Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Career Benefits of Logistics and Supply Chain Management Certification

Logistics and Supply Chain Management Certification

  • Effective SCM certified professional achieves more accurate information, along with the ability to carry out better sales and resource forecasting.
  • Skilled and certified SCM building stronger partnerships and supplier networks, balancing out supply and demand, improving business plans and working strategies, predicting transportation requirements, planning daily operations of the company, creating streamlined inventory management and removing irrelevant elements.

Top 10 reasons why you should consider a career in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

  1. Careers in supply chain and logistics are paying higher. Jobs are available in this sector for individuals at every educational level.
  2. Advancement opportunities are also plenty. with development in economy, the industry is demanding more and more supply chain management professional.
  3. Careers in this field are very interesting. Supply chain, logistics, inventory, warehouse, operational jobs are more in traction and they even offer a congenial environment to work.
  4. Job opportunities for the female gender are also increasing every day. Due to increasing demand and low supply, certified female professionals are getting more opportunity worldwide.
  5. Logistics and supply chain career is providing a stepping stone into international business. There is a boom for SCM professional in developing countries.
  6. A short duration course in supply chain management and logistics provides its delegates with knowledge in market needs, planning methods, and flow management. Delegates will gain skills in planning, analytics, technology, management, and organization. These enable them to evaluate logistical accomplishments and execute new logistical procedures.
  7. Certified SCM professionals are likely to earn 23% more as compared to non-certified professional
  8. With years on years increase in online retail sales with increasing customers demanding rapid delivery of their product and services, the demand for certified and skill SCM professionals has increased.
  9. Every industry has to procure, store and dispatch their goods or services and this is where the role of SCM comes. Whatever the nature of industry may be, the SCM role is critical for business functions.
  10. The supply chain is a $1.3 trillion industry and continues to grow each year. In November 2015, it was reported that more than 11 million people were working in the supply chain field. the industry is growing year by year and there is a huge demand for Supply Chain Management Professionals.

Supply Chain Management training program can improve delegates understanding of foreign markets, through which much of the import and export activities take place in the supply chain, as well as how to measure the supply chain for the sake of management and optimization. In addition to supply chain management training, courses in management and customer service are valuable for delegates to continue their professional development.

Top Certifications in Logistics and Supply Chain Management: 

  • APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional Certification
  • Certified Supply Chain Management Certification by MSDE, Government of India
  • Certified Logistics and Supply Chain Management Certification by MSDE, Government of India
  • Supply chain Management Professional Certification by American Certification Institute


To Summarise:

With each passing day, numerous job opportunities with good pay scale are opening in this sector across the globe. Companies, especially top multinational are nowadays preferring certified professional who is well versed with logistic and supply chain skills.

While all organizations have supply chain processes of varying degrees, it is important to understand, identify and implement each stage with careful consideration. Variables including the size of the organization and the type of product manufactured affect SCM components, so understanding the most critical business discipline in the world today will greatly benefit you, your business and your bottom line.