As COVID-19 becomes a global pandemic, a lot can be learned from the collected data and the follow-up of processes and procedures. Looking at how the virus is transmitted to hospitals and corporations. Manage the virus. In terms of short and long-term approaches, much can be gained. One of the main goals of six sigma is eliminating waste, reducing defects, and boost improvements in the structure of an organization. Six Sigma tools in situations of crisis management can be used in this respect.

Crisis management in any kind of environment is used to handle emergency situations. While certain crises cannot be dealt with, future preparation and rapid response will mitigate the effect. This can reduce the effects of certain crises.

Six Sigma Black Belt

The Six Sigma Black Belt Certified is a specialist who can explain the philosophies and principles of Six Sigma, including systems and tools. A Black Belt could also show leadership by teams, understand the dynamics of teams, and appoint members of the team.

In accordance with the Six Sigma principles, the black belts are very well acquainted with certain aspects of a DMAIC model. They can be D – Defined, M- measured, A – Analyzed, I – Improved, and C- Controlled. They have basic knowledge of lean business concepts, are capable of identifying elements and activities which do not add value and can use certain instruments.

Six Sigma Green Belt

Green Belt is the employees of the organization who has been trained in the methodology of improvement Six Sigma and will be leading a process improvement team in its full-time work. The decision-making and strategic components of core elements in the planning process for the Six Sigma Project invest more time. They understand the entire process more thoroughly; they collaborate with centralized project managers to provide feedback and achieve success targets.

It is a Six Sigma Green Belt certification course in order to introduce participants to techniques and processes that are necessary to engage in the advancement of DMIAC projects. This course focuses on DMAIC ‘s fundamental structure. Professionals can recognize challenges and find solutions to their problems by taking this certification course.

Who is benefitted from Green Belt?

Green Belt is a mechanism driven by individuals. The performance level of the Six Sigma project tends to match the persistence, expertise, and commitment of each team member. When researching the role of the Champion and the black Belts in the execution of the project, the majority of them think about the role to play. However, Green Belts will also play a significant role in process change to boost the efficiency of the projects.

Green belt is a professional team member with the intent of through the efficiency of the operation. They help in bridging the gap between the Six Sigma theory and the applications in the real world. In the improvement of operation, data inspection, and project management, Six Sigma Green Belt candidates play an important role. Green Belt training teaches applicants the basic techniques of a project team and how to apply the DMAIC skills applicable to a project named Six Sigma.

Six Sigma and Crisis Management

Managing the behavior of the population could result in dramatic effects. The process is explained in the below diagram. The fact that different countries have responded with themselves as compared with the number of cases they have and how quickly they have, is a good example of how population behavior affects the occurring crises curve flattened.

six sigma for covid19

For example, countries such as China and South Korea have instantly implemented a quarantine that their citizens have to follow as cases have started to increase and rise. You can see how the behavior of the population is more rapidly flattening the curve than in other countries, following the required quarantine strictly.

In addition, businesses and hospitals can use six sigma to improve their effectiveness. In the hospital, for example, process flow or value flux map can be used to create a system to treat patients who come to the door effectively. The hospital can monitor their process throughput times, analyze the data daily, and make minor changes by using and drawing up a plan.

Enhance results. You can also use a Pareto chart to explain how many cases of coronavirus and other medical emergencies are caused by hospital visits. This will also assist them in deciding which processes should first be concentrated on in their flow chart or stream map.

The Productivity Challenge

In the face of the inertia of continued activities over a period requiring remote work for companies involved in IT and ITeS, and other industries are nearly at a standstill waiting to start up again. Most companies will only be able to use 10-50% of their entire workforce with strict government requirements. The challenge here is to maximize production efficiency with limited resources.

Stiff Competition

Whether an economy is a country or a company, it mainly follows the rule of supply and demand. As a consequence of COVID-19, most economies see free declines in market demand due mainly to short-term volatility. Governments first strive to control the decline and then raise demand, which will also align the supply chain.

The market is expected to rise significantly, with manufacturers facing another challenge having to compete stiffly and to start a price war. The vendors must do their best, while the buyers must always bargain, to deliver an unbeatable quality with the lowest possible margins.

Only if the manufacturers have effectively managed their waste, defects and any improvements in their respective processes are it possible to sustain rates on the lower sides.

Opportunities to grow and Up skill

Although several businesses have already started to lay off their staff to manage their costs, the only jobs that can potentially add value to fight the economic downturn will be retained. The value is not limited to core competencies or expectations. A software creation that would previously have been expected to code with ZERO defects with reduced SDLC, for example, is now expected to do.

This can be done by upskilling. Employees from various profiles are therefore more likely to acquire new skills and to continue working in their core skills. Lean Six Sigma is top of the list because it offers the learners the capabilities they need to increase their productivity with the highest quality of the supplies using minimal TAT resources.

Upgrading your business with Six Sigma

It really is a strategic step that you can take when it comes to incorporating the Six Sigma system into your company. However, it’s clear to retail companies that this approach has had a strong effect. After all, one of the best ways to help the business grow is to keep up-to-date, and the current domination of e-commerce certainly needs a closer review. When the company is able to help Six Sigma develop into the industry leader, certain key lessons can be learned for your own businesses.

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