six sigma certification in delhi, noida, gurgoan

Six Sigma Certification in Delhi/ Gurgaon/ Noida

Six Sigma provides a language and toolset that ensures the development and maintenance of management, the organization’s design, and improvement processes. Learning six sigma and lean six sigma an individual or organisations can enjoy increased revenue through waste removal, improved customer satisfaction, and reduced costs of poor quality and cycle times.

Why ISEL Global?

ISEL Global is one of the few institutes which covers an assortment of courses to reach Six Sigma Certification in New Delhi. The six sigma certification courses have been designed for the students from various backgrounds like Commerce, Engineering & Management to provide them the knowledge about Six Sigma, TQM, and Lean Management theories

The Lean Six Sigma is considered as the methodology that helps achieve better productivity and to improve quality. This training helps people to be conscious of the basic principles of Lean Six Sigma and implement the same in their profession. It gives phased rational approach to solve the problem with eliminating defect or waste for getting the desired result in a particular identified procedure.

Six Sigma Certification in Noida and the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training is aimed at providing the appropriate tools to individuals and organisations who are seeking to comprehend Quality Management and Productivity Enhancement. This training helps individuals to achieve Quality and Productivity Objectives of the project and to understand D-M-A-I-C: a strategy which Defines, Measures, Analyses, Improves and Controls.

Join our Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in Delhi:

ISEL Global satisfies the need of participants to have clarity on fundamentals in great management practice, quality, and conceptual knowledge. With these features and virtues and a piece of positive experience in the center subject, folks will be very confident to deal with challenge and handle responsibility. ISEL GLOBAL has transformed and functions with this vision.

The Six Sigma Training in Delhi NCR offered by ISEL Global are as follow:

  • Lean concepts covering 5S, KAIZEN, LEAN, and VSM
  • Six Sigma Yellow Belt certificate course
  • Six Sigma Green Belt certification course
  • Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Program
  • Certification course in Total Quality Management

The Vision Of ISEL Global in SIX SIGMA Certification in Gurgaon:

This certification:

  • Demonstrates one’s ability to apply DMAIC in great projects.
  • Demonstrates one’s ability to incorporate Lean Six Sigma as a long term improvement philosophy in their organizations.
  • Gives worth to professional data.
  • Job Performance Improvement.
  • Opens up new career pathways.
  • According to recent surveys the median salary for certified professionals in this field is approximate $83,107 each year.

What ISEL Global offers?

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification in Delhi opens up lots of career opportunities. The potential for job growth will increase together with the pay. Those that are trained in this class can easily expect some openings. Have ideas and are respected and sought after in their area. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training can help in a lot of ways. Individuals looking to excel can tap into these training courses and get on the fast track to a career.

What ISEL Global Six Sigma Course gives students?

  • Online classroom sessions
  • Recorded sessions to assess knowledge taught and applications of the knowledge.
  • Quiz session clearing basic understanding.
  • Opportunity to teach subjects which are well understood.
  • Emphasis on applying knowledge in real life situation and remote examples for a variety of industries, like IT, BPO, KPO, Manufacturing, etc.
  • Use of the latest techniques and tools in Six Sigma.
  • Six Sigma Certification Online

What is the Six Sigma Certification Fee?

Six Sigma certification price at Green Belt level will depend upon a variety of factors such as trainer’s credibility, institution’s and Accreditation’s recognition etc.