How Quality Plays an Important Role in Six Sigma

Quality management is an essential thing that you can offer to your customers. Every business must focus on providing quality products and services to the customers for increased customer retention and improve profitability. Thus, Quality control is an important facet of the Six Sigma methodology.

The main motto behind Six Sigma methodology is to find out the defects from a business process and to eliminate it. It requires consistent defect monitoring and some Lean Six Sigma tools like Poke Yoke, Value Stream Mapping, Kaizen and Regression Analysis to have the utmost benefit of Six Sigma application. But one more thing which is the most important is that one needs to create a habit consisting of behavior and rewards.

Quality is Six Sigma is also very important while creating a strong emphasis on your customers. If your customers are choosing you over the other many services of business providers are counted and not when you are one of their options.


Six Sigma is a statistics-oriented methodology that applies the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) tool to improve the company’s business process. It believes that improvement is a daily process and not a goal.


Whatever is the value of your product, you get paid for the quality of it. Every time your customers make a buy, they analyze the quality of the product and service and the value they are paying for it. The quality-price ratio us the only parameter to judge if your product can make it to their list.

When your organization is focused upon Six Sigma style manufacturing only, the wastes of resources get lessened, and thus your organization can experience more profitability. Controlling the quality is also very competitive when you are among many other organizations that are offering some products or services to the same target audiences.

Maintaining quality can help you in creating excellent brand value. If your organization can earn the reputation of offering quality products only, you can be a few steps further from the competitors. Quality increases reliability and trust in your company and its products in the market.



When your organization is looking forward to quality manufacturing, the first thing that you need to do is to train your employees regarding the same. When your organization works towards the same goal, you can achieve it faster. Every employee of the organization must be aware of the Six Sigma certification tools which are being implemented while controlling quality and quality manufacturing.

Voice of customers is another thing that you need to consider while looking for scopes to control quality. In the end, all you need is satisfied customers and nothing less. You must be very mindful of what your customers are saying about your business. You can find new improvement opportunities and can also understand where you can create new opportunities.

The required changes within the organization must also be according to the expectation of the customers and what you have to offer currently. You can consistently monitor how your business is doing to make the process easy for you.

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Quality is undoubtedly important, and in the world of Six Sigma, it is at the core of every other thing. Voice of customers is the primary thing to focus upon to obtain the maximum level of quality. At the beginning of getting customers to make sure that you have quality.