Difference Between Quality Control and Quality Assurance

QA and QC are two different, yet relevant term. Where QA stands for Quality Assurance and QC stands for Quality Control. It is effortless to predict the difference between both the activities form their names. But before we go in depth of both the terms and compare their differentiation, let’s understand what’s quality.

The Quality process is nothing but, matching the expectations, requirements, and needs of your customers. Quality is what your customers pay you for. A quality product means a product which is trustworthy to buy and which stands as per the mark or standard of the right product. Every company needs to follow some rule in its products and services to satisfy and retain their customers.


Assurance is a term which is much leaned towards the organizational Quality management side. QA means giving the declaration of obtaining the expected outcome from a manufacturing process. It provides the customers with the needed pledge that a product will work without further glitches.

Quality training is a management practice, which tries to prevent the defect of a manufacturing or delivery process. It ensures that every step is followed in an organization must be implemented correctly.

It monitors the approaches, activities, and processes, to create deliverable products that don’t bring further complaints and unsatisfaction.

It is a proactive process and helps in recognizing the flaws in a process. This is the process which needs to be performed before Quality Control


As the term implies, it is about controlling the process. When the defects are defined by Quality assurance and the roadways are made to manufacture quality products, Quality control makes sure that every procedure is being followed correctly. It monitors the activities being performed and makes sure that the deliverables meet the quality standard, as decided during Quality assurance.


Many people may misunderstand both the terms or can even think like both are similar, but that is not correct. Though they are tightly connected, they are different from each other. The process followed by both the procedures is merely different from their origins. However, both play a pivotal part in total quality management. Let’s see a comparative study between Quality Control and Quality Assurance.


Quality Assurance

Quality Control

Quality assurance make positive announces that a product will be made with the required quality standard and will satisfy the expectations of its users

Quality control is basically the process which is followed to fulfill the given promises and make the product up to the mark while following the procedures flawlessly

It works more upon preventing the defect

It is an improvement-based approach, thus identify the root cause(s) of the error and solve it/them

It stops after deciding the quality standard and doesn’t involve in the execution

Quality control is all about performance or implementation of the chosen action to achieve quality

All the team members of a project are responsible for the Quality assurance as the decision is made as a team for the betterment of the product quality

It is only the testing team who are responsible for this process

Quality assurance makes sure theta only right things are done in the process

Quality control only things are done as decided

It is the process followed to create the deliverables

It tests the deliverable to be as decided and expected while supporting the quality standard

TAKEAWAY: At times, the terms leave the management in severe confusion for the question if Quality assurance can take away the place of quality control. Or if the processes and the lines of actions are correctly followed, is there a need for quality control? But as per my opinion, both the methods complement each other and work for hand on hand toward total quality management.

Both of them are different from each other and make sure that a product is working fine. We can simply summarize that QA and QC need each other and can’t get eliminated or removed from the process.