Six Sigma Success Stories in the Transportation Industry

The travel and Transportation companies were also influenced by the successful and proven methodologies of the six sigma. Leading travel and tourism companies have successfully implemented six sigma methodology in their culture and are demanding for six sigma certified professionals.

Below are success stories of travel and transportation companies after the implementation of six sigma.

Aircraft Turnaround Time

The modern aircraft create congestion in airports. Six Sigma methodologies can help the airports in their effective ground operation, utilization and aircraft repair. It also helps with cross-functional operations to increase revenue and profit.

Alaska Airlines

The organization believed in lean initiatives for performance gain. The company reduced the baggage waiting time from 45 minutes to 20 minutes. Also, the rate of the flight cancellation and missing luggage rates went down. The company is known to be the top on-time flight of the country.

Aluminum Trailer Company (ATC)

The Aluminum trailer company was interviewed by Anca Novacovici, who later wrote an article about how Lean and green Business practice can go hand in hand.


Amadeus is an IT supplier to many leading travel and tourism companies. The company is influenced by the six sigma certification and make sure that before they start any IT project, they try to get related resources on places- like staffs, server space, etc. That way the possibility of disconnection in their IT projects were reduced. The company helps its end user with its easy front-end interface.

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport

The company was originated in the early 1900s and now is known as the most popular figure in men’s room. The company is the manufacturer of the urinal fly sits, and urinal drain belt. The company found out that men can’t resist themselves from peeing on things in the urinal. To maintain the general hygiene and to prevent splash back the company targeted Six Sigma methodology to keep the urinals clean and a little mistake proof. The company implemented lean and six sigma methodology within the process and work culture and found great benefits in improving the overall hygiene in their products

APM Terminals

21 employees from the organization went for a two weeks training of Lean Six Sigma green belt. The company also conducts frequent training programs to improve the performance and safety of the employees. The trained employees achieved some powerful tools to mentor high return projects.

Bargain Houston Movers

The Texas-based company deals into moving and the company is willing to increase its capacity for both; long and short distance moving. The company added new trucks, executives and storage capacity. Lean Six Sigma is applied in the process of their services like efficient packing, safe lifting which leads to great customer experience.


Most of the employees of the organization are aware of the Lean Six Sigma Concept. The company is a global supplier and believes that they can design and deliver anywhere. They used the lean methodology in their production and is known for its success for designing commercial aircraft.
Previously they used to take 77 days to assemble an aircraft which has been reduced to 47 days in current days.


The Chinese travel service has been able to keep up its position in the market due to its quality assurance and application of Six Sigma. The company holds great efficiency and profitability. The company continuously refines its business module.


In Mumbai India, the trend of delivering lunch boxes from home to offices and schools is still there. The delivery executives pedal through the city and holding the efficiency level as equal to the Six Sigma.

Etihad Airways

The company wanted to improve it’s quality and performance standard. The company was able to find out the time-taking activities that don’t add value. The company has a record of replacing the Boeing 777 engine in just 7 hours.


The company completes around 600 trips every day in 14 countries. Most of the riders of the of this travel service are elder people and are negatively affected by the change that this service is not available in the rural areas. The company is trying to apply the lean methodology for financial feasibility.

Goodrich Corporation

The company is influenced by Motorola and GE and the savings they achieved from their bottom line. The company decided to apply the Six Sigma in their current work process for Six Sigma take-offs from the runways. The company also achieved a reduction of 87% of its nonperforming activities.

Kenya Airways

Among more than 400 employees working for the company operating in Kenya and East Africa, the company has around 150 Six Sigma practitioners. The company considers the Lean team to be the assets of their organization.

Mercury Marine

The company used the six sigma methodology to save energy and cost in its plant. The company achieved a 60% reduction in used energy.

Network Rail

In the initial stages of the operation, the company faced many problems including train delays and costing penalties. The company used the six sigma process to reduce the material cost by £400,000. The company also arranged a training program to teach the lean process to 1200 of its employees.


The company adopted the Lean process to convert their work culture to a favorable one. Also, they used the process while making decisions, and paying attention to its customers. The earning of the organization increased up to 46 % in each share. The company also made its place in Forbes under 400 best-managed companies.

Rush Enterprises

3M is going to become the tank supplier to rush enterprise. As per the report, the new tanks will be lightweight and with more capacity. The material, technology, and designs will be inspired by the Six Sigma methodology, which will bring an overall quality and reliability.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

The airport security was in trouble for a longer time. Lean Six Sigma methodology was applied to numerous airports of the USA, and a team of lean experts was sent to review in every section of the airport. After applying the lean, the process of the airport was benefited in many ways including baggage, checkpoints, etc.


The company targeted to reduces the waste up to 80 percent by using the lean methodologies. The changes were made during their flagship manufacturing and the company also bagged a few awards for their quality services.

Wright Brothers

Do you know the lean approach was followed while designing the first aircraft? Rethinking the process and taking knowledge the modern air crafts were designed.