Master Black Belt – Roles and Responsibilities

Master black belt is a rank assigned to an experienced and effective Lean Six Sigma expert. Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt is generally responsible for a portfolio of improvement projects, leading enterprise-wide Lean Six Sigma implementations, and training/mentoring others in Lean Six Sigma. This is the highest level of technical and organizational proficiency.  Lean six sigma master black belt provide technical leadership for the Six Sigma program. They must be aware of all functions and aspects of black belts, as well properly know the statistical theory on which six sigma is based. MBB experts guide and assist black belts in deploying six sigma tools and methods correctly for achieving desired project results.

Roles and Responsibilities of Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt:

  • The overall goal is to maximize output while minimizing cost. MBB works with top executives of companies and stakeholders to determine lean and six sigma projects. They create a path for six sigma teams.
  • Once the project is under progress, the Master Black Belt serves as a guide for black belts and other team members to finish six sigma projects in its deadline.
  • Challenge stakeholders to maximize opportunities from process improvement initiatives.
  • Champion change management across all levels of the organization and prioritize areas of improvement.
  • Lead initiatives in a cross-functional and diverse environment. Facilitate groups through process mapping, root cause analysis, brainstorming, business impact assessments, gap analysis and project planning.
  • Partner with technology experts (internal and external as needed) to align processes and systems. Create, refine, and maintain Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).
  • Develop, monitor, and report business process improvement against accepted standards.
  • Acknowledge and reward team and team member accomplishments, as well as exceptional performance.


Master Black Belt Certification Application: 

To be certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification, as an MBB you (referred to as the candidate) must submit this “application & portfolio” detailing your professional accomplishments over the past five years. ISEL uses a certification board of Master Black Belts from across the United States who review each application, discuss and reach consensus to either “approve for certification’ or “do not certify at this time’. The entire process from submission through decision can take up to 45 days.

The identity of the certification board members is not made public to prevent the appearance of impropriety.
In addition to the above definition, ISEL requires other activities detailed in this application. Our certification is different from other certifications by requiring candidates to demonstrate an understanding of emotional intelligence and ability to relate to the workforce for sustainable improvements.
Being able to bring people together for lasting improvements is an MBB skill expected from employers and clients – thus ensuring a relevant certification. When certified as a Master Black Belt you are authorized to add the distinctive “LSSMBB” signature block enhancer and potentially serve as a certification board member for other MBB candidates.

To Summarise:

Lean six sigma master black belt are experts responsible for the strategic deployment of Lean Six Sigma within an organization. They promote and support improvement activities in all business areas of their organization as well as at suppliers and customers. Master Black belts as in-house coaches on Six Sigma projects and deployment. They dedicate they full time and effort on six sigma implementation. They devote 100% of their time deploying and managing six sigma across various functions and departments.


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