20 Lean Six Sigma Tips

Top 20 Lean Six Sigma Tips Worth Remembering

If you ask different professionals to define Lean Six Sigma Management; I am very sure that you will have different answers from each of them. However, whatever it may be it is very sure that Lean organizations experience a better system and improved profitability.

When customer satisfaction is considered the prime focus, then it is mandatory to excise and identifies the cause and defect of a company process, and that is where Lean Six Sigma Certification come into the role.

Lean Six Sigma TipsMany of top multinational companies across the globe have implemented lean and six sigma methodology and has delivered satisfactory results.

Lean Six Sigma Tips:

Here I will give you Top 20 tips while implementing Lean Six Sigma. Have a look!

1.) Develop a suitable infrastructure To go deep into the cogs and springs of an organization and to get the best result out of it, the company must be supported by a suitable organizational infrastructure.
2.) Engage Senior Leadership A successful Lean Six Sigma Green Belt adoption is not enough, you must have a senior executive engagement that leads to strategic and measurable ROI.
3.) Don’t forget to change Leadership Throughout the operating process of the Lean Six Sigma, there is always a high degree for reinforcement and changing leadership to deliver sustainable results.
4.) Leverage Technology The Six Sigma business is enhanced by IT. The organizations which truly leverage the right technologies can access the full potential of the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.
5.) Understand the environment Six Sigma is an excellent decision though it can’t be operated like magic. The scope of transformation must be understood and the right time to place those changes.
6.) Keep watch on improvement opportunities Rather than working on strategy changing projects, seek opportunities to make small improvements.
7.) Capture Both; Heart and Mind Keep continuously outlining that why your idea is attractive and keep sticking those in the minds and hearts of your stakeholders.
8.) Perseverance must be admired Invest your passion, time and effort to prove your point. If it takes much time, make the time worth it.
9.) Communicate Frequently Sometimes little feedbacks can lead you to higher success. Communicate more frequently with your sponsors, stakeholders, and team.
10.) Perspectives are critical If you don’t spend your time exploring your stakeholders’ views, you will never understand their motives. Get to know your stakeholders and show them that you care.
11.) Use improvement tools It is essential to use the right tools in your Lean Six Sigma Project. Learn how to use tools through trial and error for Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification.
12.) Deliver quick wins On initial Six Sigma Ventures, you can show quick wins but bear in mind the danger of rushing.
13.) Use experts for teaching To develop a lean learning business you must need a teacher who has mastered the field to provide technical assistance.
14.) Be Data Driven Count on data more than opinion. Data will promote acceptance while taking out emotions out of the key.
15.) Track Performances Data tracking is the most efficient way to keep track of your performances.
16.) Don’t celebrate or Give up soon Lean Six Sigma is a journey and not a goal, aiming to build a culture of continuous improvement.
17.) Set a Lean steering team The team must be responsible for providing support in planning, resourcing and implementing.
18.) Make the team believe in the company’s way Lean is beyond the boundaries of functional and departmental fences and is much focused upon the primary business process. Build a company legacy that stands by you, what may come.
19.) Establish robust project selection To make the best use of the Lean Six sigma you must implement it on a good idea or thought. Make the taken project work.
20.) Benchmark with other enterprises Visit and take ideas from other companies who have implemented and installed Six Sigma successfully

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