Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Things you should know about Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

In this digital age, the world is quite more connected to each other. Thus, while anything is trending the rest of the world remains their hands spread to embrace that. The same goes with the Lean Six Sigma Certifications too. Every business seeks for exponential growth. It is needless to say that when a new company starts, it envisions for growth, profit, and success.

Lean Six Sigma is one of those factors, which leads and organization in the pathway of growth and success while reducing the possibilities of unnecessary costs and saving the organization from spending on wastes.

When Lean Six Sigma is known for defining waste for becoming the main barrier in the pathway of a company’s success, here is what you need to know about Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification.


Six Sigma is not a goal, but it is a process. Through this process, every organization can focus on regular improvement in their business process. Most of the organization train their employees with the Six Sigma certification for better handling their businesses. Many organizations hire six sigma professionals to lead their projects. But whatever it may be, the steps of acquiring the various levels of certification in a Six Sigma Course remains the same. The necessary certification of Six Sigma starts with the yellow belt. The green belt is the second step of the hierarchy, but as per the industry standard, the yellow belt doesn’t have any specific value-added impact. Thus, Green belt certification is the basic Six Sigma Course one can achieve.


  1.  The first thing you need to know about the Six Sigma Green Belt certification is that it is not at all a rocket science. Anyone who wants to go for a Six Sigma Course or certification needs to start with the green belt certification. There is no specific knowledge or background needed to opt for a Six Sigma Green Belt certification. But one must have a green belt to proceed further with other certification levels of Six Sigma.

  2.  The Lean Six Sigma Green belt certification teaches its enrolled students the techniques of handling business operations with excellence. The Green Belt certification also allows the students to spend someday within the organizational process, to have a better understanding of what they have learned.

  3.  People who are working in the domain of total quality management are the most common subscribers of the green belt certification. Anyone who belongs to a non-quality background can also find the certification to be very beneficial for their career and life. According to indeed.com, the employees with sat least a green belt certification gets paid more than an employee without one, in the same organization.

  4.  This Six Sigma certification has been designed, keeping in mind both the service and the manufacturing segment. Though the concept of Six Sigma was introduced by Motorola to reduce their waste production and saving cost.

  5.  The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certified Professionals work closely under the supervision of the LSSBB certified professionals. A Six Sigma green belt holder has at least three years to demonstrate his/her skills of the Six Sigma methodologies and the tools and processes of the same concept.

  6.  The Green Belt certified professionals or the green belt certification holders are the soul of a Six Sigma team. The Green Belt professionals contribute by collecting data and put the effort in data analysis of the business process they are working upon. The green belt certified professionals are hired at times to improve the business process that works every day.

  7.  Six Sigma Green Belt professionals are also counted as great team leaders. They are even given a chance to create a team of employees induced with Six Sigma methodology within an organization by taking several barnstorming sessions for specific projects.

  8. The training of LSSGB teaches its students about the application of the DMAIC process. Also, the Green Belt Holders can teach the same methodology during their own training and brainstorming sessions to the employees who are the part of it.

  9.  The lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification has been designed with the methodologies followed by the organizations who have a customer-centric approach and who consider customer satisfaction to be the one and only success point.

Though LSSGBC is the basic level of all the six sigma certifications, achieving the same from an accredited organization helps the professional to carry more value with the accreditation to wherever they go for a career revamp.