Top 5 Courses to Pass the PMP Certification Exam

Top 5 Courses to Pass the PMP Certification Exam

Among all the top IT credential lists, project management certifications have for years taken a spot. That is because for all sorts of IT operations project managers are essential. Whether you want to be an IT project manager or just to add project management to your soft skills list, these five leading PMP certification exams will enhance or improve these skills and in turn, enhance your value.

Where there is a range of soft skills that are fixed on the IT radar for the last decade or so so that the project is almost as needed and as important as top-level qualifications. This field has become an incredibly worthwhile trademark for IT professionals of all lines, in large part thanks to the extremely popular and widely pursued Project Management Professional i.e. PMP certification of the Project Management Institute (PMI). This is because the importance of any other form of professional qualifications is increased and boosted.

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The task of Project management professionals is about organizing, planning, budgeting and ultimately implementing and reporting on projects of all shapes and sizes. Yes, anything and whatever IT does can be viewed or regarded as some kind of project. It occurs only once or very rarely to single-species behaviors (think updates of hardware or Software or switching from older to newer platforms or infrastructures). Usually repetitive operations (think security updates, software upgrades, or other routine maintenance tasks). Project management is therefore highly necessary and essential for IT activities in the business.

About PMP Certification Exam

You may have heard of the PMP certification exam, one of the most reputed and sought after IT certifications for project managers as well as those who want to be a project manager when you’re in the field of project management and human rights management. PMP is a short form of Project Management Professional provided to it by the PMI. As mentioned above, it is one of the best-known project management certifications for professionals. The need for project managers is enormous worldwide. Many leading and best companies hire certified project managers for project management. According to the PMI report, there are more than 2 million role-purposes for project management each year.

The PMP certification exam is one of the most valuable certifications for IT professionals and many others in the world. The certification of the project management room is also considered a gold standard.

Maybe you wonder why PMP certification is so respected? Ok, not everybody is eligible for the PMP certification exam. You are required to have experience in project management before applying for the PMP certification exam.

Below is a list of few best courses which are highly regarded in clearing the PMP certification exam. All these courses include the theory you need, and also some practice questions. 

  1. Project Management Professional – 35 Contact Hours
  2. PMP Certification Training on Grey Campus
  3. PMP Exam PREP-Project Management Professional Full Training
  4. Introduction to Project Management and the PMP Exam
  5. PMP Exam Prep Seminar-PMBOK Guide 6
  1. Project Management Professional – 35 Contact Hours

In the 35 Contact Hours course, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of Project management best practices which is quite important from the real-world experience and from the perspective of certification.

With each lecture, this course often contains printable and savable flashcards, games, slideshows, and other complementary materials, which makes it very enticing. It also allows you to retain your awareness. T his course covers all the subjects indicated by PMI that need to be PMP certified.

This course is trusted by many more i.e. over 28 K outstanding students when it comes to social evidence. In this ranking, the scores are also on average 4.2, much lower than other grades, but they are still very good. You can try this out if you can not attach it to instructions in the previous course. The best course to start otherwise is the PMP Exam Prep Seminar.

  • PMP Certification Training on Grey Campus

Grey Campus offers one of the best courses on PMP Certification. It’s a complete preparation course for a PMP credential that is offered by the PMI, United States of America.

It’s also a full PMI registered education provider (ID 3871) and is always modified to cover the latest PMI curriculum for the PMP review. This is a complete PMP certification training for the PMI certification.

You also have options to choose from three different learning styles, depending on the time and commitment you are able to commit to (individual classes, online classes, and self-paced online courses.

The course formats do come with the 35- Contact hour’s education certificate. It is quite a mandatory component for the eligibility of the PMP certification.

  • PMP Exam PREP-Project Management Professional Full Training

This is another great course for people who are studying for the PMP certification. It’s one of the best yet briefest course work. It covers all subjects as required by PMI, but most content comes with short crips which make it easy to understand. It covers all the subjects. Concepts are explained in basic languages with examples that are easy to understand, and no detail is meaningless, it means no waste of time.

This course would be highly recommended if you would like to use your busy schedules and not invest full time for PMP. Concepts are very well and very simplistically clarified.

  • Introduction to Project Management and the PMP Exam

 It is another recommended course for candidates for PMP certification. In this course you will learn if PMP is the best option for your career advancement, what criteria must be met for taking the certification exam, what to expect from the test itself, and how your application should be compiled and submitted.

Afterward, you will discover the fundamental principles of project management to help you understand better what distinguishes project management from the daily needs of organizations and the content covered in this learning process.

The best thing is for this course to be fully compatible with the current iteration of the PMP Examination Objectives and the 6th edition of the PMBOK Guide, the holy grail of PMP Certification, among all other courses on this learning pathway.

Another significant point is that you will satisfy the mandatory training requirement for the PMP test by completing this course and others in the sequence. And it could also be used to accumulate continuing education credit for people already accredited.

  • PMP Exam Prep Seminar-PMBOK Guide 6

It’s one of the best courses to crack the first attempt at PMP certification. The professor, Joseph Philips, is very professional and has written many books on project management and PMP certification such as a CAPM / PMP All-In-One Exam Guide.

You can find all the details you need to prepare for your PMPP PMI Certification in this very extensive course. You will not only receive 35 contact time from a PMI Approved Education Provider, a compulsory PMP certification prerequisite.

Naturally, the quality is also excellent with great content, clear audio, and excellent delivery.

These are some of the best ways to crack the PMP test in 2020. All these courses are very complete and qualify for PMI specifications of 35 contact hours. Project management is an on-demand profession and many of the world’s leading and best organizations tend to hire professional project managers.