Spent the 2 days on the Certified Scrum Master course and become Certified Scrum Master.

Below are few points to make your new assignment of Scrum Master easier to manage.

  • You and the Product Owner are joined at the hip – Here one can look at this relationship as being a new twist on the prisoner’s dilemma, albeit with a new twist. Defection is painful for everyone, so you need to find ways to cooperate.
  • Look for the source of motivation for your team – A cross-functional team might be defined as a team of equals, but the Scrum Master is responsible for enabling the team to get the work done. Sometimes, this requires holding out a carrot (you get a goodie) or the stick (your work quality is unacceptable). Use both these tools wise
  • From beginning to end – Trace ability is a technique worth treasuring. Going from top to bottom…and then reverse. Does it still make sense? Don’t be surprised if you found some gaps. After all, we’re only human.
  •  Make it fun – Let’s be honest. It’s extremely difficult to motivate people if work is a drudge, so make it lively.
  • Join a support group– Sometimes, it’s lonely being a Scrum Master. Nobody understands your situation, and you have no one to turn to. It’s good to know that there are others out there who understand your plight, so reach out to your fellow Scrum Masters and feel good about consoling yourselves.
  • Live in reality – Remember, both you and your team can only do what you can do. That’s what Agile is all about, but such an attitude is difficult for an overachiever.

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