Benefits of Becoming a Six Sigma Black Belt Certified

What are the benefits of Six Sigma Black Belt Certification? Does Six Sigma Black Belt certification help me to enhance my career? Does Six Sigma black belt help in increasing my salary?

Above are a few questions that come to our mind when we think about Six Sigma Black Belt Certification. Well, the questions are all valid. Because Six Sigma is a professional certification and one definitely takes the course to enhance the career and nothing less. If you have already completed the beginning steps to reach the Black Belt or thinking of becoming a Black Belt practitioner, you must take some time to know the benefits of Six Sigma Black Belt certification.


Black Belt is the most professional level of Six Sigma certification. A black belt holder is counted to be an expert of all the Six Sigma methodologies, principles and tools. Most of the organizations who apply Six Sigma to their business processes, choose to hire black belt professionals to guide them in the process.

A black belt professional has an absolute comprehension of all the facets of the methodologies it includes in Six Sigma. The primary objective of the Six Sigma black belt practitioner is to recognize the components which don’t add value, from a business process and omit them. But here we would like to talk about how you can get benefited when you achieve a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification.

1. It gives you a robust understanding of the process: Six Sigma is a set of tools that can help a business process to grow exponentially. A Six Sigma Black Belt Certification helps the individual to under the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) better. The certification also helps the individual to achieve perfection on those methodologies.

2. You can master new difficulties: The benefits of Six Sigma Black Belt certification help the individual to unlock new doors and understandings of mastering new challenges in the business process. It is sometimes possible that if you are working on a particular process, you can overlook some of the flaws of the process. If one team is working on a project and can’t find out the flaws within, the benefits of Six Sigma Black Belt provide the understanding of cross-team management and handle a project t in a better way.

3. It gets you new opportunities: Even the Six Sigma Green Belt practitioners can have ample of new opportunities in the job market. Not only that they achieve opportunities in the organization to do some betterment, but they have the entire market to win with their level of skills and understanding. Every small and medium-sized enterprise looking for Six Sigma Black Belt Practitioners with higher pay.

4. Sharpen the technical skills: To become a professional in any field, you need to be aware of all the technical knowledge it needs to excel. Six Sigma Black Belt is the utmost level of the certification. Thus, it helps the individual to command excellence over the quality management tools, statistical tools, analysis of relevant data to help a person to learn new tools and skills quickly if required.

5. Sharpen your skill of excellent customer satisfaction: The goal of Six Sigma methodology is to achieve excellent customer satisfaction. Six Sigma is a customer-centric approach, which believes that every organization can grow if their product or services are up to the mark and serving the requirements and expectations of its customers. A Six Sigma Black Belt certification helps the individual to better understand the expectations of the customers and also help an organization to grow the relationship with their customers.

The benefits of Six Sigma Black Belt certification advances and develops new skills in an individual, who love to take challenges to improve a business process. Six Sigma Black Belt certification is worth all the hard work and time that you invest to achieve it.