six sigma certification success stories in the Telecom Industry

Six Sigma Certification success stories in the Telecom Industry

Every organization, whether large, medium and small size from any industry can increase their profit, revenue, reduce cost and increase business efficiency.
In the telecom industry, lean and six sigma certification can be instrumental in identifying issues and errors on time. For example, you may find that minimizing lead time could multiply the number of finished products you produce. Having identified the issues, you can use the data to improve your supply chain management program.

Here are the success stories of various Telecommunication industry which implemented the Lean Six Sigma Methodology and achieved success.


Low sustainability without performing changes and improving competency.

Nokia is now like the talk of yesterday. Once the company used to be the big fish of the telecommunication market and now that is reduced somewhere. There might be many questions regarding the business span and the existence of Nokia. The questions are like why Nokia could not sustain in the market?

Now other companies like Apple and Samsung have driven the market. So you must know that to sustain in the competition, every company needs to perform specific changes in their business process and technology.


The lean process to expand the call center reach

The telecommunication company wants to extend its customer care reach, and thus, they are applying the Six Sigma methodology to continue their call centers. The company has collaborated with a Six Sigma Black Belt to help them in the purpose.


Six Sigma methodology for investing in growth resources

Verizon communication showed its growth in the last few quarters. To support the products and services the company has, it continuously invests in its platforms and networks. The company applies the Lean Six Sigma methodology to drive company growth.


Lean for an improved business process.

The company adopted the Lean Six Sigma methodology to improve their business process in 2004. Since then Vodafone is following six sigma culture and has shown incremental growth in business processes and customer satisfaction.

Telecom Companies in India utilizing six sigma are like Bharti Telecom, Siemens, France Telecom. They have been gaining benefits from lean and Six Sigma methodology for quite some time now.

Bharti has been using Six Sigma DFSS and DMAIC roadmaps. We have been training people from all these three companies and also some from Vodafone. HR, Finance, BPO and IT divisions/ departments of telecom companies use Six Sigma which is very much similar fashion as in other industries.

Telecom-sector specific applications include:

  1. Development of new features, processes for new services
  2. Improving accuracy, timeliness, and completeness of customer communication
  3. Improving accuracy, timeliness, and completeness of new connections
  4. Improving uptime and quality of services
  5. Reducing response times for complaints, improving customer experience
  6. Reducing the Billing Errors, Timeliness of Billing
  7. Improving the Call Completion Ratio, which is a result of Network Quality
  8. Timeliness and Quality of New Schemes that are launched from time to time
  9. Improving ARPU (Average revenue per unit)
  10. Reducing Customer Churn
  11. Improving Sales Productivity