Difference Between Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Two terms sometimes interchangeably used are quality assurance and quality control (QC). While similar, the distinctions between the two definitions are distinct. This page will clarify and present concepts and concrete illustrations of the distinctions between quality control and quality management.

Difference Between Quality Control and Quality Assurance

QA and QC are two different, yet relevant term. Where QA stands for Quality Assurance and QC stands for Quality Control. It is effortless to predict the difference between both the activities form their names. But before we go in depth of both the terms and compare their differentiation, let’s understand what’s quality. The Quality process is nothing but, matching the expectations, requirements, and needs of your 

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Steps for Implementing a Quality Management System

The quality management system is a significant breakthrough for customer retention in an organization. Many companies believe that it is the only way for business development and company growth. Quality management is not just a term or a simple procedure to follow to maintain the quality of a company’s deliverables, but it is a set 

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