Secrets of success with six sigma & lean six sigma certification

As we continuously revive the power of Six Sigma and Lean in approximately every industry, from service industries to software development; mass customization to mass production; and multi-national companies to small and medium enterprises all.

The secrets that Six Sigma and Lean hold are extensive and across-the-board and can be achieved through Lean Six Sigma Course. They blow companies in three broad areas, highlighted below, which attach the customer values with a company’s policy and link them with process-based flows and with skilled and motivated employees. ISEL GLOBAL is the leading and one of the most preferred training institutes across India for Live Virtual Training Programs with its Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt programs.

  1. Improved Products, Pleased CustomersFocus on Customer Worth

Lean six sigma highlight the significance of thoughtfulness of the customer and what the customer sees as value. Scheming a product or service which meets or exceeds the customer prospect requires the first step of explaining what customer expects: what are the features which differentiate your product, and what will please the customer. A focus on customer value creates improved products, better market share, and faithful customers. Understanding these opportunities gives us a starting point to reduce waste, in other words, anything that does not add to the customer value.

Attain Company Planned Goals- Developed Mindset
A process is a succession of steps with obvious defined inputs, which consume capital and time, and produce a defined output. A process view can be in use at every stage of a company, to any stage of detail. Defined process flows let a clear measurement of the process presentation, and, with this information, the management can prioritize pains to achieve their planned goals and to focus and track domestic efforts towards these goals. The process mindset challenges process cycle times and can be comprehensive into the supplier base to reach up the supply chain to achieve advanced performance.

Increase Productivity and Quality One of the key to the accomplishment of Lean is the participation of employees, the considerate that the process flow cannot be understood from a far-away office but must be walked, examined with the participation of those who carry out the process daily and whose thoughts for step up can have a significant bang. Bringing this level of lively involvement and blame to everyone in the company and having clear presentation measures, results in company-wide inspiration and increased productivity, where all members of the team are operational towards a common goal and have a chance to be taught and expand.

Effecting the transformation to adopt Six Sigma and Lean requires vigorous pledge from top management, expert leadership from trained Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, and project initiation and execution from trained teams.

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