Six Sigma Certification in Delhi NCR- Black Belt and Green Belt

Six Sigma Certification in Delhi NCR- Black Belt and Green Belt


Before we proceed to know what Six Sigma Certification is or how to get the Six Sigma certification in Noida, we must discuss what Six Sigma is. Six Sigma is a set of methodologies, which work effectively to define the defects of a process, followed by an organization. Six Sigma can analyze and fix the error and can increase the production rate of an organization.

To get an understanding of the methodology, the Six Sigma Certification in Gurgaon allows its students to learn how to apply and how to track the efficacy of the method. Six Sigma follows the DMAIC cycle to implement the tool in an organization successfully. Surveys say that an organization with a six sigma implementation can increase their profit up to 25 % whereas the flawless production rate increases up to 50%.


In Delhi, there is multiple organization to choose from to get a Six Sigma certification. Black Belt is considered to be the basic and the initial stage of the certification. The students are taught with various aspects of the implementation of the DMAIC technique and other relevant and critical subjects are taught. Six Sigma Black Belt holders can contribute to a Six Sigma Project working in part-time.

It teaches to measure and quantify the financials of an organization. The business process of an organization is improved after that. Six Sigma certification in New Delhi teaches how to eliminate errors and wastes from a production process and how to approach and satisfy a good customer base. A six sigma certification makes an employee more competent and beneficial for an organization. Plus a Six Sigma certified employee get better packages than other employees. It increases the leadership quality in a person and allows a person to help the organization in sustaining quality improvement continuously. Six Sigma believes that recovery is an ever ending process. Also, it helps the employees of an organization to use their time effectively.


A six sigma black belt certified is a professional of the methodology. The person can explain the philosophies and the principles and can handle the team of Green belt certified. A Six Sigma Black Belt practitioner works devotedly on Six Sigma projects of an organization and is hired to troubleshoot and fix the problems occurred while implementing the tools of Six Sigma.

A Black belt certified gets the understanding of every aspect of the DMAIC cycle, and they also have a basic knowledge of the lean concept of the Six Sigma. To get a Six Sigma Black Belt certification one must take the Six Sigma Green Belt certification or obliged to have at least three years of work experience and must complete one Six Sigma project


Many reputed institutions offer the Six Sigma certification online, to make it easy for the employees and other committed professionals to opt for the certification courses. Most of the online courses are ASQ accredited; thus there are many options to choose from. The overall teaching methodology and the time it requires to complete the certification is the same.

A six sigma certification takes 1 to 3 months to get completed. The tenure depends upon the pace of the student. It is effortless to study and complete the course within 30 days. Besides, the Six Sigma training in Delhi NCR teaches you the application of tools like Kaizen and Poka Yoke.

The invoicing errors can also be reduced with the help of the Six Sigma certification. The delays, spending, etc. can be controlled effectively.


six sigma iselglobal

A Six Sigma certification can train you in many ways. Apart from being able to help your organization grow it develops and fasten the personal growth of a person. The cost of Six Sigma certification varies according to the management norms and the accreditation. But the course fee varies in between 15,000/- to 25,000/-.

Before selecting or enrolling any training organization to take lean six sigma green belt and black belt training and certification, one should ensure below questions first,

  • How old is the training organization into the lean six sigma arena and what is its experience in the delivery of the six sigma training and consulting to the corporates and individuals across the globe?
  • Who is the faculty or trainer for training, going to impart six sigma green belt and black belt knowledge? Perhaps this is the most important and crucial thing to explore and decide.
  • What about live projects work and implementation support. Is the institute giving you a live project to understand the application part of the advance green belt black belt methodology? The love project should bak up with project affidavit.
  • What are the accreditation and global recognition of certification you going to receive? Certification should be the third party accredited and not be from any local training institute or autonomous body.
  • How updated the material and body of knowledge is? Which body of knowledge you are going to learn? Generally, ASQ, IASSC, ISEL Bok is preferred and recommended.
  • Feedback and success stories of participants who recently completed training and certification from the institute you are selecting. Speak to people and collect reviews about the institute.

Basis above questions, you can explore institutes and decide on enrolling. One of the most recommended and above questions satisfying the institute is ISEL GLOBAL. 

ISEL Global offers an online live real-time learning program to the Six Sigma aspirants.  They offer the world’s highest accredited certification by IASSC, CSSC, ASQ USA. The body of knowledge followed here is ASQ, American Society for Quality, BOK.

About the trainer, so the trainers of ISEL is world-class, they are industry practitioner and 25+ years of experience. They are MBB level certified experts.

The training is one of the advances, works on live projects. In six sigma black belt certification, the training works on 3 live projects with end to end MINITAB PRO 18. This training teaches data analysis with Minitab advance data statistical process and machine learning simulation.

ISEL has successfully trained and certified 55000+ professionals across India and Middle East Countries for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt & Black Belt Certification.

Global Recognition of ISEL Lean Six Sigma Certification in Delhi NCR: 

  1. Lean Six Sigma curriculum and certification Accredited by The Council of Six Sigma Certification, USA
  2. Certification Accredited by International Quality Federation, USA
  3. Certification acknowledging BOK and curriculum outline of American Society of Quality, USA
  4. Course Approved by Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Govt. of India
  5. Certification accredited by International Association for Six Sigma Certification, USA

ISEL is perhaps one must choose for accredited training providers and the certified course of Six Sigma Green Belt & Black Belt to get the utmost benefit of the course. In the course, the applicant’s are taught with the methodologies used under the Six Sigma process. The practical usage of those is also explained thoroughly to make the learners able to apply those in the organization they are in. Participants undergo end toe and MINITAB PRO sessions and simulations to understand the real crux of six sigma process improvement.

Online classroom learnings are beneficial as you can pursue the entire course without spending much time on other factors of the physical courses. There is 1  hours test the applicants need to undergo to achieve the Six Sigma Green Belt or Black Belt certification in Delhi NCR. There are projects which need to be completed and get submitted for the sake of attaining the certification successfully.