Six Sigma Black Belt Certification in Mumbai

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification in Mumbai

In the current scenario where most of the organizations are adopting the excellent methodology, you must be aware of the term Six Sigma Black Belt. It is generally a set of tools that helps in the improvement of a complete business process of an organization.​

Six Sigma black belt is a third level belt in Six Sigma Family. The black belt follows Yellow belt and green belt. Six Sigma Black Belt is an advanced level of six sigma and is generally considered as a project management level certification. Once you are black belt certified, you are expected to work as a six sigma project owner, starting and running a six sigma project in an organization. A black belt certified professional controls and manages the green belt under them,  helping them to work on six sigma projects and compete with it.

You will be even glad to know where there is an increasing demand of the methodologies, one can achieve the Six Sigma black belt certification in Mumbai and can practice Six Sigma as a part of the organization and also as a consultant.

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Mumbai

Six Sigma Green and Black Belt Certification Mumbai


​Though yellow belt is the first step of the certification, The green belt is considered to be the first one in the hierarchy. The accreditation is then followed by the Black Belt and the master black belt certification.​

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification: This is the first step of the entire six sigma certification process. This is the mandatory step to follow to be able to get the other two Six Sigma certifications. The Six Sigma Green Belt practitioners are generally responsible for the data collection and the analysis of data. They work under the supervision of the black belt practitioners.​

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification: Six sigma black belt certification in Mumbai is the second last and the next step of the Six Sigma certification program. Though the certification is not mandatory, you can opt for this step once you have successfully achieved the Green belt certification. The black belt practitioners work closely with master black belt professionals. Black Belt professionals have more in-depth knowledge of the DMAIC process. ​

The Six Sigma Black Belt certification can imply the learning of the tools and the methodologies. The certification is not easily attained. The applicants need to have specific skill sets to achieve the Six Sigma black belt certification. 

 Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification: This is the highest and the most essential stage of the six-sigma certification. These professionals can work individually and take care of the six sigma projects within an organization.


The master black belts are considered to be the most knowledgeable individuals of the Six Sigma methodology. They are the epitome of leadership and innovation. The Master black belts are the experienced Six Sigma professionals who can handle the team for Six sigma black belt certification in Mumbai. Black belt practitioners and are also responsible for the training and development of other six sigma belt holders.​


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Well, changing the place or the city definitely doesn’t change the way you can get the Six Sigma 

Black Belt certification in Mumbai. Mumbai is the economic hub of the country this the demand if the Six Sigma certification is higher in this place. There are multiple organizations to offer Six Sigma training and certification.​

Before selecting any organization to take six sigma black belt training and certification, one should ensure below questions first, 


  • How old is the training organization and what is its experience in the delivery of six sigma training and consulting to the organization? 
  • Who is the faculty or trainer for training, going to give you six sigma black belt training and knowledge
  • What about live projects and implementation support. Is the institute giving you a live project to understand the application part of the advance black belt methodology? 
  • What are the accreditation and recognition of certification you going to receive? 
  • How updated the material and body of knowledge is? Which body of knowledge you are going to learn? 
  • Feedback of participants who recently completed training and certification from this institute. Speak to people and collect reviews about the institute. 

Basis above questions, you can explore institutes and decide on enrolling. One of the most recommended and above questions the satisfying institute is ISEL GLOBAL. 

  • ISEL Global offers an online live real-time learning program to the Six Sigma aspirants.  They offer the world’s highest accredited certification by IASSC, CSSC, ASQ USA. The body of knowledge followed here is ASQ, American Society for Quality, BOK. 
  • About the trainer, so the trainers of ISEL is world-class, they are industry practitioner and 25+ years of experience. They are MBB level certified experts. 
  • The training is one of the advances, works on live projects. In six sigma black belt certification, the training works on 3 live projects with end to end MINITAB PRO 18. This training teaches data analysis with Minitab advance data statistical process and machine learning simulation. 
  • ISEL has successfully trained and certified 55000+ professionals across India and Middle East Countries for Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification.

Global recognition of ISEL Six Sigma Black Belt Certification in Mumbai 

  • Lean Six Sigma curriculum and certification Accredited by The Council of Six Sigma Certification, USA 
  • Certification Accredited by International Quality Federation, USA 
  • Certification acknowledging BOK and curriculum outline of American Society of Quality, USA 
  • Course Approved by Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Govt. of India 
  • Certification accredited by International Association for Six Sigma Certification, USA 
six sigma

ISEL is perhaps one must choose for accredited training providers and the certified course of Six 

Sigma to get the utmost benefit of the course, in the course the applicants ate taught with the methodologies used under the Six Sigma process. The practical usage of those is also explained thoroughly to make the learners able to apply those in the organization they are in.​

Online classroom learnings are beneficial as you can pursue the entire course without spending much time on other factors of the physical courses. There is three hours test the applicants need to undergo to achieve the Six Sigma black belt certification in Mumbai. There are projects which need to be completed and get submitted for the sake of attaining the certification successfully.​


The maximum benefit of the Six Sigma Black Belt can be gained once you are sure about why do you need the certification. There are different proposes for each individual behind achieving the six-sigma certification.​

If you are a working professional within an organization, Six Sigma black belt certification in 

Mumbai can increase the potency of your professional portfolio. You can practice as a Six Sigma black belt professional individually and can train different organizations and their workforce to implement the methodology to their business process.


This Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification in Mumbai Online helps in: 

  • Demonstrates one’s ability to integrate Lean and Six Sigma as a long-term continuous improvement philosophy in the organizations. 
  • Gives cutting-edge competitive value to professionals in their growth journey. 
  • Improves job performance and help improve individual KPI and KRA 
  • It opens up greater career prospects in the industry. Black Belt certified earns 35% higher salary as compared to peers. 
  • Demonstrate various leadership roles and responsibilities and business excellence skills. 
  • Gain a fundamental understanding and skills used in project management and senior hierarchy roles. 
  • Demonstrate team leadership and understand team dynamics 
  • Demonstrates one’s ability to apply Enterprise-wide high-complex DMAIC projects. 

TAKEAWAY: There are many courses available for the Six Sigma black belt certification in Mumbai. One must go through the entire curriculum before choosing one from the whole. The training program helps the individuals to better understand the tools which needed to get demonstrated during the Six Sigma Black Belt certification tests.