How to get Lean Six Sigma Certification

Lean Six Sigma Certification

There are numerous ways to get Lean Six Sigma certification in spite of where you live. You ought to primarily ask yourself to what extent the time and money you desire to invest in attaining certification?

Once you have determined this, you can decide a curriculum that is exact for you. A traditional university will naturally charge thousands or Lakhs of Rupees for a course that takes a lot of weeks to complete. While this alternative is all right, but the way in which we learn is changing.

In the learning process, not anything can really substitute the interactive experience with a live instructor. Instructor-led training (ILT), either delivered in a classroom or virtually, makes providers be able to impart customized and hands-on learning unswervingly to its learners.

Becoming a licensed CLSSGB, Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Lean Six Sigma Certification (CLSSGB) provides a strong framework for creating efficiencies throughout a corporation, combining the defect and error prevention strategy focus of Six Sigma with the stress on waste reduction and process streamlining offered by Lean methodology. The 2 powerful methodology, when combined together, gives a business excellence roadmap.

This waste-reducing hierarchy typically culminates with the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, which is geared to busy professionals curious about managing Green Belt-level projects and overseeing Green Belt-level projects within their organizations.

Green Belt holders learn to drive effective change within the workplace. The green belt course curriculum allows participants to work in an improvement project, providing them with leadership experience which will help them take further efficiency and innovation initiatives within their business processes and guide and mentor other green belt holders under them.

With a complicated understanding of the methodologies, tools, and techniques employers value most, certified Green Belt professionals can better perform within their current roles and enjoy a credential that will help them advance even further.

There are numerous Key benefits which include the following majorly:

  • Personalized Learning – knowledgeable instructors in a little group can adopt approaches and reply to exact questions on a 1:1 basis with learners.
  • Instantaneous Feedback – If a convinced module is puzzling, whether it’s too slow or can be too fast, the instructor can right away regulate the teaching map to provide somewhere to keep on with the real-time feedback.
  • Hands-on Experience – With instructor-led training, it’s very effortless to blend in labs and hands-on exercises. A number of topics may require hands-on learning and practical project support.
  • Low Fixed Costs – Because these expenses are for the most part based on instructors and facilities, it’s easy to control costs without investing in content or technology.
  • Alleged Value – Students over and over again have a superior perceived value for these kinds of training, due to clear outlay associated with the instructor and facilities.


We shared a very good cost, instructor-led learning platform so as to provide all students with a sympathetic of the fundamental concepts of Lean Six Sigma. Keep in mind that the only certification itself is not the important thing but the knowledge is.

In the same context, please visit the below title….. Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Also, the other best thing about ISEL is its Unique Certificate Validation Tool.

This Real tool can be used by any third-party verification of candidates that have taken the certification from ISEL. Using the programming code mentioned on ISEL certificates one can check and verify certification details online.

Global Recognition of ISEL Lean Six Sigma Certification

  • Lean Six Sigma curriculum and certification Accredited by The Council of Six Sigma Certification, USA
  • Certification Accredited by International Quality Federation, USA
  • Training aligned to American Society of Quality, USA
  • Course Approved by Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Govt. of India

isel six sigma

isel iassc accreditation

What best you get in ISEL Lean Six Sigma Training

  • Live instructor-led real-time training on weekends
  • Access to recordings and lectures on live classes in case candidate misses the scheduled class
  • Globally renowned instructor for 24*7 learning support and mention
  • Project orientation and mentoring. A project containing Scenario, Data, and Analysis to work on
  • Study material to support you during offline hours. ISEL body of knowledge is couriered to candidates address

The one of a kind approach for preparing and undertaking support is something that separates ISEL GLOBAL from other preparing organizations. ISEL prepares you based on the experience they have picked up from the Six Sigma Consulting they do for their customers. They enable you to comprehend the real difficulties confronted and how to beat them while running a Six Sigma venture.

The program can be attended by

  • Financial/business analyst
  • Commodity manager
  • Project manager
  • Quality manager
  • Production manager
  • Production Engineer
  • Business development manager
  • Manufacturing process engineer
  • Continuous improvement director
  • Business managers or consultants
  • Project manager/Program Manager
  • Director or VP of operations

The course costs the nominal amount of 15990 which is much more comforting & reasonable than other institutes. Normally the costs for Online Instructor-led live Lean Six Sigma training and certification vary from 14,000 to 32,500.

Top companies who are looking for Six Sigma professionals are;

Amazon Computer Sciences Corp
Atos Convergys
BAE Systems Cooper Tire & Rubber
Abbot Credit Suisse
Accenture Damco
General Electric Deere & Company
Bank of America Dell
Boeing Denso
Maersk Eastman Kodak Company
Wipro Evonik Industries
HCL Ford Motor Company
Motorola Inventec

The Lean Six Sigma certified a candidate from ISEL receives the internationally recognized certificate which is approved by CSSC & IASSC, USA.

Check CLSSGB, CLSSBB Sample Certificates here

isel six sigma black belt reviewisel six sigma review

isel six sigma black belt review

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