All You Need to Know about Design Thinking and Design Sprint

The design thinking and design sprint are both different concepts. The best way to get a better understanding of both them would be to analyse them individually. We will also read the differences between both, in the latter part of this article because they are not the same.

What is Design Thinking?

So, what exactly is design thinking? You could define it as a process where you try to learn and understand the problems faced and then come up with simple solutions to tackle and handle these problems, which do not strike at the point.

It is mainly focussed on the development of products and commodities aimed at making the lives of people easy. It helps the manufacturer or producer to develop an understanding of the problems faced by the user and coming up with solutions for them.

The solutions are designed and created through testing and prototyping. Apart from that, the process involves trying out new ideas and thoughts before the result is produced. The design thinking comes in different phases including:

  • Empathise – with your consumers
  • Define – understand what problems your consumers are facing and come with the required solutions
  • Ideate – create ideas and thoughts and then design solutions
  • Prototype – design simple but effective solutions
  • Test – solutions which have been designed by you before releasing them in the market

The above phases do not have to come in the same order and are not repetitive. This is just an overview of what actually happens in a design thinking process.

Why is Design Thinking so useful?

Design thinking is not a product of the person who has designed or created it. They could be artists, musicians, writers, engineers, or even entrepreneurs. Why it is called design thinking? What it does is that it enables the layman to learn, teach, and extract the methods, which are developed from a human-centric point of view.

Why? Using these solutions, you can find solutions to the problems, which you face in your daily lives, in your home, office, school, college, and even in your country. As you can see, it plays a crucial role in the well-being of your lives.

It comes as no surprise that top brands including Samsung, Apple, Google, GE, and so on, are implementing these techniques in their organizations. Even some of the top universities in the world like Harvard, Stanford, and MIT are teachings the concepts of design thinking.

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What is Design sprint?

Design sprint is not the same as design thinking. In a design sprint, a process lasting five days is used for coming up with new ideas and challenges. According to Jake Knapp, author of, “How To Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days” defines them as:

  • Understand – the problem
  • Ideate – take a paper and draw a sketch of the problems
  • Decide – the ideas and make it into the hypothesis
  • Prototype – the testing into a solution
  • Test – the feedback from the consumers

What is the difference between Design Thinking and Design sprint?

Are they the same? Design thinking can be said of as a process that enables you to lay the foundation or develop a skeleton, the outer structure for a problem. Design sprint, on the other hand, enables you to execute the steps into a final solution.

However, design thinking and design sprint use the same process and tools; both are not the same thing.


Hope you enjoyed the reading the article on design thinking and design sprint. You would have probably understood their importance, usage, and differences.

As you can see, both these concepts play a vital role in the implementation of solutions for the good of humanity.

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