Difference Between Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Two terms sometimes interchangeably used are quality assurance and quality control (QC). While similar, the distinctions between the two definitions are distinct. This page will clarify and present concepts and concrete illustrations of the distinctions between quality control and quality management.

What is Total Quality Management and Its Importance?

Total Quality Management (TQM) is indeed a systematic methodology that is focused on the assumption that a company can achieve long-term success by focusing on enhancing quality, thereby providing customer satisfaction, for all its members, from low-level employees to top management.

GST Certification Course in Mumbai

REACH THE DEMAND OF GST PROFESSIONALS WITH GST CERTIFICATION COURSE IN MUMBAI  More than 1.03 businesses got registered under GST in the last two years. Thus, it is obvious that there is a higher demand for professionals with GST certification course in Mumbai. Most of the businesses look for professional GST practitioners to get hired or for a consultation about the finance and taxation of the company. The New era of 

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What You Should Know About GST Certification Course in Delhi

HOW GST CERTIFICATION COURSE IN DELHI IS YOUR NEXT CAREER IMPROVEMENT TOOL? For the overall development of the country, the GST has a pivotal role in the Indian economy. It takes the nation one step closer to the dream of becoming a superpower. The Indian economy is very much dependent upon the success rate of the GST application. The Indian economy has been 

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7 Reasons to Get a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

The importance of Six Sigma is not only limited in a piece of paper or say certification, but it has real-life values in both: personal and professional life. There are various stages of Six Sigma Certification. Where yellow belt is considered to be the basic and the master black belt to the utmost level of the importance 

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Lean Principles and Its Importance in Manufacturing

Lean is an approach focusing the customers of an organization that believes in improving the business process of an organization. The lean principles believe that reducing the waste can satisfy the goal of continuous improvement of an organization. In the manufacturing industry, lean I used to maximize customer value while utilizing the least resource. Though lean principles can be applied in service as well as the manufacturing sector. But in this article, we 

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Steps to create a Six Sigma Control Chart in Excel

Control charts are an essential tool of the Lean Six Sigma methodology. After the upper and the lower control levels are inserted, a control chart is generated to map the changes. It is generally a line chart that displays the changes in the variables in a given period. Control charts are used aggressively in the six-sigma methodology to keep track of the inevitable changes taking place in a process. 

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Lean Six Sigma in Health Care Industry

Lean Six Sigma Methodologies: How do they improve the Health Care Industry The impact of the Six Sigma methodology has not left the healthcare industry untouched. When many manufacturing and other service industry manifolded their achievement rate with the help of the Six Sigma methodology and tools, the healthcare industry too played its dice and achieved success. Six 

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Things you should know about Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

In this digital age, the world is quite more connected to each other. Thus, while anything is trending the rest of the world remains their hands spread to embrace that. The same goes with the Lean Six Sigma Certifications too. Every business seeks for exponential growth. It is needless to say that when a new company starts, it envisions 

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Difference Between Quality Control and Quality Assurance

QA and QC are two different, yet relevant term. Where QA stands for Quality Assurance and QC stands for Quality Control. It is effortless to predict the difference between both the activities form their names. But before we go in depth of both the terms and compare their differentiation, let’s understand what’s quality. The Quality process is nothing but, matching the expectations, requirements, and needs of your 

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