Six Sigma Certification success stories in the Hospitality Industry

Six Sigma Certification success stories in Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry also has been influenced by the benefits of Six Sigma Certification. Though now many companies are implementing Six Sigma Methodology in their business process and consider Six Sigma as the factor behind their success, we will talk about some renowned organizations who implemented Six Sigma to achieve success.


Lean six sigma to become 2015 AFP pinnacle award, finalists

The Association for Professionals (AFP) 2015 finalized Dow Corning, Covidien, and Hilton Worldwide for their Pinnacle award. The companies were selected based on their innovative solutions and the efficacy of their financial operations. With over 70 years of expertise in giving the silicone solutions, products, technology, and services, the company Dow Corning utilized the lean six sigma methodology and value stream mapping and to focus on the human asset.

The company utilized the methodology in training and developing their production team and enriching them with up to date methods of better production. The main focus of the company while using the Six Sigma Methodology was to repair,

  • its manual process
  • massive currency trading program etc.

As a result, the company could be able to cut nearly $5 million in just a year in its cost of production. The production rate of the organization got increased, and the number of defective products got increased. Also, the organization was able to relocate a total of its 600 hours of labor time in doing some more value-adding actions, which can benefit the organization.


Lean six sigma to convert your home into a lean and high-functioning place

Executive Advisor and Managing Partner at, Elisabeth Swan masters the art of applying Lean Six Sigma in his household routine. As per him, we can save much time from the activities which are not beneficial and can convert time saved time in spending with family. He utilizes the Visual Management methodology to optimize his household chores and save time. It also improves the routine of his family and helps the entire family with better time management within the household.

Visual Management: Visual Management typically helps in improving a place visually easy to stay or work in. The procedure helps in identifying the defects underlying the process and leaves no problem undetected. Through the use of Lean Six Sigma, the persons under the same family become able to understand the opportunities of overcoming the relation flaws and future steps that will benefit them in strengthening the relations.

This way, lean six sigma methodology can be used in a household to make a home a better place to stay relaxed and happy.


Lean Six Sigma to present Lean Facility Maintenance Approach at World Conference 2016

Being headquartered at Atlanta, GA and a Fortune 500 company, Veritiv is North America’s leading B2B distributor of many products such as:

  • Packaging
  • Facility solutions
  • Print and publishing products and services
  • Logistics and supply chain management solutions

The team of Veritiv has a total 250+ Certified Lean Six Sigma Facility maintenance advisors across entire North America. The professionals help the organization in many ways to augment its business process and improve customer experience like:

  • Advancing competence
  • Upsurge efficiency
  • Lower costs
  • Facility cleaning in the manufacturing and environments in the office
  • Working on-site for better waste management

The company also presented its Lean facility maintenance services in Lean and Six Sigma World Conference in 2016.  The conference was held in Orlando, FL. on March 23-24, 2016.


Lean to use innovation and sustainability for cost-cutting and customer benefits

Do you know that you can cut the cost of your organization through innovation and sustainability? The process can help you in improving your customer service. Well if you haven’t had applied it to your organization, then here is a great case study of Faith Taylor, who has used the Lean Six Sigma Methodology differently to do so.

Faith Taylor is the Vice President of Sustainability and Innovation at Wyndham Worldwide. The responsibilities which come under Taylor are:

  • Wyndham’s green
  • Sustainable initiatives for environmental, social, and economic programs

Taylor has used the Lean Six Sigma methodology along with Seth Godin’s Purple Cow to improve company innovation and sustainability.

Seth Godin’s Purple Cow is a cult book on innovation written by the marketing guru. The book motivates the organization to do innovative things, new and unique ideas which are remarkable. Taylor also organized various team construction and inspiration building workshops based on the Lean Six Sigma and Purple Cow Methodologies.