Six Sigma’s Magic and Mental Health

Six Sigma and Mental Health: According to the studies, a noticeable chunk is costing the Indian economy every year for mental illness. Stress and behavioral problems being the main issues are affecting the workplace culture and are leading to loss of productivity at the end. If we go for the statistics, then we can find that:

  • More than 60 % of the employees find their jobs to be stressful
  • More than 30 % of the workforce encounter panic attacks at the work-lace
  • More than 50 % of the employees believed that their mental health affects their productivity

six sigma and mental health

Now if we induce Six Sigma to tackle all these issues, we can make the workplaces to be with high morale. We already have come across a long way with Six Sigma methodologies. We know how the tools are used to define and eliminate wastes form a process and increase productivity.

How Six Sigma’s Magic and Mental Health can co-relate?

There is no doubt that the implementation of Six Sigma can help your personal life to be better. The mental health is an integral part of your own as well as professional experience. But if you think that the scope of implementation of Six Sigma can be difficult for your mental health, then you must know how it can help you.

  • Makes life more organized: A scattered and unorganized life is more irritating than a busy one. While you can implement the methodologies of Six Sigma to handle an active life while doing the perfect time management, you can also make your life to be more organized at the same time. Six Sigma can help you to understand the flaws or say the wastes, which are making your life difficult and leading to reduced mental stability.


  • Emphasizes teamwork: If we follow the methodologies and concepts behind Six Sigma, it is always about continuous improvement and collaboration. Six Sigma considers teamwork to be a significant key to success. Everyone working for a project is counted to be equal and expected to contribute equally towards the organization. The Six Sigma training even promotes the benefits of teamwork. When all the members of a team learn to become co-dependent and sharing ideas and thoughts, it leads to a better workplace environment and better individual mental health.


  • Improves Day to day process: The concept of Six Sigma is a daily improvement. Daily improvement in the work process and daily personal improvement increases the feeling of confidence in every individual which leads to better mental health. It is not only that you can increase your productivity at work, but the use of Six Sigma in mental health can help you to improve your thinkability and help you to think more creatively.


  • Develops Action Plan: Thinking about the problem only is a new problem by itself. Shifting the focus to the solution is more motivating and productive. While most of the employees and individuals are tend to look at the issues in the first place, the goal of Six Sigma is to convert the focus upon the possible solutions. While thinking of the problems can increase stress and irritation, thinking of the solution is healing and inspiring. Six Sigma helps a person to analyze and believe in a better way and also teaches to control the positivity for longer.


  • Helps in Prioritizing: Six Sigma is a set of various tools and measures and analyses are the parts of it. Six Sigma improves the individuals to measure the importance of every problem and solution and helps individuals to do things according to their priority. It is not always necessary to look for settlement for every issue at once. Six Sigma increases the ability to analyze the depth of every situation before taking appropriate steps.

TAKEAWAY: Six Sigma certification course helps a business culture to grow in a better way. It fills the gap of mental health stability due to stress at the workplace. Creating a stress-free workplace is a better choice and Six Sigma can indeed help in achieving that.

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