7 Reasons to Get a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

The importance of Six Sigma is not only limited in a piece of paper or say certification, but it has real-life values in both: personal and professional life. There are various stages of Six Sigma Certification. Where yellow belt is considered to be the basic and the master black belt to the utmost level of the importance of Six Sigma in everyday lives, is beyond everything.

The application of the Six Sigma methodology can be found in many sectors like manufacturing, healthcare, education, banking, finance, etc. You can even obtain a Six Sigma green belt certification to get hired by the best industries and companies worldwide.


The Six Sigma methodology was first invented by the Motorola company. A company which tried to reduce their production of defective mobile pieces, to reduce the cost of production and also to increase the productivity led by profit. Bill smith; an engineer of the same organization first came up with the idea of implanting Six Sigma in 1986. Six Sigma methodology is based on the statistical approach.


Six Sigma is a set of assorted tools used by various organizations to improve their business process. The methodology focuses on reducing waste and guarantees quality production at the end. It believes that every organization must have a customer-centric approach to minimize the profitability of the organization.

The Six Sigma green belt training the essential step of the Six Sigma certifications, which validate professionals for having the skills of identifying the problems in a business process, and the way to remove them. Getting a Six Sigma certification is not as easy as it sounds to be. The individual must acquire a certain level of experience and proficiency of the tools taught during the course. The Six Sigma Certification helps an individual to increase the credibility and become a specialist in improving a business process.



  1. It helps an organization to reduce errors: Every organization wants to opt for the error-free business module. Being an employee of such an organization, it is your responsibility too, to work for the same goal. Where also err is to human, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course is the cult to teach you how error can be reduced from a business process.

  2. It improves the business process: Improvement is not a destination for Six Sigma Certification. Improvement is counted to be a daily process. It is not randomly one can choose where to make the improvements. But with Six Sigma, every business process is thoroughly scrutinized to know which segments are working effectively and where to make the changes.

  3. It increases your credibility: As an individual, Six Sigma Green belt certification online increases your reliability in front of many businesses and employers. The certification enables your capability of defining an error, reducing cost and also managing a business. The employers become sure that you are the one they were looking for.

  4. It ensures quality: Quality management is a part of the Six-sigma certification. From the fundamental level of six sigma certification, it makes sure that every organization wherever you go must have a customer-centric approach. Six Sigma teaches you that quality is the ultimate focus of an organization. The quality of the service or the product also improves the reliability of the organization.

  5. Offers you better packages: There is no need to say that every organization wants a capable employee to their team. When you have a Six Sigma certification, you also become capable of getting g paid with more salary packages, than your colleagues who don’t have one. Six Sigma green belt helps you to stand out in the crowd.

  6. Helps you to get promoted: From the level of a newbie to the managerial level, six sigma helps you to speed up the process. A person gets the benefits of Six sigma green belt certification and becomes competent than others for an administrative position.

  7. Get you better job position: It is not always that you have to start from somewhere to go somewhere. Not every employee having a Six Sigma certification have to start from the bottom level to reach to the higher positions. Among many resumes when yours display a Six Sigma certification, you can skip many steps in between and can get hired for a better job position.