The Six Sigma certification 2021 process requires training and of course, some extent of study. It is not till some extent but studying is an essential part while you are opting for a Six Sigma certification. Whatever be the institute from where you are getting your Six Sigma training or certification, you must follow some books to upgrade your basic and advanced level of knowledge.

There are many terms that are used during the Six Sigma Black Belt and Green Belt training, and you at least have some adequate knowledge about those terms to have an excellent training experience afterward.

Books to read for a Six Sigma Certification

There are many books available in the market, which you can prefer studying. Also, if you are a book lover and want to as many books as you want, you must go for that. But if you want to know some recommended and staple option of textbooks to study while pursuing your Six Sigma certification, then here is the list for you.

1. The Certified Six Sigma Green Belt Handbook: This book is written by Roderick A. Munro and Govindarajan Ramu and was published by the ASQ (American Society for Quality). As the name of the book implies, the book is a handbook for you till your Six Sigma Green Belt certification. You can refer to this book if you want to increase your knowledge about the processes and acronyms of Six Sigma.

The book also consists of 2 CDs and mock tests.

You can take this book to help you as your reference while creating your questions and answers and be sure you order the latest edition of the book while buying.

2. Six Sigma Demystified; 2nd Edition: In this book Paul Keller, the writer has demonstrated the techniques, aspects and the methods of Six Sigma process. If you want to create a Six Sigma infrastructure by using the DMAIC methodology, then this book is for you. The book successfully provides you with the blueprints of developing strategies to increase profitability. You can also learn about some specific problem-solving tools from this book. The book also has quizzes and it can help you throughout your exam preparation.

3. Statistics for Six Sigma Made Easy! Revised and Expanded Second Edition: Warren Brussee is the writer for this book, and if you learn about the methodologies and techniques of Six Sigma, the book has all the things explained in an easy to understand and readable manner. You can also get some real-life experience and examples of Six Sigma formulas and implementations. You can learn the use of the right statistical tool from this book and will have in-depth knowledge about the importance of statistics in Six Sigma.

4. Six Sigma for Powerful Improvement: A Green Belt DMAIC Training System: In his book, Charles Carroll has focused upon the DMAIC methodology and has tried to increase the familiarity of the process. This book is not written for you to pass your Six Sigma certification exam but it focuses upon increasing your understanding and knowledge of Six Sigma. There is a total of 450 pages in this book and is divided into 25 lessons. You will also receive a CD and a presentation along with the book.

5. The Quality Toolbox, Second Edition: You can predict something form the title of the book. Nancy Tague, in her book, has not written anything to study about from cover to cover but the book is all about the tools used in Six sigma. The book has also talked about the Six Sigma methodologies and techniques which are used in the quality improvement of the business process. You can find an explanation about some of the most used tools of Six Sigma. This is not a textbook but you can read this for your Six sigma certification examination.

All the above books will help you to understand many aspects of Six Sigma methodology, and we will suggest you pick the books which are appropriate for your level.