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How to Prepare for The PMP Exam at Home

All must be well aware of the difficulties faced while answering any examination. Answering any examination needs lots of time, preparation, diligence and efforts. The PMP exam, which is also known as Project Management Professional examination is the toughest amongst all the other examinations. It needs extensive preparation over the course time to pass. 

Your PMP exam preparation is crucial, in other words! In the field of project management, you must absorb a lot of material and must master the practical applications too. If you are one amongst the well-established ones in your career, so you’re learning skills may be somewhat rustic. This is where the highest PMP test tips are provided.

The number of PMP exam holders is on the rise as the world’s quickest growing certification (there are now over 762,000 holders), which means that there is more competition for you! Don’t worry — the whole PMP program can still be mastered with the right combination of effort, dedication, and guidance. In this blog, we offer a systematic approach to the PMP certification examination.

pmp-certification  iselglobal
pmp-certification iselglobal

Read on to find out which are the PMP Exam learning materials

1) Do proper Research on PMP exam

Make a list of questions that you want to be answered before you begin your day of learning. This makes you an active researcher, who may be helpful during your study, from a passive reader.

2) Try Attending the workshops

PMP Pre-Test Workshops are an excellent way to choose between a classroom setting and one-to-one interactions. Its the best way to meet the other aspirational project management professionals in your field in addition to networking through a PMI ® member. Another advantage of such workshops is that they usually meet the 35-hour requirement, which is a requirement to apply for a PMP examination.

A. Try Attending online workshops

Various PMP pre-examination courses are available online. These online PMP workshops are usually lower than workshops per person. Select the option best suited to your style of studies. Make lots of comparisons before you commit to a shopping experience and read the testimonials. Review the Outline of the PMP Exam Content 

The PMP review contents outline is a very important step towards achieving good results during the PMP examination. Its is the important document you can access, published by PMI:

  • Break the questions according to the process areas
  • List of the tasks and the competencies gives you a high-level idea of what is covered during the examination. Once the content of PMBOK (or a study guide you are using) has a reasonable command, go through this and make sure nothing is unknown.
  • Make a Study Plan

It is crucial that you also treat PMP as a project. Prepare the plan covering all activities leading to the certification of your PMP. One of the sub-plans for this is the study plan, which is very important. Please break your studies into small pieces and prepare a plan of study that includes PMBoK reading schedules, mock testing, study of different PMP learning materials etc.

3. Try Scoring in the Mock Tests

Mock tests often indicate very well your willingness to take the test. They are very helpful in identifying gaps in your knowledge of project management. You can review the results and concentrate on areas that need to be improved after taking a test.

It is also essential to take a full-length mock test-it is not easy to sit in an area for 4 hours focusing on answering questions. It is an intimidating physical and mental experience. Your PMP certification is, however, required. Before it’s too late, you better get used to it.

4. Do group study

A good group of students can be very useful. See local students and form one if you don’t find one. There are several advantages of participating in a meeting:

  • The monotony of learning alone in a group breaks
  • It helps you in getting help in the areas with which you struggle and helps someone to develop your own trust.
  • Sharing experiences with others in project management helps address a particular type and scenario questions for which PMP is famous
  • It can help motivate you and keep up with each other.
  • Conquer the PMBOK Guide

Mainly the PMBOK Guide is used for the PMP test. Make the route map for your studies use it to your advantage. Plan each week to study the PMBOK ® Guide in one area of knowledge. Start with the guide and then proceed to other studies. This helps you to better understand each subject since other study guides often pick up the content and present the same subject in a different way.

Furthermore, the PMBOK Guide knowledge areas are broken down and one procedure is studied daily. This helps you prepare a clear plan for the milestones of your daily and weekly study.

It’s not sufficient to save it all. Try to understand and study the concepts with concentration and focus. The PMP exam will test how well those concepts, principles and ideas can be applied. This is critical. Many problems are described in situations. They contain sufficient information to provide you with the best response but also lack of information to throw you off course deliberately.

Take a break before reading a section of the PMBOK guide. With each reading, you’ll understand better. The data will be easier to absorb by the third time since the concepts already appear in your mind. Please ensure that the current version is 5 in order to understand all the areas of knowledge, processes, concepts, and formulas involved with PMP using the latest version of the PMBOK Guide, which is available from PMI.

You will also need to keep up to date with the concepts for project management and changes since the previous version. The detailed lists of changes made in PMBOK Guide 4 are presented in the Appendix X1 version 5.

Some of these changes include a rise of 9 to 10 knowledge areas (including the addition of the area of knowledge called Project Stakeholder Management) and a rise of 42 to 47.

I hope these PMP exam preparation tips help you in cracking the Project Management Professional exam with flying colors.