Top 20 Lean Six Sigma Tips

Top 20 Tips for A Wonderful Lean Six Sigma Experience

Where companies try to implement the methodologies of Lean Six Sigma to improve their business process and increase profitability, they must also know the discipline of applying Six Sigma, which helps an organization to grow. Lean Six sigma tries to define the defects and the wastes from a business process and refine the process while keeping the errors to the minimum.

For the organizations that have already reached out or yet to reach to expert advice and are willing to make some differences within the organization with the help of Lean Six Sigma, here are 20 topmost tips for you.

  1. Engage Senior Leadership: Engaging senior leadership in the Six Sigma implementation can help you to stay away from making errors frequently. You can hire Six Sigma Black Belt certified professionals to guide you in this.
  2. Never Forget your customers: Your customers are the ultimate focus to grow your business, make sure that you work to get the utmost customer satisfaction and be able to retain them.
  3. Seek improvement opportunities: Lean Six Sigma is a process-oriented methodology that thinks that improvement is a daily process and is not a goal. Thus, be open to grab any opportunity which leads to improvement.
  4. Go Six Sigma all the way: Six Sigma can be applied at any part of your life and of course in any segment of your business.
  5. Don’t try training alone: Only Lean Six Sigma certification training only will not help you to create a Six Sigma environment. You need to keep an eye and make specific changes where is required.
  6. Get your efforts some reason: Everyone is busy in this world. Thus, if you are looking for some result out of the Lean Six Sigma implementation, get appropriate reasons behind every action.
  7. Get a simple conclusion: Even though you got a complicated analysis, you must have your conclusion to be easy to understand and simple to make it understandable for others.
  8. Communicate and Seek feedback: Communication must be a daily routine, and you must also seek feedback from your customers, stakeholders, and employees regarding their satisfaction to find out more growth opportunities.
  9. Have suitable infrastructure: Your work environment must be embellished with suitable infrastructure to help your employees to enjoy the work environment and work happily.
  10. Add value: Add value to every segment of your business, be it customer satisfaction or stakeholder satisfaction, every action must be value-added.
  11. Get your measurements right: You must fix your Lean Six Sigma metrics before the implementation. If you don’t know what do you want to fix in the business process, it will be difficult for you to do so.
  12. Adhere to technology: You can rely upon technology wherever needed. When your Six Sigma Green Belt training is backed with relevant technologies, you can expect better and faster results.
  13. See the wider environment: Six Sigma certification can help you to do great things. Even though you are doing the smallest of the projects, you can still look up to the broader spectrum.
  14. Select better projects: Invest much time while picking up the best Lean Six Sigma projects for your business. Picking up a project is a skill and not just an event.
  15. Don’t forget to change leadership: There must not be any monopoly working in your Lean Six Sigma Green Belt project. Once you feel that the existing leadership is not serving anymore, don’t hesitate to change it.
  16. Have perseverance: Perseverance is essential and you can’t go without it. Make your research strong and go through case studies to find better solutions.
  17. Perspective is important: Before implementing the methodology, you must hold your perspective. Everyone in the organization must be free to put their perception in front.
  18. Get an advocate: While making internal changes in the organization, it is always better to have a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt advocate beside you. This will help you to achieve your goals quicker.
  19. Capture hearts and minds: Be it your customers, or the stakeholders you must set the parameters of your work to be to capture their mind and heart altogether.
  20. Deliver quick wins: In today’s competitive world, it is important to move faster. The quicker you can deliver the result in the more competent you stand.