Benefits of PMP Certification


Climbing up on the ladder of career and success is not easy. To acquire and attain an important position in your career takes immense hard work and related skill sets. PMP certification is a significant add-on to your project management skills. The certification is accepted globally and carries high values and credibility in most of the cases. PMP certified professionals are among the highest paid employees as per PayScale.

It doesn’t just increase your salary but gives you other career benefits too.

 Here are some of the benefits of PMP certification.

Career Growth: Any accreditation helps you to grow your career somehow. But those certifications which are known and accepted globally have some other influences in your career. The same goes for PMP certification too. Most of the prominent organizations look for PMP certified professionals to manage the company projects. Thus, a certification is an entrance to better job opportunities for you.

The value of networking is not unknown in the corporate world. A PMP certification makes you the member of the PMP community, where the pursuing and the previously certified PMP professionals are apart. That is how you multiply your network with like-minded people. It is said that “Your network is your net worth”, and you never know who can be your next gateway to something bigger. The more you increase your network, the more expanded your opportunities are.

Skill Enhancement: You can never find a person, doing good without having some certain skill sets. Be it whatever, to excel your career, you need to enhance and enrich your skills continuously. The PMP certification is not easy to achieve at all. You need to undergo some rigorous training process to acquire one. You get trained with general as well as the practical application of the tools taught during the certification.

Your PMP certification training involves 5 project management processes, including:

  • Planning,

  • Initiating,

  • Implementing,

  • Monitoring and

  • Controlling

Expand your marketability: Taken from acquiring an excellent job to fulfilling your responsibilities in a better way within an organization; all you need is better marketability and professional approach. A PMP certification makes you capable of working in any corner of the world. It helps you to expand your skills as a project manager and help you to get in touch with other professionals handling different projects. You grow exponentially by sharing new ideas and methodologies.

You can be a part of different marketing forums, and discussion boards to polish your expertise with other knowledge and tips.

More earning: You can’t focus on making much to earn more in real. When you work on yourself and enhance tour credibility, the salary you earn gets increased automatically. A commendable financial growth is followed by enhancing skill growth. Even though you are working with an organization and pursuing a PMP certification, you can expect an immediate hike in the same organization soon after you complete the certification.

The record shows that the professionals who are PMP certified earn 20% more than their colleagues, being in the same organization and position. If you want to know how much a PMP approved professional can make, then you must understand that a PMP certified individual can make a six-digit salary from the very beginning g of their career.

Be a Corporate Fit Project Manager: A PMP certification enhances the efficiency of you as a project manager. Though the entire achievement depends upon how sincerely have, you completed the certification. A certified project manager is also valued for being capable of training other team members and potential employees of the organization.

Takeaway: These are not the “Just 5 Thing” you get when you acquire a PMP certification. The benefit of accreditation has different values and usage. Many industries, including the telecom, insurance, finance, technology or business, look for ideal professionals, and PMP is among other criteria. The course fee and the lengthy exam process may demotivate you to some extent, but trust me the certification is every penny worth that you spend.