Six Sigma Certification Success Stories in Manufacturing Companies

Six Sigma Certification success stories of Manufacturing Companies

Six Sigma certification has always been in demand for manufacturing domain and manufacturing people across the globe. Majorly all big companies follow six sigma culture to improve their business process and maximize profit. The tools and six sigma framework are widely applicable in manufacturing.

The six sigma was developed by Motorola for their manufacturing setup, but it was GE, General Electric who actually utilized the actual potential of six sigma and showed tremendous growth in their profit.

A question comes, What are Six Sigma Certification and their belts.

A person with Six Sigma certification has problem-solving abilities. Someone may gain Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, Black Belt or Master Black Belt certification. The higher the certification one attains, the more is the ability to solve complex organizational problems. Six Sigma certification is a process of individual’s knowledge validation using a classification system, generally referred to as “Belts” ( Green Belt, Black Belt, Master Black Belt ) This verification test individual commands over six sigma methodology and tools. The belt classification shows the position these certified individuals would occupy in an organizational structure and job roles.

Here are the success stories of Manufacturing companies who applied Lean Six Sigma to improve their business process. Companies are arranged alphabetically.

The company added the Lena methodology in their 5 years’ growth plan, to bring quality solution in the CNG industry. The company also maintain a reduction in its operating margin. The company is recognized for its safety and health.

Acme Industries
The company used the Six Sigma methodology to improve its pricing process and manufacturing. The company was initially a goal to have a revenue of $500,000. The company also achieved an increment in their sales in the first six months only.

The company is putting more focus while six Sigma to improve their process continues to be active and efficient while using their resources.

Aviation and Missile Research Development & Engineering Center
The company improved its business process and used Six Sigma methodology in its cost saving. The company also valued engineering tools and worked on improving reliability and reducing administrative burden.

Axalta Coating Systems
The company used the 5s approach of the Lean Six Sigma methodology and bagged an award from Quality Circle Forum of India.

Barcoding Inc.
The company used the Lean process in formulating, identifying and fulfilling their delivery process. The organization also involved its entire team in learning the lean process for long term success.

Beverage Producers
Sidel provides packaging materials to companies. The company used Six Sigma in its manufacturing units and reduced the lead time and wastes while improving its quality.

The company used Lean tactics to allocate the resources appropriately. The company also experienced a noticeable change in improving their reach to customers’ demands.

The company, is headquartered in Toronto, faced the challenge of continuous improvement. The company also improved its health and safety program for better employee engagement.

The team of the organization was honored for its diversity. The company was also known for its workplace and core values. And strived while creating variety using Six Sigma.

Demand Driven Manufacturing
The Theory of Constraints and Lean Six Sigma got combined together to initiate demand-driven manufacturing. The company also improved the time and cost of its production.

Fortress Paper
The company increased its revenue from $2.2 million to $5.3 million to $6.3 million over the quarters. The company also started improving their manufacturing mills and helped the blockage issues to get manufacturing efficiency.

General Cable
The success of the organization required more employees. Being a leader of multiple segments, the company was making it’s every community proud. The growth and operation improvement in the organization was driven by Six Sigma methodologies.

GKN Sinter Metals
Previously the sales profit return of the organization was below than the zero lines. Later the company sales started experiencing momentum, and it was driven by the Six Sigma methodology.

Gooch & Housego

Commonwealth of Massachusetts granted an amount of $98, 300m to the company to expand its Lean manufacturing program. The company also motivated its employees to get involved in the business process entirely.

Ingersoll Rand
Using the DMAIC approach and Six Sigma as a tool, the company improved its efforts. The defects of the company were reduced to 70% moving from 0.5 Sigma to 3.53 Sigma.

Jabil Shanghai
The company optimized its manufacturing process using the Six Sigma Methodology. The company was also awarded many internal and external awards. The team of the organization also learned the application of DMAIC.

John Sisk & Son
The company used the Lean approach to define “Value” in the organization. The company was also able to identify its wastes and instilled the mindset of continuous improvement among its employees.

KushCo Holdings, Inc.
Using the Lean Six Sigma Methodology, the company was able to book a revenue of 186 %, and the revenue exceeded the last one in every quarter. The company also initialed continuous improvement in its process, which helped them to scale rapid growth.

L.B. Foster Threaded Products
The company applied the Lean methodology to improve their productivity while eliminating the wastes. The company also focused on creating a safe work ambiance and achieved 99% target of on-time delivery.

Lean Enterprise Institute
The company took a hand on changing the mentality of its team members and understood that coaching alone is not enough for improvement.

Lean Manufacturing
Lean manufacturing improves the labor standard and has a positive impact.

Leonard Building and Truck Accessories
The company hired a 30 year experienced Six Sigma Certified holder to push the efforts of the organization and to fixate its position in the top.

Louisiana-Pacific Corp
The company used the Lean Six Sigma methodology to make its manufacturing process more effective and efficient.

The company applied the Lean process for 7 years and achieved a Lean certification.

MC Assembly
The organization worked on its process improvement efforts and saving cycle cost. They also involved their employees in undergoing Lean training and application.

The company used the Lean methodology in its material handling approaches.

The work culture of the organization is inspired by Lean. The managers of this organization use their Green and Black Belt expertise.

The company is always keen to improve its process. The company helped its 400 workforces to get Lean Training.

Milling Products
The product manager of the company presented a seminar to demonstrate how Lean process helps organizations.

Moulded Devices, Inc.
The company is under the process of the continuous improvement program. They also upgraded their machinery.

Real Alloy
The company applies the lean six sigma methodology to improve performances and increase the margin.

Reliable Plant
The company used the 5S principle to organize the work environment and increase productivity.

Santana Textiles
330 employees of the organization were taught the most excellent tactics of the Lean Six Sigma methodology. They also improved their supply chain management.

The company reduced the material handling labor time by 19%.  The company also expanded its manufacturing and hired new employees.

The company employed Lean manufacturing principles. Also, it decreased waste to 44 %.

The Jubach Company
The company reduced waste and has a record of $2 million revenue with only 5 employees.

The National Productivity Centre of Nigeria
The company focused on improving the standard of living and boosting its economic growth. The company also concentrated on poverty reduction.

Think Lightweight
The company is considered to be a smart factory for its Lean application.

Topper Industrial
The entire team of leadership goes through a week of basic Lean training in the company. The way it has reduced the labors from 20 to 13.

Universal Machining Industries Inc.
The company is committed to efficiency process and has a record of on-time delivery with quality products.

UTC Aerostructures
The company believed that reducing waste can reduce time and cost and increase efficiency.

Vermeer Corp.
It used the Lean process to increase efficiency and reduce health care costs. The company also applied the Lean manufacturing strategy.

Wabash National Corp.
The company is an industry leader for using Six Sigma.