prepare for PMP Certification

Best way to prepare for PMP Certification

Professional (PMP) exam continues to evolve, the way you study and prepare for it has to change as well. The exam is a lot harder and tricky these days, especially on PMBOK®GUIDE Sixth Edition. It covers much more topic and it contains many situational questions where you have to answer practically considering and analyzing the projects you have done. Then you must decide the best course of action. What makes these questions hard is that often all 4 answer choices are partially correct. You need to pick the best answer.

Below are some possible best measures one should take to successfully clear the PMP examination in the first attempt,

1. Attend a Formal 35 contact hours training

35 contact hour certificate is mandated criteria for PMP examination and to achieve 35 contact hour certificate a formal 35 hours of training is suggested. There are numerous ways to attend this training and earn contact hours. The best suggested is live instructor-led training where one can directly interact with PMP trainer and discuss the way forward. The formal training has various benefits like,

1. can reduce your effort (and save time) by helping you to do a targeted study.

2. would clarify your doubts and make your self-study easier

3. would motivate you do finish exam quickly.

4. would give you study material and tips for passing the exam.

Usually, instructor-led training is the best. Try to emphasize on trainer profile and learning material. Make sure the trainer going to train you are experienced and have been delivering PMP training for years.

2. Must Study PMBOK Guide

Its always suggested that aspirants preparing for PMP should study and understand PMBOK latest edition. It is important to understand Guide’s terminology, concepts, and language directly from the source.

Also once you have read PMBOK, go for other books by well-known authors. These are tons of book available online to refer and prepare for PMP certification.

3. Get a Good Study Guide
A reference PMP handbook would be a good and constant companion in your PMP certification preparation journey. Along with PMBOK, books of an author like Rita Mulcahy and Andy Crowe are most recommended books to refer.

4. Prepare schedule & Follow Study Groups and Discussion Forums

Prepare a structured schedule for preparation and study. Study every day, make notes, and discuss your queries with other in discussion forums and study groups.

An active participation in study groups and forums will help you get access to numerous materials and resources which will greatly help you in the cleaning examination. These are various group available on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social sites.

5. Invest in a Good PMP Exam Simulator
You would need a good exam simulator to get ready for the exam. A simulator provides many benefits as it is an essential part of exam prep. PMP simulator replicates the real exam scenario so you become aware and comfortable with PMP pattern, timing and pressure. These are various simulators available online which offers free practice test. It is highly suggested to take as many tests as possible to get a proper hands-on on PMP certification examination.

Some other important tips to be followed are,

· Remember Flash Cards

· Refer to Process Flow Charts

· Prepare formulas

In the same context at TimesJobs, we offer live instructor-led training for PMP certification. The training is offered by highly qualified trainers. It would be a real-time training where you can learn and ask your queries and prepare for certification. The program is offered in collaboration with ISEL.

In ISEL PMP exam preparation course you get

1. 16+ hours of live interactive virtual classroom session by experts on weekends

2. 20 hours of the online recorded session

3. PMP customized handbook e-book for reference and other notes

4. Access to the previous class recording for understanding PMP modules before live interaction

5. PMP exam preparation formula E-book and Case studies to help understand real scenarios

6. Dedicated expert support for filling PMI PMP application form

7. 35 contact hour certificate offered after successful training completion

All the best.