What is the best way to pass the PMP exam? Self-learning mode? 

PMP is one of the most highly recognized and high value certifications in the market. Unlike other certifications, PMP can not be just passed through reading and memorizing the books. You should have a well plan and preparation to clear the exam. That is the reason PMP certification exam is having more value in the market.

What are the best sway to prepare for the PMP certification exam?

Although, there is no complete recipe for success in PMP exam, but for years of experience and sharing opinions, there are some tips and tricks which can help you in passing PMP exam easily. Here I am sharing those ideas for your help.

What expert say: self experience

1. Read PMBOK -cover to cover once

2. Read Rita – cover to cover and did all the exercises which were given along with the lessons and also after each lesson. It helped!

3. Start doing online questions – I did almost 1500 questions before the exam

4. Practice all the questions and note down the points while checking answers, in a notebook.

5. Read Rita again, this time jotting down the important points in the same notebook mentioned above. 

6. Make sure you complete all the above before attempting the exam. You should be getting 70-75% marks for all the online tests before attempting the real test. This the indication that you are ready.

7. Read the points you noted down in the notebook before the exam.

8. Relax.

9. After entering the exam cabin, write down all the important equations and also charts you would like to refer to during exam -e. g. the risk vs contract type for buyer and seller – this helps in not mixing up the different types.

11. target to finish 50 questions in 1st hour, 100 questions in 2nd hour, 150 questions in 3rd hour, and 200 in 4th hour.If you are lagging, try to catch up as much as you can.Leave at least 10 minutes to go through the marked questions.

12. Use the ear plug. It will help in concentrating.


Some of the questions which appear complex with lot of numbers, may not need any calculations. Read questions carefully – very important.
There will be many questions from PERT and earned value calculations. – study them well.
Study all the different types of risks by doing various examples.

Source: quora