of them having such a strong impact. You have done a wonderful job and I appreciate your efforts. I will surely recommend this training to all my colleagues and friends. I, myself, would love to attend future training organized or featured by you. "

Anshul Sharma
Deputy Manager- Operational Excellence at Phillips

"ISEL Course design is detailed and contains sufficient information to relate the knowledge with practical experience, the training modules & trainer are highly qualified with vast experience and knowledge base to address the doubts. Customer support is always available. A lot of thanks to ISEL for the support, guidance which was provided throughout the course duration and helped in the successful completion of LSSGB & LSSBB courses."

Ayush Thakur
Studying MSC at USA

"My experience with ISEL Global has been fantastic so far. I enrolled for my Lean Six Sigma Black Belt program and cleared it last night. Since the beginning, ISEL provided me the utmost customer support and guidance from the selection of the course to the final examination and on. I would like to thank Saurabh for always supporting me and providing me with the best assistance to enhance my career skills. Mr. Saurabh also offered me to get enrolled in PMP Certification training with PDU as complimentary. call of duty modern warfare 2 All the ISEL Global Authority members are highly educated, supportive and extremely student-centric. I felt their goal was to make sure i learn, understand and enhance my knowledge along with getting certified to reach my desired goals. They gave me several advices about not only the course and registration but also, about what to expect at the interview. The training was excellent and the instructor were experts in their field MR. Rustagi and Dr. Arivind both have experience of more than 20 years. They were great guiding and supporting the students in not only classwork but also at the workplace and interview."

Sandesh S. Sawant
Deputy Manager at Mahindra Logistics Ltd

"Good program. I was able to learn sitting at my home since spending a whole day in-classroom was not feasible for me. live sessions helped me solve my queries during the sessions. The trainer was able to explain the subject matter very well. Highly recommeded course and institute for six sigma certification. "

Ajay Kumar
Sr Manager IT Service at Emirates NBD, Dubai

"Glad to tell you that I passed the LSSBB exam yesterday. I have attended Online Training and also taken help from saved video recordings. My Trainer - Debasish Mukherjee sir has explained all he topics & really helps me in understanding the concepts clearly. Great to connect to such a professional institute for career drive, Highly recommended. "

Kunal Shukla
Sr. Manager at State Street Corporation

"The program is good, effective and useful for professionals but needs a more practical application of the knowledge shared by the facilitator. Customer Support is good. Training is in line with the course but deeper knowledge on the subject is required. The trainer is very good. His knowledge of the subject is thorough and admirable."

Kuldeep Jain
Manager at State Street Corporation

"This black belt program helps you make aware about complete Six Sigma terminologies and is ideal for people who are looking to gain knowledge in Lean Six Sigma domain. Customer Support was excellent. Training material might need a little more detailed information as it was difficult to follow through. Overall, this program meets my requirements. Thanks "

Rohan Vijay Majithia
Student at Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy

"Thanks a lot for the course and support. I have passed the exam today. The program was very much concise and precise as per the ASQ Body of Knowledge and it was very much helpful in developing new skills. The trainer was well knowledgeable and supportive, and always open for discussions. The support staff was always helpful and cooperative for any technical assistance and doubts."

Kuljit Singh
Manager at Genpact

"I have completed my LSBB certification. I really appreciate your curriculum and practical knowledge.provided in this black belt certification course. The support is prompt, trainer Mr.Mukherjee is excellent and teaches in a very efficient way. Highly recommended course and institution. "

Manuneethi Pari
Analyst at LatentView Analytics

"I took the Lean Six Sigma Black belt Online certification course. Overall felt positive about the training provided. Online classes very good, interactive and the way delivered was comfortable for working peoples to learn and go through. Customer support from Mr.Shubham was excellent. The team is supportive, always available no matter what time is. Highly recommended course and institute. "

Technical coordinator at Qatar Airways
Technical coordinator at Qatar Airways

"I had a good experience in learning black belt certification at ISEL GLOBAL. The trainer Debasish is very experienced and shares ample real-life examples of during training and sessions. Support by ISEL is prompt and team guides in completing the requirements and certification. Overall a very satisfactory and well organized online workshop. "

Rohan Bhuskute
Commissioned Officer at Indian Navy

"The program was really helpful in understanding the aspects of six sigma coupled with Lean management towards enhancing the process capability and reducing wastes. Customer support given by the team especially Mr. Saurabh was appreciable. He helped to manage timings for the team and arranging lectures, doubt sessions, and extra sessions whenever required. Training imparted on various tools, 7QMs, aspects of lean principles and software like Minitab by Mr. Deepak Rustogi was quite useful in undertaking small projects to increase the productivity of the process. Statistical calculations were also taught nicely. "

Vibhore Mathur
Associate Consultant at Infosys Ltd

"Excellent, very informative, and productive program. The online classes very interactive and engaging, trainer well knowledgeable, and experienced. I got full support from the support team and the faculties in the learning journey. Highly recommended for Six Sigma Black Belt & PMP certification. "

Sudharsan S
Asst. Manager –Engine#2 at Hyundai Motors India Ltd

"I have taken the Six Sigma Black Belt Exam & Successfully Completed it. Excellent and Experience Trainers at ISEL GLOBAL to learn and apply. Virtual class loaded with Explanation with Examples across all sectors. I found it very structured way to cover up core topics. Materials helped me to complete both Green & Black Belt Six Sigma Certification. I would recommend ISEL to all. "

Venkata Puthalapet
SAP Process Architect at Merck, Boston

"I took SSBB, PMP, and SAFe certification at ISEL GLOBAL. The Leading SAFE 4.6 course was well-structured, planned & executed. Trainer, support team, and material all good and informative. Keep it up, ISEL GLOBAL! Sincere thanks to all for guidance and helping in getting certified. Now looking forward to Six Sigma Black Belt course. "

Subash Mohapatra
Manager at Cigniti Technologies Limited

"No doubt it is the best learning experience for me. It was our first training with ISEL and we found it completely organized and effective. The trainer is very supportive and knowledgeable. Support by Saurabh is commendable. The entire team of ISEL is very professional and supportive. "

Shyam Sundar R
Asst. Vice President at Barclays Global Service Centre Pvt Ltd

"The program was effective in terms of the materials recommended for the study and the relevancy of the concepts. Customer support was very responsive and polite enough to answer the questions raised regarding the course. The trainer was highly experienced, had a very strong knowledge of the concepts, and very patient in answering the queries raised by the trainees. "

Dinesh Chander Vasistha
Joint Director at NIDM, Ministry of Home Affairs

"It was a very well-conducted program, for me it was entirely a new area of study since I had no corporate experience and background knowledge. I was provided with all the necessary help by the team ISEL especially Mr. Saurabh who had been forthcoming to all my requirements related to the course. Mr. Suarabh responded to all my communication at any point of time. I am really grateful and thankful to him. The course material was received well in time and I was pitched at the very basic to the advanced level at my uptake level. The trainer was very well versed with the subject and he with his vast experience of handling six sigma projects could give us insights and applicability of the usage and practice of the new learning. I am really thankful to Team ISEL and especially Mr. Saurabh again for making me sail through this rigorous course in a smooth way...."

Priyanka Lingareddy
Senior Consultant at Capgemini India Pvt. Ltd

"I have passed the examination for LSSBB. The program organized by ISEL GLOBAL was effective in terms of the materials recommended for the study and the relevancy of the concepts. Customer support was very responsive. The trainer had a very strong knowledge of the concepts and very patient in answering the queries raised by the trainees. Highly recommended institution..."

WG CDR Zuber A Y Shaikh
Commanding Officer at INDIAN AIR FORCE

"The LSSBB course and conduct were methodical and coherent. ISEL Global provided an interactive platform in providing the opportunity to learn about the crucial course content that is essential to all the existing and aspiring management leaders. The instructor had in-depth knowledge and was professional in his conduct. The customer support was praiseworthy and Mr. Suarabh's involvement is praiseworthy. The training material was good and will be handy for future requirements as well."

Lalit Kumar Kaushik
Sr. Engineer at Polymedicure Limited

"Very good opportunity for career growth and learning. Learning data and project work is very much relevant. I am glad to complete my Lean six sigma green belt certification today and eager to deploy methodology in my work profile. The mentors and trainers are very good, always ready to support and help in all aspect. Support by coordinators is best across the industry, day night always available. Happy to be a part of this program. Looking forward to the Black Belt course now. Thanks, everyone. "

Col. S.Y Kumkar
Colonel Indian Army at Government of India

"The trainers have been good and knowledgeable. They have covered the topic with good relevance. They were able to clear the queries raised by us. Overall very good and great experience to be a part of ISEL GLOBAL and clear my Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. "

Rushikesh Anant Salunke
Senior RMA Support at CEX - WeBuy Entertainment

"Support from the entire team was excellent. All have helped in clearing all the doubts in the nick of time. Glad to complete my lean six sigma green belt examination today. Like the way, online sessions are conducted and trainer availability is offered. The trainer is really decent and knowledgeable. Highly recommended course. Thanks, everyone. "

Moses Lingala
Asst. Manager at Vijaya Bank

"Successfully completed my lean six sigma green belt course today. I have thoroughly enjoyed the online sessions, implementation part, exam pattern, and valuable questions as well and I hope to see you guys keeping up the good work. "

Kalaimahal S

"The training materials for lean six sigma green belt were very useful for the preparation. The course co-ordinator was very helpful and was interactive throughout the course. Appreciate the support and time extension provided as due to busy work schedule it becomes difficult for working professionals to complete course in stipulated time. Looking forward to the black belt now. Fully satisfied. Thanks. "

Lt Col Rudraneel Das Sarma
Colonel at Government of India

"There are not many institutes in India which prepares you for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and then you can apply for a Green Belt Certification. ISEL is one such place where first you learn and then you be a Certified Green Belt. ISEL tries to clear the concepts which is must to be a certified LSSGB. I am personally satisfied after taking up this course from ISEL. The instructor-led classes are exceptionally well organised and the teaching methodology is also interesting. The customer support is really excellent and the positive attitude of Mr Saurabh is really admirable. At the end of this course i feel that i had taken the right decision by enrolling myself for this course. "

Anoop N
Sr.Engineer at Poclain Hydraulics PVT. LTD

"Thank you for your support. I have completed my Lean six Sigma exam successfully. Overall Excellent. Excellent training and coordination of training. Well experienced Trainer and good case studies. Excellent customer support for all queries and also giving advanced information about the training session and all other requirements. Very supportive. Fully satisfied. "

Jeetander Kumar
Manager-Travel/Admin at Pitney Bowes Software India

"Successfully completed my lean six sigma green belt certification exam today. The program is pretty much good and trainer having good knowledge and ability to come up with a solution for any question being asked. Online sessions are very interactive and engaging and everyone is taught with full focus and attention. Looking forward to black belt certification now. "

Sharath Kadlabal
Sr.Test Engineer at Cenduit LLC

"Very effective and knowledgeable programs are conducted by ISEL. Henceforth I opted and registered for Black Belt program. Recently I went through the Green Belt certification and completed it successfully. Looking forward with the Black Belt training. Trainers are absolute gem, who are very much supportive and has a very good knowledge on the subjects. Thanks to ISEL support team with all kind of excellent services. Looking forward in availing more services."

Taniya Bose
Training Manager at ICICI Lombard

"ISEL is excellent in delivering what they promise. It has been a wonderful experience in terms of learning online and also getting the required telephonic support. I have had a very pleasant experience while I was undergoing the Six Sigma Certification. Thank you for making it so easy and effective. Thank you."

Pratik Raju Gowda
Operations Manager at Europ Assistance India

"ISEL is the best platform that you can get for online learning. The training content is simple and easily accessible. The trainer has been of great support and vastly experienced. Support is always available and is prompt. Looking forward to black belt certification now. "

Dr.Sanjay Chavare
Head Corporate Quality Assurance at Menarini India

"I would like to thank you for last three month thorough and well organized training. The material and recorded classroom training was very much interesting and the discussions were truly inspiring and valuable. I particularly enjoyed the case studies, which made the content easily understandable and with deliverables. This will helps us in many upcoming projects and for accurate decision making in complex situations. Please thank on my behalf everyone who was involved in the preparation and execution of the training. You have all done a wonderful job. I look forward to attend future training's based on the opportunity. Thank you very much. "

Prajwal Rajesh bhardwaj
Senior Executive at Allcargo Logistics Ltd

"I have successfully completed/cleared Six Sigma Green belt examination. It was a great learning session with ISEL. It gave me an in-depth knowledge of Six Sigma work. During the tenure, of course, I have received full support from instructors and also from support staff. Coordinators are awesome and very supportive. Thank you for all support and look forward to doing more certifications with ISEL. "

Dr. Waseem Ali
Drug Safety Manager at Bioclinica Research

"The online sessions are really convenient and the training team is excellent. The project implementation support and trainer support is the best one can get in Lean six sigma course. Support by Saurabh is awesome. He is always available for all questions. Looking forward to Black Belt cerytification now. "

Laxminarayan Mishra
Manager Software Engineering at Indegene

"Today I passed my SAFe 4.6 certification examination and all thanks for ISEL and Trainer for this. I got an end to end support from learning to passing the examination. Our trainer is an excellent instructor and he was kind enough to share as many of his work experiences in the class. Highly interactive class. He was constantly giving tips on how to pass the exam and it was great of him to motivate the group"

Venkata Puthalapet
SAP Process Architect at Merck, Boston

"I took SSBB, PMP, and SAFe certification at ISEL GLOBAL. The Leading SAFE 4.6 course was well-structured, planned & executed. Trainer, support team, and material all good and informative. Keep it up, ISEL GLOBAL! Sincere thanks to all for guidance and helping in getting certified. Now looking forward to Six Sigma Black Belt course. "

Dinesh Chand
Technical Project Manager at HSBC

"My experience had really been good as far as the training material and class are concerned, they are very comprehensive and detailed and will give you a very good insight into the knowledge and information on Agile, SAFe process. Recommended. "

Sakshi Rani
Ernst and Young LLP

"The entire team of ISEL is very professional and supportive. Happy to get Leading SAFe Agilist Certified. Looking forward to other certifications now. Thanks to all"

Subash Mohapatra
Manager at Cigniti Technologies Limited

"No doubt it is the best learning experience for me. It was our first training with ISEL and we found it completely organized and effective. The trainer is very supportive and knowledgeable. Support by Saurabh is commendable. The entire team of ISEL is very professional and supportive. "

Ujwal Hedge
Sr. Consultant at TATA Consultancy Services

"The training program has been chalked out very well. The trainer Mr. BKS Prasad is absolutely superb. He is very well informed and clear in articulating every aspect of the course. He is very patient in answering questions, recapping previously covered sessions. All in all a very good learning experience."

Namrata Vivek Jagtap
Transaction Risk Investigator at AMAZON

"The overall training program is very effectively designed to cover all Process & Knowledge areas of PMI. The support of Mr. Saurabh was very friendly and conclusive. My trainer was Mr. B.K.S. Prasad, his concepts and knowledge about the contents are very sound, easy to understand critical points with pragmatic examples and the interaction to each participant was very influential. I would say it is superb training for PMP exam preparation. "

Dhananjay Singh
Technical Specialist at Wipro

"Successfully completed and passed the PMP Certification. All credit to ISEL GLOBAL for their support and guidance. Prasad sir explained all topics very well and his teaching style is commendable"

Roland Matidios Pejana
MEP Engineer at Embelle Interiors LLC

"The program is very helpful to us, specially for me as an aspiring professional who wants to elevate my career to the next level. I really appreciate the customer service because in the process from start til the end of the program they are very supportive and helpful. I also commend the trainer as he is very professional and expert of its craft"

Celestin Leonard
Vice President at Deutsche Bank

"Perfect program. Very easy to understand the content. Good examples and explanations provided throughout the course. Highly recommended. "

Pranav Sinha
Auditor at confidential

"I enrolled for GST Practitioner Certification Course. This is a useful course with beautifully delivered lectures to improve one's knowledge about the GST and taxation policy. I am thoroughly enjoying the learning and have no hesitation in recommending this course to everyone whose life is about to be impacted by GST implementation. Thanks to ISEL GLOBAL Team for all support and assistance. "

Sanjeev Sharma
Senior Accountant at M/S BAIF Institute for sustainable Livelihoods

"The course contents as offered by the ISEL Global’s GST Practitioner Certificate course is excellent. It enriched my knowledge about the subject and help me improve my Future Job Prospectus.I am very thankful to the staff who has helped me at each and every step during this course. The online videos about the course as by CA Rahul Jain are Excellent in upgrading my knowledge. Overall, the course is Excellent."

Praful Banerjee
Accounts Manager at Deloitte India

"I took the GST Practitioner online certification course. Overall felt positive about the training and material provided. Online classes very good, interactive and the way delivered was comfortable for working peoples to learn and go through. Professor, CA Jog, is very efficient, knowledgable and gives real industry examples during the training. Customer support from Mr.Shubham was excellent. The team is supportive, always available no matter what time is. Highly recommended course and institute."

Priyanka Rani
Junior Manager at Oremus Corporate Services

"The Program is quite good. It covers most of the aspects of the practical field. The study material provided is very helpful for future reference also. But I would suggest to include exemptions as per GST Council in details because one should know which supplies do not fall under GST and need not apply for GST registration. The overall experience was good and it helped in gaining knowledge that would be required in the practical field. Thanks :)"

Anupam Mathur
Cost & Inventory controller at Case New Holland PVT LTD

"Curriculum & covered topics are taught in easily understandable language, with examples. Awesome customer support from Mr. Saurabh. The trainer is very knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend it to my family and friends. Even my wife is looking forward to taking up this course from ISEL........"

Mohsin Khanji
Dy. Manager - Production at A1 Fence Products Co.

"I completed my Lean Manufacturing Certification today. So, I would like to share experience and give feedback for same as below; ISEL Global was excellent and ready for their service when needed and in course content. Thanks to Mr. Saurabh for provided me all the help required during the Lean Manufacturing Certification and I hope to get similar support for my upcoming SSGB & SSBB course. Overall it was an excellent program. fifa 23 Highly recommend this course to people who want to excel in a lean domain or working in a manufacturing environment. I would say thanks to ISEL Global and wish best of luck to keep enhancing the skills of people as its name said."

Sumit Kumar
Production Manager at My Joy Food industries LTD

"I opted for Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma Green Belt certification courses here at ISEL GLOBAL. I completed both. The course, support, and trainers for courses are best in the industry. Highly engaging, an industry-oriented training. Good experience. "

Srikanth P Chakravarthy
Consultant at Lean on US

"Good Program. The material, content, and support, everything good and up to the mark of the industry. Fully satisfied. "

Shah Parth Dharmendrabhai
Production & Procurement Engineer at Jaaz Corporation

"Nicely designed course. The support by the team for helping students in clearing the lean practitioner certification is commendable. Please provide some detailed info regarding some of the topics like TPM, 7 QC Tools as these tools required everywhere. I hope you will add material so other people will get more benefit from this course. Thanks to everyone. "

Arnab Banerjee

"Overall the course was good, Informative and will surely help one in the future with thorough knowledge about lean. The customer support is very good, trainers and coordinators available all time to solve course-related problems. I hope to do some more courses from ISEL in the future. "

Ruchies Antony
Sr. Manger Operations at Cummins Generator Technologies

"The course was simple and the data/inputs were very nicely designed to help starters understand lean in a better way. The study material was also standard and good for starters. Support is available throughout the course from enrollment to getting certified. More real industry implementation examples will make the course more attractive...... Overall the course was good and satisfactory.."

Aroli Veetil Jayaraj
Technical Superintendent at Sateri Viscose International, Indonesia

"ISEL Global is the best institute for gaining professional Six Sigma coursed online as well as offline. Truly the best institute to gain and sharpen your management skills."

Vidya Akhare
Head of Delivery at Compassites Software Solutions

"Experience with ISEL Global was amazing since I multiplied a lot of knowledge and enhanced my skills with Six Sigma Green Belt Certification."

Paras Mani

"I was looking for Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. Thanks for the exceptional training organized by ISEL Global. The certification course content was pretty educative. My trainer was very professional and quite experienced."

Moushmi Dasgupta
Capability Manager at Teradata India Pvt Ltd

"ISEL Global, one of the excellent academies in India offering Six Sigma certification. The guys are helping in building India a better and educated nation."

Ebanesar Francis
Looking for better opportunity

"At ISEL Global, the professional trainers provide the detailed teachings various courses of Six Sigma and lean six sigma. It is one of the finest online institutes to get certified with six sigma. "

Dr Sunil Wasmatkar
Manager CQA at Zydus Cadila

"Thanks for your greetings and support to attend the online session. Entertaining instructor, experience backed up his teaching, valuable input on the application of course material to specific industry needs. I really appreciate that Instructor worked for many years in the field and is now a trainer. The trainer was able to use so many of its own personal examples to teach the material, and those real-world examples make it easier to learn and understand the material. This is the best Six Sigma Certification course in India. "

Dattatrey Mahadev Gawand
Quality Manager at Polyplex Corporation Ltd

"Excellent online training of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course. A very dedicated tutor and course coordinator and easy understanding. Really I am enjoining the session, my first experience of the virtual online class, but its fantastic and very enjoyable learning. The tutor, Deepak teaches with case studies and practical examples and is ready to handle all questions. Very experienced tutor. Fully satisfied. "

Dr Chinta Srinivasa Rao
Consultant Clinical Cardiologist at Lalitha Superspeciality Hospital

"ISEL GLOBAL is a wonderful institution with quality approachable individuals more so during the time of lock-down period also. The support by the team during the course tenure is commendable. This course has given me more confidence in doing the work with a humane face without indulging in blame games as in traditional work culture."

D. Nataraj Ganesh Kumar

"Glad to complete my black belt lean six sigma certification today. The training is very good and satisfied. ISEL rainers is having good knowledge of six sigma methodology and they explain and train with suitable industry examples and case studies. The support of the ISEL team is very good. Thanks to the entire team and organizer for the wonderful workshop and support. "

Anuj Pratap Singh
Senior Manager at Patanjali Ayurved Ltd

 "Well designed course for professionals. Customer support is good. The trainer is having sound knowledge of GB methodology. Overall wonderful experience. Looking forward to Balck Belt course now. "

Kaushal Pal

"Very useful , educational and informative"

Jai Prakash
Manager at PMO


Nitin Tembhurne
Manager at Wires and Fabriks LTD

"It was really great course, conceptually was awesome to learn and understand MBB. Many Thanks to all"

Vijay Kumar
Manager at BCD Travel India

"I have Cleared my CLSSMBB Black Belt Certification.T imely positive response & the Trainers/Faculty are outstanding / very well equipped with appropriate knowledge & experience in the field of Six Sigma. Study Material covers all the topics as per the American Society of Quality. Glad to be part of ISEL. Looking forward to other certifications with ISEL Global. " The POC Mr. Saurabh was really very helpful & Supportive always""

Hamad Mohammed Bahadi
Performance & Business Intelligence Specialist at Capital Metro Company (CAMCO) Riyadh

"I would recommend ISEL and I am thankful to Saurabh, Shubham & Sir Debasish Mukherjee. This was a great way to earn my Master Black Belt Certification. I was given a lot of information directly at my fingertip. I've been looking at this course for a while. I'm so happy and I had the opportunity to complete the class and receive my MBB Certification. This is a great opportunity to earn your certification, you can move at your own pace, and you also have access to the information for future reference. "

Bijaya Singh
General Manager at Poly Medicure Ltd

"I am very happy to complete the Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt certification from ISEL Global, I thank the ISEL Global team for this supports, ISEL Global is highly recommended! In this program, all the courses related to Lean Six Sigma are very well described, which can be used in any domain. Customer support experience was the best throughout the program Mr. ‘Saurabh’ fulfilled all the requirements related to the course and they responded to all my communication at any time. The trainer has trained us with his extensive deep practical knowledge in the subject, Overall, my experience with ISEL was wonderful "

Rajan Madan
Regional Lean Leader at GE Renewables

"Excellent Program. The study material and support On a scale of 5: Rating:5. Overall a wonderful experience throughout the course duration. Highly recommended. "

Sukumar Mandal
Sr. Manager Operations at SILICON SAFEPACK (P) LTD

"I would like to thanks and appreciate Ayesha (Trainer) and ISEL Team, I found the course content of  "Lean Six Sigma" was very practical, well-structured and organized. The training style was very interactive, illustrated with live examples and learnt a lot that will be benefited my role in the workplace. Moreover, My heartiest special thanks to Mr. Saurabh and Mr. Shubam for his extended support during the entire journey so far. Really enjoyed and look forward to learning more in the future."

Abhishek Nag
Manager Automation at INDIGO AIRLINES

"A very nice program and balanced program. The trainer, online class, and support by backend team all well designed and executed. Overall satisfactory course. Thanks to all. "

Mritunjay Pandey
Subject Matter Expert at Optum Globle Solution (UHG)

"Simply 10/10. Awesome course........"

Sandeep Kumar Kashyap
Purchase Manager at Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India

"First Enrolment process is easy, customer support is excellent before and during the sessions, the trainer voice, presentation is excellent and easy to understand with practical examples..the trainers are chosen wisely who are really experienced and creating value to candidates..Many thanks to Trainer Debasish sir for his practical training. "

Poonam Dhunna
Assistant Quality Manager at Accenture

"Today I completed and passed my green belt certification on lean six sigma methodology. I would like to Thank & Congratulate the whole team of ISEL for the wonderful work they are doing. Each member associated with me from the very first day til the completion of the course, training content, trainer, facilitators - all were super fine!"

Sandeep Kumar Kashyap
Purchase Manager at Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India

"First Enrolment process is easy, customer support is excellent before and during the sessions, the trainer voice, presentation is excellent and easy to understand with practical examples..the trainers are chosen wisely who are really experienced and creating value to candidates..Many thanks to Trainer Debasish sir for his practical training. "

Poonam Dhunna
Assistant Quality Manager at Accenture

"Today I completed and passed my green belt certification on lean six sigma methodology. I would like to Thank & Congratulate the whole team of ISEL for the wonderful work they are doing. Each member associated with me from the very first day til the completion of the course, training content, trainer, facilitators - all were super fine!"

Pritha Banerjee
Consultant at Capgemini

"I have completed the GB certification today. The entire team of ISEL is very professional and supportive. Live and recorded sessions are really interesting and based on practical knowledge. Trainer is well knowledgeable and experienced. It is a well-organized program. Looking forward to the Six Sigma Black Belt course. "

Pradeep Modgekar
Project Manager at Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Sol.

"Recently completed instructor-led LSSGB program. Customer support was very prompt, special thanks to Saurabh for his all-time support. And the trainer (Mr. Debashish) was excellent, very supportive, and knowledgeable. Study material can be improved and typos corrected. Overall a good program. Highly recommended...."

David Gonzalez Sanz
Evaluation Staff Officer at EUROCORPS

"It was a detailed and very comprehensive course. The curriculum and content is best in class. The case studies and training tool templates are good to follow for practice and project work. The trainers and online sessions are interactive, engaging, and enjoyable. Best online course attended. Thanks to ISEL GLOBAL "

Regina Elizabeth. A
BPO Supervisor at NTT Data

"I passed the CLSSBB examination today. The training was amazing. Trainer, Mr. Mukherjee cleared all our doubts. Wonderful training institution. All associated members of ISEL are awesome and very professional. 1 Suggestion - BB training Q&A shared minimally. It would be good it can be included more for the upcoming batches. Highly recommended institution and black belt course here. Thanks"

Deepa Makrand Manjrekar
Regional Quality Manager at Kotak Mahindra Bank

"Well, delivered program. Support by team is a good and very cooperative staff. The program is flexible and gives you ample time and flexibility to cover and completed the certification. "

Darpan Jayant Ruparel
Team Lead- Operations at Wipro Digital Platforms

"I have cleared the examination for the Lean six sigma Black Belt. Timely responses from the team. Trainers are very well equipped with the relevant knowledge & experience in the field & they use the right approach and examples for the students to comprehend each & every content of the course. The program includes all the necessary stuff required in the industry and is very well organized. "

Sunny Solmen Edelli
Mechanical Design Engineer at Alten Technology USA

"The program was very well structured with theoretical classes, an explanation of various practical example problems, as well as Live Minitab exercises. Customer support experience was the best throughout the program, Mr. Saurabh was very quick to react for any support required and highly accommodating. Last but not least our trainer, Mr Debashish Mukerjee has trained us with his extensive deep practical knowledge in the subject and been very helpful throughout the Program with any questions. Overall, my experience with ISEL was Splendid. "

Vincent Cartron
Regional Sales Manager at Voestalpine Metals France

"Thank you to the trainer for all his knowledge sharing, mentoring, and support. It was the impressive broad insight of the Lean 6-sigma curriculum with detailed emphasis on implementation. The support by the customer team is wonderful, readily available. Overall a great experience and worth enrolling in. Highly recopmmended. "

Jijo Joseph
Drug Safety Manager at Bioclinica Research

"The online sessions are really convenient and the training team is excellent. The project implementation support and trainer support is the best one can get in Lean six sigma course. Support by Saurabh is awesome. He is always available for all questions. Looking forward to Black Belt cerytification now. "

Firdosh Ahmad Ansari
AVP Retail Operations at HDFC ERGO General Insurance

"Thank you ISEL team for a brilliant course and outstanding support, I thought all of the session were equally useful, very engaging trainer and covered a range of topics which appealed to everyone. I think everyone is going to take away some good action plans, content reading material and the test is very comprehensive and gave us enough support to comprehend Six Sigma Methodology. spinzogamer The text and diagrams explain all aspects of Six Sigma very clearly leaving no room for doubts. I got a thorough overview of the concepts which I'm rather sure of retaining (for lifetime!) and could relate to the real-projects well. I wish ISEL Global many more such achievements in the future. Everything exceeded my expectations."

Christopher San Jose
Deputy Manager at Bajaj Allianz General Insurance

"I am so happy as it was a great experience for me to learn and get certified in green belt certification of six sigma. Many thanks to ISEL team for their support. Looking forwrd to black belt certification now. "

David Angelo Mencias
Manufacturing Engineer at AL-KHORAYEF PETROLEUM

 "Mr. Rohit is a very capable trainor. He ensured that everyone is catching up with the topics and he answers all relevant questions. His teaching and mentoring abilites are highly commendable. I have received so much support from the support team and he makes sure that all my concerns were resolved. I am thankful that he even arranged for a further discount so I could avail of the CLSSGB course. He is a gentleman and a sincere fellow. Many thanks to both Messrs. Rohit and Vaibhav. "

Engr. Joe Nino E. Orapa
Deputy Head of Quality at Airbus Defense & Space KSA

"Glad to complete and get certified in Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. Thanks a lot, ISEL. Highly recommended! Will surely come back to win the Black Belt. God bless the entire ISEL Team. "


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