PMP Vs PRINCE2 Which One is Better

PMP Vs PRINCE2 – Which One is Better?

PMP Vs PRINCE2: The PMP certification in recent years has become one of the most profitable and demand-driven career opportunities. This pattern will continue in the near future and will lead to a growing need for professional, experienced project managers. In the next few years, selecting the correct project management qualification would be decisive for your future, whether you are a current or an aspiring project manager.

It is clear that if you are in or are a project manager, you still want to figure out the skills you want to boost your productivity and develop these skills you need to have experience plus accreditation such as PRINCE2 certification or PMP Certification which are often recommended by the person and the company that you are able to sell.

So which one is better and how to select which qualification suits you best. All considerations such as the company necessity, the payroll, the structure, your prior experience, and several others must be taken into account.


First of all, you must know that both PMP certification and PRINCE2 certification provide a standard methodology and best practices to effectively manage your project. However, the option of one is based on a range of important factors including which industry you have the expertise in, the potential businesses you expect to join, and the variety of projects you will be working with, and We also know that in Agile environments PMP can be applied. But the boss can only do this if he has the work and experience. A new stream of agile methodologies called PRINCE2 Agile Foundation & Practitioner has been published in PRINCE2 on the other hand.

PMP has been originated in the US, Asia, Middle East, and CanadaPRINCE 2 has been originated in UL and has been accepted widely in Australia, UK, and Europe
PMP is limited to one level onlyPRINCE2 has three different levels namely Foundation, Practitioner, and Professional
The Project Manager is the responsible result of the Project in PMPThe Project Manager is the middleman between the control board and the project
The Project Manager is responsible for answering various questions related to the projectThe Prince2  Project manager is responsible for answering questions like who, when, and what about the project
PMP is driven by the Customer requirementsPRINCE2 is driven by the business case
PMP has a knowledge-based approachIt is a series of seven management process that defines what should be done
It is based on PMBOK which isn’t a standard methodologyPRINCE2 makes use of a methodology with detailed models and templates

What is the PMP Certification?

The PMI is known as the Project Management Institute. They are accredited as PMP which means Project Management Specialist. In order to improve your trust and competitiveness in the labor market, PMI certificates are certifying your expertise and experience in project management.

In all types of industries, project managers are critical. The necessity is for skills that rely on various industries and geographies. The market for project management practitioners is strong according to the PMI survey report of 2014. The need for project managers with standardized skills is growing because businesses want people from diverse cultural and technical backgrounds.

Project management is the mechanism by which resources are prepared, coordinated, driven, and managed to meet goals. The key project management challenge is to meet project milestones while taking the scope, time, quality, and cost of the project into account.

What do you learn in the PMP Certification course?

  • Understanding the process and the terminology
  • The most up-to-date global practices for Project Management
  • Manage the plan time resources for the projects
  • Manage the projects in terms of delivery
  • Clear understanding of – specification, deliverable, work breakdown
  • Project Integration and Management
  • Project Scope and its Management
  • Time Management of Project
  • Project Cost and its Management
  • Project Quality and its Management
  • Project Resource and its Management
  • Project Communication Management
  • Project Risk Management
  • Project Procurement Management

What is PRINCE2 Certification?

PRINCE2 is a de facto process-driven form of efficient project management and is an acronym for Projects In Managed Environments. PRINCE2 is commonly used by the United Kingdom government as well as globally and widely accepted and used in the private sector. The PRINCE2 methodology is public and provides advice on project management from non-proprietary best practices.

What do you learn in the PRINCE2 certification?

  • The PRINCE2 Guidelines include seven principles, processes, and issues
  • How you can adapt your approach to multiple and challenging projects, to maintain the quick working atmosphere such as Agile and Lean today.
  • How to monitor, maintain, and evaluate a product-based strategy for projects.
  • Control of capital on how to reduce project risk.
  • The intent of PRINCE2 processes, their goals, and their context.
  • Apply skills to complement the PRINCE2 qualification approach based on expertise
  • The PRINCE2 functions are intended as products for management.
  • The features and background of a project and the advantages of PRINCE2

Benefits of PMP vs. PRINCE2

Better growth in the salary

Certified PMP practitioners have higher wage increases than their illegal counterparts.

Opportunities to network

It is recommended that you become a PMI member to receive a PMP certification. You have access, once you become a member, to a wide network of equally trained professionals. These contacts may be critical to the completion of a project management mission.

Better prospects for work

The PMP credential is recognized and trusted by employers throughout the world as the world’s most common project management qualification.

Final Thoughts

You should be accredited according to your prospects, initiatives, and the area in which you work. In learning, you can learn more in PMP preparation, including procurement management, vendor management, vendor management, and supplier management, but what if you don’t need these things, what if your project isn’t? PMP means more comprehension and PRINCE2 is a Process-based system. This is why PMP vs PRINCE2 does not bid in all regions for credentials. The knowledge and learning offered by these offerings will help an expert.