PMP Exam Eligibility: You have a great future ahead if you set your goals on PMP certification. However, it is not as simple to get PMP certification as passing a test. In order to show that you have what it takes to become a PMP, you also need real-world experience in project management.

But you must meet certain criteria to comply with the standards set by the PMI before beginning your PMP journey to be certified for PMP. The experience requirement demonstrates your soft skills for the PMP exam and the requirements for education show that you have sufficient theoretical experience to run a project. Depending on the educational criteria that you fulfill, the skill requirements for PMP change.

What is a PMP Exam?

The PMP certification test is conducted by the Project Management Institute ( PMI). When your application is approved for PMP certification and you pay the cost of the PMP exam, an email will be sent to you with PMI instructions and code of eligibility for PMP certification to schedule an exam at a test center. Make sure you schedule and take a PMP certification exam within 1 year to prevent you from re-applying and restarting the process.

The PMP exam consists of 200 questions with several choices, and it takes four hours to finish the test. The PMP analysis currently includes five fields for project management:

  • Initiating – 13%
  • Planning – 24%
  • Executing – 31%
  • Monitoring and controlling – 25%
  • Closing – 7%

This, however, is changing. The PMP exam will be revised in July 2020 with an focus on three areas:

  • People (42%)
  • Process (50%)
  • Business environment (8%)

Don’t worry if you’re not passing the first time! Up to three times in a year you can take the PMP certification exam.

For the next three years your PMP certificate is valid. In order to maintain your certification with PMP you will need to receive 60 PDUs of project management education.

Here is a short rundown of the PMP certification requirements — plus the costs that you might expect to pay — so you’re ready to apply for the certification. A short look at the PMP exam is also available to us.

Eligibility Criteria for PMP Exam

A salary survey report released by the PMI shows that certified PMP project managers deserve to pay more than their uncertified partners. A certain level with knowledge in the area of project management is assured by a PMP certification. So even though PMI has an extremely stringent application as well as audit procedure for relevant education and experience requirements that the one needs to be PMP certified, companies and organizations give a high degree of credit to PMP certification over other industry certificates.

You need to fulfill certain educational and professional experience requirements in order to be eligible for the PMP credential. In the last eight consecutive years before submitting an application all project management experience must have been gained. All five process classes need to be encountered in all your projects. This does not mean, however, that you should have had experience as a project manager. A large number of professionals with experience in leading and managing projects are qualified not necessarily for a management role, but also for a functional function. For example, the PMP exam is also used and carried out by people from marketing, programming, event management, etc.

PMP Exam Structure

There are 200 multi-choice questions in the PMP exam. Of the 200 questions, 25 are pre-test questions. You will find plenty of information about what and why they are being done, but this is not necessary from the point of passing the test. It is enough for you to be prepared to know that you have 4 hours to answer 200 of the questions.

Time Required for PMP Preparation

Also as a busy professional, you can save your highly valued leisure time by spending time on project management training. However, by choosing a self-run online PMP certification training cost, you can save your time.

For example, in order to pass your PMP test, you should plan to spend between 5 and 6 hours per week. Your training duration will be going to go down on your dedication, relevant expertise, and project management background.

PMP Examination Fee

You need to take your PMP test in a Prometric Test Center once you have completed your 35 hours of project management training. After PMI accepts your application, you need to schedule your examination date at the nearest test center. By becoming a PMI member, the PMP ® certification examination fee may be lowered.

A free copy of PMBOK can also be obtained by becoming a PMI member. Besides that, you can benefit from a number of other advantages from your PMI membership.

In short, it is up to you to determine the course of a PMP certificate. If you choose to receive your project management education through an online course, you will be charged nearly $750 for your total certification costs. The PMP ® certification training class can also be continued through spending around $1700 including the examination fee.

Now that it has been determined who can take the PMP test and the cost. Let’s look at the PMP examination itself more closely, so you know what to expect.

Acceptable Experience for becoming eligible for the PMP Exam

All five of the processes mentioned in the PMBOK Guide should be covered by the application’s experiences. But note that all these processes do not have to be part of a single project. In PMI’s PMP Exam Content Outline you can see a full list of acceptable tasks, knowledge, and skills.

Some of the activities you might do and which would be appropriate are:

  • To fulfill customer project expectations, you should define the high-level project scope based on the business needs and compliance requirements.
  • Obtain project approval through the presentation to key stakeholders of the project plan (if necessary).
  • To achieve the project achievable by performing tasks as defined in the project plan in the schedule and the budget.
  • Receive feedback from stakeholders by informing them that the project status is aligned with the needs of the company.
  • Work with the client and the sponsor to ensure final acceptance of the project to be delivered to confirm that the results and scope of the project have been achieved.

Final Thoughts

This blog will certainly help you to understand the requirements and ways to pass the PMP Certification examination. This information helps you prepare for the start of your PMP certification journey through the qualification and work experience that is required. In addition, when you plan to start your PMP ® certification journey, the PMP certification costs are a truly essential piece of information.

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