As we all know that change is the only constant, this saying is being increasingly followed in the corporate world. Companies are looking for professionals with the latest skill sets. Employees who hold the latest skills and have command over the latest technology are highly asked of. This is the reason why employees also look for opportunities to upgrade themselves. One of the best ways to gain the latest knowledge is either by going for higher education or getting a certification in a particular tool or technology. One of the most demanded skills in the industry is Six Sigma. To attain that, one can go for six sigma certification, which is offered by ISEL Global Education.

Six sigma certification Online India

In the fast-moving world, even companies need to upgrade themselves to retain the customer. To meet the customer’s demands, companies continuously look for ways to cater to them better. This can be done by improving the business process and making them at par with time. Six Sigma black belt revolves around the same methods and techniques. It helps in improving business processes by removing any kinds of errors and deviations. Ideally, a process should be centrally aligned and not left or right-skewed. Any deviation in it can hamper the business process. It involves not only cost components but also time. Nowadays, customers want the best service, and that too at an affordable price. To make all this possible, one has to improve the business process from time to time. There should not be any errors in it. Six Sigma works by making the business process 99% precise. The value of six sigma means the chances of error occurrence are reduced to 3.4 per million opportunities, which makes it 99% accurate. Companies working at this precision are bound to attract customers and surpass their competitors. They are always one step ahead and go a long way.

Black Belt Certification

There are various levels of six sigma certification. The three main ones are:

  • Six Sigma Green belt
  • Six Sigma Black belt
  • Six Sigma Master Black belt

If one has to build a career in this field, he/she should not stop at the green belt since it is the basic level where the nuances of process correction are taught. In the Six Sigma Black Belt, all the concepts are taught by going in-depth both from a practical as well as theoretical point of view. The two main techniques involved are:

  • DMADV: This stands for define, measure, analyze, design, validate. This technique is used for the new business processes that are included in the company.
  • DMAIC: This technique is for the processes that are already existing but are either obsolete or need some kind of improvement. It stands for define, measure, analyze, improve, and control.

The tools used in the six sigma black belt certification are as follows:

  • 5 Whys: This tool is used when one has to go in-depth about the problem. “Why?” is the thumb rule here. This tool works great during quantitative analysis and also in solving rudimentary issues.
  • Fishbone Diagram: This is also used to know the root cause of the problem by segregating the problem into homogenous groups and subgroups. This technique is also known as a cause-and-effect diagram, and it is widely used across various industries.
  • Project Charter: This tool revolves around a very famous rule that says 80% of the problem occurs due to 20% of causes. In cases when we need better visualization, then this tool is used. It gives a snapshot of the common errors. The priority of the error is also decided as per the urgency and relevancy.
  • Failure Mode and Effective Analysis: This tool mainly involves brainstorming the possible causes of the problem. After identifying the cause, a solution is figured out.

If one masters all the tools mentioned above, he/she can work in the managerial department of the company. After attaining the certification, the salary of an employee also grows with leaps and bounds. The value of an employee grows too. One gets to work on major big projects of the company. The scope and demand for this skill is huge. Once you master it, there is no turning back.

Six Sigma Certification in Mumbai

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