six sigma black belt exam

How To Pass A Six Sigma Black Belt Exam?

Six Sigma Black Belt exam is a professional certification examination, for those who are passionate in the field of business improvement. Every organization wants to hire people who can define the waste and can help an organization to achieve better revenue, through cost-cutting and increasing the manufacturing rate. According to tom, Six Sigma Black Belt practitioners are among the highest-paid professionals of all time.
Where many organizations look forward to hiring an experienced Six Sigma Black Belt practitioner, many candidates are dealing with achieving the certification to be able to apply for the job position. But getting a Six Sigma Master Black Belt or Black Belt certification is not as easy as it sounds. The individuals need to appear for a certification examination to achieve the same.
If you are struggling hard to pass a Six Sigma Black Belt examination, then here are some tips for you.


Start your preparation early: Six Sigma Black Belt exam is an advanced level of Six Sigma certification. With every level, the academics and the depth of the subjects and methodologies increase. If you are among those who believe in last-minute preparation for any exam, then you need to stop the practice in this case.

Generally, it takes 3 to 4 months for the individuals to prepare for the Six Sigma Black Belt exam. The more in-depth knowledge you can acquire, the more you can excel in the examination and later in your life.

Practice, Practice, Practice: Practice makes a man perfect. The same goes for Six Sigma Black Belt exam preparation too. Generally, the exam paper consists of MCQs and one needs to choose the correct answer among multiple options.

It is a 4 hours exam, and a total of 150 questions are there. The applicants need to solve as many Six Sigma Black Belt practice test papers or practice papers as they can. Practice papers help individuals to better understand the tactics of solving the paper to achieve the passing mark.

Get trained from an accredited organization: To achieve better marks in the Six Sigma Black Belt exam, one needs to have extensive and in-depth training about the methodologies and Six Sigma tools. An organization with the best faculties and curriculum can help the students to achieve expected results from the examination.


Appearing for the examination is probably the most important step among all. The pre-exam preparation helps the individual to be confident about the knowledge it requires to appear for an exam. But to acquire the needed score and certification, the individual needs to keep some tips in mind.

1. Bring all the supporting materials: Six Sigma Black Belt exam is an open book exam. Thus, the candidate needs to carry all the necessary and supporting materials to the examination center. It is a computer-generated exam with a total of 165 questions, among which 150 are scored, and 15 are unscored.

2. Fix the priority: Like any other examination in the Six Sigma Black Belt exam too, it is imperative to attempt the first things first. Which means that one must answer the questions, about which the candidate is confident.

3. Achieve the score: To pass a Six Sigma interview or to achieve the Six Sigma certification, one needs to achieve the expected level of grade. One needs to acquire the minimum target of 550 out of a total of 750 to pass the examination. The passing grade is determined through a process called “cut score study”.

Six Sigma Black Belt certification also has a physical exam facility. Online training and examination can be more like a Six Sigma approach in saving a lot more time for the candidates and help them to better utilize their time in exam preparation. Candidates must follow the study materials carefully, to achieve better marks in the exam.