Top 10 Reasons to Get a PMP Certification

While you study business in college, there are plenty of possibilities for your potential career. What will you do by your degree? Have you calculated the numerous benefits of project management as a career?

Project management involves putting goals and creating plans to attain them. Working as a project manager requires preparation, organizing, supervising, and conducting excellence control. If you’re bearing in mind a career as a project manager, read the following 10 benefits of project management that you will appreciate.

1. You can work in various Industries

Project managers are wanted in a broad variety of industries. Some of the mainly common industries that require project managers include:

Manufacturing , Pharmaceuticals, Real estate development, Software development, Telecommunications, Architecture, Construction, Engineering, Finance, Healthcare, Insurance

A lot of the skills necessary to work in one industry as a project manager are to easily transfer to other industries. Consequently, you can toggle between industries as you want. If you begin working in one industry and make a decision that it’s not for you, you can make use of your skills to discover employment in an industry that improved suits your individual preferences.

2. A definite Job Security

Whilst starting in this field, you may require making a beginning as an assistant. Take time to increase experience and entire the PMP certification. As you turn out to be a matured project manager, further doors will be opened for you. In fact, the PMI website estimates that present will be over 700,000 openings by 2020.

Project managers are in elevated demand when the financial system is flourishing. In fact, project management as a career is on the mount. This is especially true in the biotech and skill industries. If you’re finding for positions in these fields, you’ll find that present are lots of companies in need of project managers to help with their projects, such as initiation a new product or increasing a new technology.

3. Good increment in Salary

Project managers are desirable approximately the globe. As such, the global median salary is $90,260. Individuals who attain their PMP certification be inclined to take delivery of at least $10,000 more than project managers who did not acquire certified.

So how do project managers’ salaries contrast in the United States? The median salary in the United States is in excess of $69,000. The uppermost paid business is typically IT who makes about $108,000 per year.

Don’t anticipate making six figures right from the beginning. Yet, with continous hard work and certification, you can be given a great salary as a project manager.

4. Enjoy with range of activities

Some people have a preference to go to work and perform the same task every day. Others take pleasure in a job that provides lots of diversity and challenges every day. If you find yourself fit into the latter category, then project management is a immense option for you.

Project managers get to job on lots of dissimilar projects. Each one provides dissimilar challenges that thrust you to change and regulate your way of thinking. You require to focus on preparation, budgeting, overseeing employees, lining up resources, and more. The job will keep you on your toes and stop you from getting bored by doing the same thing day in and day out.

5. A great start with collaborating with others

Do you enjoy operational with others? As a project manager, you might work with a side of individuals from your place of work one day. Then, your next project may need you to collaborate with people approximately the world for a global project.

Project managers are the best of the team. So, you require being clever to interact with others and be taught from them as you will collaborate on projects. You might learn a lot from the other people you contain the opportunity to labor with on the project.

6. Take Responsibility seriously

Whilst completing a project, there are plenty of stakeholders engage that you require thinking about. You require being clever to see the project from beginning to end while meeting the requirements of everyone concerned. As the leader of the team, all of the liability to complete the project hails on you.

If you want power and responsibility, being a project manager can help you get there. Are you wondering when you’ll be agreed additional responsibility at work? Then, become a project manager and create enjoying the reimbursement of project management with all of the supplementary responsibility.

7. Employ Your Leadership Skills

What does it indicate to be a leader to you? Some of the top leadership skills are message, incentive, delegation, and positivity. Do you have these skills? Would you believe yourself to be a leader?

As a project manager, you require to bring your team members jointly. You need to form out what their strengths are and how they can be accumulating to complete the project. It’s also significant to think about how you can transport all of the members of your team together. Can you inspire and give confidence to them?

If you have what it wants to be a head and take pleasure in leading others, then project management will be amazing that you really enjoy.

8. Continuous learning with growth

Part of enjoying diverse activities on the job involves educating new things. To keep on top of your field, you require learning concerning the new technologies in the industry. As a PMI member, you increase access to professional development opportunities. You can learn concerning new software and programs that can aid you efficiently to attain your goals.

In the process, you be able to also gain novel skills that can assist you on the job. Some of the imperative skills to have as a project manager comprise team management, negotiation, organization, risk management, and communication.

Think concerning the skills that you have and which ones you should develop to turn out to be a great project manager. Then, ask yourself, “How will developing these skills help me?” You’ll discover that learning and growing on the job can create you a more effectual project manager and assist you in other aspects of your existence, too.

9. Solving Problems Quickly

Would you elucidate yourself as a problem solver? Do you take enjoyment in appealing a problem and result in imaginative solutions? As a project manager, you will be owed with solving complex problems every day. You wish for to figure out how to place the pieces as one and attain your goals.

10. Get Renowned for Results

From time to time it feels good to obtain that pat on the back for a really well done job well. It feels high-quality to get familiar for all of your hard work. As a project manager, you’re available to have days when you don’t be given any recognition for your hard work. However, at what time you complete a project and observe the consequences of your hard work, you’ll feel first-class about the whole thing that you’ve expertise in.

And the majority of employers will do amazing to be familiar with project managers for achieving their goals. Why? Because employers advantage as project managers figure out how to add to competence, reduce costs, boost quality, or to get better the customers’ experience. What on earth it may be, companies want to observe positive results. Therefore, if you’re a results-driven individual who reimburse from a good pat on the back each once in a while, this may be just the thing that you require to stimulate you at work day in and day out.

There are lots of other benefits of project management as well. If you believe about captivating the jump into the thrilling world of a project manager, think taking the exam to become a certified PMP. Then, you can garner all of the benefits of project management and find greater joy in your employment. Learn more about project management and what it takes to become expert, so you can begin enjoying the payback as soon as possible.

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