How To Achieve A Lean Six Sigma Certification

How To Achieve A Lean Six Sigma Certification in 2021

Lean Six Sigma certification is probably one of the most valued skills individuals can achieve for the sake of being suitable for an organization. Lean Six Sigma is an advance and value-added skill containing the methodology and principals of lean practitioner and six sigma both. The combination makes the certification strong and industry oriented.
Lean Six Sigma certification is more advance and high in demand in industry as compared to traditional six sigma certification, and for the same reason, it is more preferred and recommended. Either you want to work with an organization or want to work as a consultant, Lean Six Sigma can help you to give your career a boost. Lean Six Sigma is valued by organizations that want and believe in continuous improvement in the business process.

Achieving the certification is not as easy as it might be sounding. One has to undergo a thorough and rigorous process to complete all requirements as prescribed by a certifying body and then pass the certification test.

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But getting a Six Sigma certification is not even as hard as rocket science. All you need to know is the correct processes that you need to follow to achieve the certification. Nowadays, counselors are available to guide and support you in your journey of achieving a lean six sigma green belt or black belt certification.

Steps to follow to achieve a lean six sigma certification

UNDERSTAND: The first step of achieving a Six Sigma Certification is to know why you want to have the certification. On one hand, where Lean Six Sigma certification can make you more competent to be a part of the organization, on the other hand, lean Six Sigma course can help you to achieve career growth. But whatever be the purpose it is always better to decide why you want to achieve certification before starting. Generally, we have seen, people go for lean six sigma certification because of any industry or company you go to, has a high demand for this certification due to its business excellence property. Companies are ready to pay high compensation and salary for lean six sigma certified professionals.

ANALYZE: There are many online and physical courses for the Lean Six Sigma certification. The Six Sigma courses are intended to provide you with the basics and in-depth knowledge of the methodology. Generally, the Lean Six Sigma methodology is consisting of the DMAIC process and the Lean approach altogether. You need to analyze which stage of the Lean six sigma certification is appropriate for you. Usually, there are various stages, including the Six Sigma Green Belt certification, Black Belt and the master Black Belt. Your requirement for achieving the certification can help you to decide which the certification level you must opt for is.

Your career goals and future plans can also help you to decide the level of Lena six sigma certification that is perfect for you now.

GET TRAINED: This is probably the most essential stage of the Lean Six Sigma certification. Generally, there are many organizations that can help you get trained in the methodology and help you to achieve the certification. But you must choose the one which has the maximum number of ratings and also which is capable of providing you with the best curriculum. Remember your choice of course provider can decide the pace of your achievement in Lean Six Sigma certification.

It is always better if you look for such a training institute which is accessible to you. There are so many online Six Sigma courses you can choose from and also can pursue them in your leisure.

Make sure the Six Sigma training provider you are choosing must be accredited and also fits your budget.

TAKE THE TEST: Once you are completed with the training program, the next step is to appear for the written test, which is mandatory for you to be one of the Six Sigma professionals. The test proves your learning of Six Sigma. Generally, the Green Belt certification test lasts for 1 hour, whereas the Six Sigma Black belt certification test lasts for 2 hours.

COMPLETE THE PROJECT: It is not only the test that you need to pass through to achieve the certification. You also need to complete the assigned projects for the sake of attaining the certification. The projects are generally based on what you have learned in the classrooms and during your training.

GET BENEFITTED FORM YOUR SIX SIGMA CERTIFICATIONS: Once you achieve the Lean six sigma certification, there is no looking back in your career. You can simply use the certification to get demonstrated in your resume and in professional portfolios. Lean six sigma certifications can help you to stand out among many other candidates and maybe among many other profiles of the same position where you are in.

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TAKEAWAY: Lean Six Sigma is a process adopted by many small and higher-grade organization to help the organizations to define the wastes and to improve their existing business process. You must spend most of your time researching for the best-fitted organization and certification that can help you instantly.