six sigma certification success stories in the logistics industry

Six Sigma Certification success stories in the Logistics Industry

Logistic is the backbone of most of the industrial businesses. Thus if the Six Sigma Certification or process can be implemented in the right the way in the Logistic Segment, a company can get to be better in many other aspects. If the flaws in the logistic can be fixed, it can be a bane to many other factors that can improve the quality and sustainability of the organization.

The companies are arranged according to the alphabets. Here are logistic companies which used the Lean process as a tool of business improvement.


Lean six sigma for national DCP

3PL Transplace is used by Dunkin Donuts and Buskin Robbins; two giant companies from the food and Beverage segment, for their inbound logistics. Both the companies are relied on the service of 3PL for distributing their products over 7000 places in the USA.

The success behind 3PL Transplace for being selected by National DCP is Lean six sigma process.


Lean process for improving production and reducing defects

The DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) process of the Six Sigma Lean process came as the first choice for the organization when the methodology arrived at DHL from other technology-based companies like GE and Motorola. The companies then used to apply the method in detecting the defects in their production and improving the production process, reducing the number of defective products.

Though the Lena process was first introduced by Motorola to improve the manufacturing process, DHL applied the Lean methodology in their clearance documentation process in Sydney. As a result, the process was reduced by 3 to 4 days, and thus the company took further initiative on the invoicing of their ocean freights.


Lean Process for techniques and innovation.

The company is an IT industry which operates in reusing and recycling in the sake of creating a better community. The organization was started in the year of 2007, and the company owned an office and warehouse of 25,000 sq.ft.

As a leader of the environmental industry, the companies use the Lean Six Sigma process in their techniques of innovation and the team believes in ever ending analyzation and improvement. 


Lean Six Sigma in improving Customer Satisfaction

The Lean Six Sigma Methodology is used in HCL to improve their customer experience. The company uses the methodologies to understand the opportunities for improvement, which helps them to keep higher service standard and happy clientele. The company is highly committed to sustaining the current standard of their service to their customers and partners.

The company also found out that getting new clients is way more challenging than retaining current customers. Thus they try to use the Lean methodology for new approaches too.


Lean Six Sigma for an improved business process

The company is a Tier One and experienced warehouse control and execution specialist. The company uses the Lean process in the following segments to improve their business process:

  • The company has been fast-forwarded its process of picking order, packing and delivering it.
  • The delivery and shipping flaws of the company have been reduced until it achieved 99.99% accuracy for the same.
  • The operational expenses of the organization have been reduced to some extent
  • The company has been able to increase the productivity of the organization by 30% to 50%.
  • The company has gained better customer satisfaction and retention.


Six Sigma Methodology in employee performance improvement

How about creating a lean warehouse using the Lean process and techniques? That is precisely what has been done by Ryder. The company was able to experience a noticeable improvement in its employee performance using five principles.

  • People Involvement: The company involved each and every employee in the same goal and process
  • Built-in Quality: The Company focused on defining the loopholes of the process before occurring an error.
  • Standardization: The company documented and made sure of following the best process everywhere in the organization.
  • Short Lead Time: The order cycle of the customers was fulfilled ASAP, and that’s too without compromising with the quality
  • Continuous improvement: The company understood that development is not a goal but is a process to carry on further.



Six Sigma process for strategic growth

The company works as a third-party logistics provider to manufacturing industries. After running their business for 35 years, the company opted for strategic growth. The company operates in the South and the Mid part of the United States and believes in continuous evolving.

The company believes in letting their customers do, what they do the best, and that is focusing on manufacturing quality products and the organization shares the burden of all logistics related activities and what they do better.

The company improves the quality of their service regularly and focuses on empowering employees to make small changes, which drive a higher success rate.