You need to know all about Six Sigma Certification Guide: Overview and Career Paths

Six Sigma certification is a quality control approach designed to reduce or eradicate product and business service defects or errors. The methods and techniques used in Six Sigma were originally designed to enhance the production processes and are today known as industry-agnostics, which means that they were used effectively in aerospace, electronics, pharmaceuticals, retail and more 

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Difference Between Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Two terms sometimes interchangeably used are quality assurance and quality control (QC). While similar, the distinctions between the two definitions are distinct. This page will clarify and present concepts and concrete illustrations of the distinctions between quality control and quality management.

Philosophical and Statistical difference between Green Belt and Black Belt Professionals

Effective businesses rely on the quality of their goods and services and aim to meet the highest standards. The Six Sigma methodology has done help many businesses to help contribute against their competing companies by enforcing company-wide process improvements to maximize their potential. Those who don’t know Six Sigma jargon may have heard of Green 

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