Six Sigma Certification

How long does it take to get Six Sigma Trained/ Certified?

When you plan for Six Sigma Certification and Six Sigma this questions comes into mind, how long does it take to get a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification or how long does it take to get a Six Sigma Black Belt Certification. Six Sigma is a set of management tools which focuses on a company’s turnover maximization. There have been changes from the past and this article will specifically concentrate on how things are now.

These days if we talk about professional certification many of them are available at more or less like a self-paced training. Similarly, so does Six Sigma and there are other logics as well by which a pace may deviate from its point.

Six Sigma has a various level which is denoted as per belt color just like Kung Fu and similar in signifies an individual’s expertise in the tools and skill, higher the level more crisp expertise a professional has got in planning and implementation.

But gone are the days when people discuss white and yellow belts, now hardly you will ever listen to someone getting a certificate in these two levels as they are very general. As per the trend, Green Belt and Black Belt are the two most trending belts of Six Sigma so the article will be focused on these two.

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Two Types of Six Sigma Certifications:

To make things clear in two quick statements on what is the distinction between these two belts and which one to go first:

Which Six Sigma level to go first: Black Belt or Green Belt?

There is no obligation that you have to master it from the basic level to advance, as if you feel comfortable you are free to take the Black Belt directly but when comes to understanding its always suggest to at least start with Green Belt because you need to know the ground functional area in order to advance and monitor the work of those who will be working under your mentorship.

How much time approximately will it require to get Six Sigma Certified?

Six Sigma certification as of today’s scenario is more like self-paced, every professional is busy in his work it has been commonly seen that the training of Green and Black Belt takes approximately 20 hours which has commonly seen that 3-day workshops have covered everything. In contrast, it has also been seen that learning these many tools at once in a one-shot hasn’t yielded any good. Instead, 3 hours of class daily or weekend classes have been more beneficial that as the professional gets time to understand and everything is not bombarded at once.

If we gaze into stats the time taken by an individual has greatly varied as per the grasping speed of an individual due to the fact one might not have any statistics background which might take some time to get on pace. There are many other factors apart from this such as time, focus, trainers etc. due to which it is hard to estimate the time of completion.

Trend Shift:

In recent times, it has been recorded that more and more professionals are shifting towards

online classes rather the retro classroom model because of convenience and another important aspect of this shift is they get a renowned certificate from an apex USA body at the convenience of his home where he can manage his/her work life balance.

Reference for Exam time and pattern:

As per the International Association for Six Sigma Certification, the Six Sigma certification exam consists of approx. 20-25 question from each section and constitutes a total of 100 questions for which 3 hours of time is allocated. It is completely a closed book exam and a candidate has to achieve a minimum of 385 points in order to clear the exam which has total points of 500.

  • App development: Native script (angular4 + typescript)
  • DB skills: CouchDB (most preferred) or NOSQL db
  • API: node js , express or happy fw