How to Apply Six Sigma in Daily Life

How to Apply Six Sigma in Daily Life | Improve Productivity

Six Sigma was initially conceptualized by Motorola, using the basics of the Asset Price Bubble in 1986. It is a set of skills used by professionals all over the world to improve the methods of their industry and processes.

While it has been known as the “million-dollar methodology” for the significant investment, occasionally Six Sigma required to deliver results. Six Sigma needs years of practices that can be adopted by small and medium-sized businesses, home businesses and even personal finances.

How Six Sigma is can be Applied in Daily Life:

Let’s discusses how Lean Six Sigma tools are used by Kevin Holston, a black belt for 7 waste reduction measures of Lean Methodology. These are:

1.              Reject  The documentation defects are categorized under this waste reduction measure.
2.             Transport  Unnecessary movement of files is categorized into it.
3.             Over Production Defects which arise because of performing work that’s not required or duplication of work is categorized into it.
4.             Waiting Defects and flaws that arise due to halts in the process are categorized into it.
5.              Over Processing Defects which arise due to multiple levels of processing, reviews, and checks are categorized into it.
6.             Movement Defects which arise due to unnecessary change of people are categorized into it.
7.              Inventory Defects which arise due to the accumulation of work are categorized into it.

Can I Use Six Sigma Certification to solve real-life issues?

Yes! Lean and Six Sigma provide creative methods of solving real-life issues and providing approaches to address them.

It gives a much better and newer perspective of looking at problems and improved and different ways to solve them.

Here is how six sigma helps you in your personal life:

  • Without undermining productive time and normalizing sleep cycle it maximizes sleep.
  • Optimize productivity at home, or at work
  • Eliminate waste in finance
  • Reducing downtime it removes waste in the time direction.
  • Optimize your personal relationships for a stress-free life.
  • Develop a balance you are comfortable with
  • Nurture competencies and personal leadership
  • You get to complete your responsibilities on time, according to schedule, and within budget.

Does Six Sigma Green Belt Use any Tool?

Six Sigma theory advocates using a group of effective tools and methods for process improvement. Among which few techniques, in particular, stand out as being exceptionally well-suited for application to the personal life of an individual.

The DMAIC Process to improvements: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control.

How to Apply Six Sigma in Daily LifeWhat is the way to apply the Forming-Storming-Norming-Performing model to the personal relationship?


At this stage, the individuals including your family or team prepare the idea of working together. As you may expect the group is not yet cohesive, and won’t respond. The group is characterized by a lack of information and knowledge of motives.

For Example, A couple having dinner with their extended family.


From the time a team rolls into the stage, members will be more familiar with one another and will start to take the first steps towards working together.

For example, your family supports you in sessions with the family counsellor or lawyer.


The characteristic of the stage is acceptance. The members start to tolerate and promote the ideas and behavior of their peers. Each individual on the team is aligned to the common objective and starts contributing to advance the group.

For Example A joint-family that has lived together for a bit over a year.


In this team, every team member starts working accordingly on the given responsibilities. Members are motivated and knowledgeable, and the creative process is structured and formalized.

For Example Visits to the family physician, who would now know ‘what’s best for you.’