Is PMP Certification Cost Worth It

PMP Certification Cost: Project Management Profession is one of the most highly recognized certifications in the market. Unlike the other certifications, one cannot pass PMP by either memorizing or reading the books. One must have a clear preparation plan for clearing the Project Management Professional exam. Hence, the PMP examination has more value in the market.  

Nowadays, many professionals answer the Project Management Professional certification exam to become successful in their project management career. This examination isn’t for any specific education requirement. This would indeed be a great advantage for the professionals to become successful in their careers.

Companies with much more than one-third of the PMP certified managers have much better project success than companies that do not. What’s more, huh? PMP is 5th high paying certification as per the research done in 2016. Are you worried whether the PMP certification cost worth it? Let us see whether the PMP certification costs that worthy.

The PMP Certification Cost – Is it that worth?

The PMP Certification Cost – Is it that worth?

As we have known everything about PMP, let us go back to our original question. Is PMP certification cost worth it? There are both costs and benefits to obtaining PMP certification. However, many hiring experts and certified professionals agree that the benefits outweigh the risks.

  1. PMP Certification makes your resume more valuable

There are several professional certifications that you can pursue throughout your career. But, between many of these, PMP certification is the most valuable program of certification. Interviewers trying to look to fill the position with the project manager know this. Therefore, those who tend to give priority to PMP certification profiles over those that do not have this certification.

Job opportunities in project management are competitive. Hence, in most of the instances, a few people are applying for these jobs. It’s indeed time and asset for the company to interview and evaluate the potential of all applicants. As being such, they like to filter out too many people as possible in advance of the interview process in project management.

Here’s where the registration of the PMP proves to be advantageous because it is among the most reliable ways wherein the candidates can be chosen. Besides that, numerous companies have made it mandatory to hold the PMP certification. This means that users can not even apply for certain positions without such qualifications.

PMP certification could also be immensely important if you intend to advance in your current company. It tends to put you ahead of your colleagues to move up your career ladder. Also, the certified manager does a lot better inside a long and grueling project management discussion than just with the non-certified person.

  • Provides you recognition in the industry

Numerous certificate programs focus solely on the specific domain or geography. But on the other hand, PMP is worldwide and works with all the industries and the locations. Therefore, irrespective of your technical experience and profession, you will win by incorporating certification to the resume.

Do you know the market value of the PMP certification? Statistics indicate that, as the number of certified project managers tends to increase within a company, the rate of success of the projects also increases. In addition, the company says that the certified managers are able to finish the project time and also within budget.

If you’re just looking to start your professional career in PMP then PMP certification could very well make up for a lack of experience. Assume that you have lots of experience and have a strong track record of your work. Then Project Management Professional certification could perhaps keep taking you towards the next level within your company.

  • Helps you in learning essential skills

There are a lot of project managers everywhere in the job market. How would you stand out from competitors in this scenario? How many better ways are there to do this rather than becoming PMP certified? This makes your curriculum vitae quite attractive to the companies. More importantly, the Project Management Professional certification educates you on the essential skills you need to prosper in one’s career.

Project Management Professional certification has high standards. As such, it’s not easy to complete this examination without any extensive preparation. In addition, it also requires you to master the practical application of the material. Achieving a PMP certificate could very well involve learning a number of soft skills and hard skills. It also focuses on building knowledge of the fundamental tools and the techniques along with the methodologies for the project management processes.

It also exposes you to best practices and current trends in project management. You can also learn new tricks and techniques in the management of projects. Would you like to continue expanding throughout your career? You likely won’t do it without getting better at what you’re doing right now. Experience can teach you how and when to improve the way you work on the project. But certification will do the same thing in less time.

  • You can earn more

The biggest benefit of PMP certification is the higher salary that project managers can receive. The industry has considerably higher average salaries for certified project managers. A recent PMI survey reveals that the average salary for a project manager with qualification is $1.08,000. On the contrary, a non-certified project manager’s median income is just $91,000.

Some other survey indicates that certified project managers earn almost twenty percent more than uncertified ones. This trend is seen throughout the world, including in mid-east countries like Saudi Arabia as well as the United Arab Emirates.

What’s more, huh? PMP has historically been the highest-paid IT qualification. A trend as well shows that in the near future only PMP salaries would then grow. Apart from higher earnings, PMP certification enhances job security. Several other people promote the core competencies learned by certification throughout the downtime. As a result, PMP credential tends to help you battle possibilities settle off stronger than just not possessing one.

  • It Provides you with lots of opportunities

PMI currently holds about 773,840 active PMP certification holders worldwide. When you sign up as a member of the PMI, you become part of the club. PMI organizes frequent meetings for members in major cities around the world. These meetings are also organized to help members earn Professional Development Units (PDUs). These units are needed to comply with Continuous Credential Requirements, also referred to as CCRs. These are essential if the certification is to be maintained for three years.

There are many benefits to such networking sessions. During these meetings, one can learn about any new job opportunities shared by people who value this certification.

 PMI meetings give special time for advertising these jobs. But there are other online and offline communities via which PMPs interact. These communities are helping to build professional networks. In addition, this PMM certification allows the individual to mentor other PMP applicants.

Final Thoughts

Several other people may feel that the PMP certification cost is quite high, time-consuming, and also difficult. However, many recruiting experts classify the PMP certification as just an important certification which really provides strength to your resume. It also lets you develop the essential skills needed to excel throughout your career.

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