Benefits of Six Sigma Training and Certification

Six Sigma certification has always been in demand by professionals across the globe. Six Sigma Green Belt certification has been rated under top 10 certifications for IT and Management professionals for 2018. To understand the benefits of Six Sigma Training and Certification, read a below blog which explains in points the value and benefits six sigma can add.

In our time where working as a professional, our organizations demand us to be very consistent in performances proving to be the company’s very useful resource. Six Sigma certification is to set you apart from others. It very effectively lets you improve business processes with the help of carefully designed tools and techniques such Project Charter, Process Capabilities, DPMO( Defects per million opportunities) VSM, JIT and Test of hypothesis etc.

With help of such tools professionals improve their managerial skills to better define, measure and analyze so they can provide more satisfied clients or customers by identifying defects or errors and uprooting them for good.

Six Sigma Training and CertificationA few of the benefits of Six Sigma Training and Certification are as follows:

1. Eliminating errors or defects
This gives a professional the most appreciated tools to find and eradicate the invoicing errors, customer complaints and delay in resolution, cost overrun and schedule management thus increasing the revenue of the organization. Six sigma as a methodology, as a statistical study helps you to remove errors from business funtions. The statiscal process, tools, charts, and various DMAIC funtions overall helop in making a process efficieient and defect free.

2. Helps in improving business quality
Knowledge to understand the business process and manufacturing process of an organization will help you better measure, analyze control and improving them to channel progressive quality.

3.  Can be applied across domain and industry
Its domain free six sigma tools and techniques have been applied successfully in various industries i.e telecom, electrics and electronics, banking and finance, IT, HR and sales & marketing. As six sigma is business improvement menthiodliog, it is widly accepted and as a philoisphy can be appliued in any domain and business funtions.

4.  Helps in increasing profitability
Six Sigma a professional can ensure that manufacturing and process errors are reduced to a significant number and also makes sure that various business associate products and accounts evaluated for increase profit.

5.  Improves managerial and Leadership skills
Professional get a very clear insight into financial management and risk management with the help of six sigma, they also improve their managerial and leadership qualities. The tools, methodlogy and process improvement skills help profesional learn management skills and develop leadership ability quickly.

6.  High pay scale to certified professional
Six Sigma certified professionals are one of the highest paid individuals in their respective industries and this has been observed in the past 2 decades. The six sigma certified professionals are in demand and top multinational companies are willing to hire them.

7.  Better growth prospects and ample job opportunity
Career growth gets speed up with Six Sigma Certification as most of the times top management in many organization are professionals already hold Black Belt or Master Black Belt certification who look forward to trained and certified individuals thus this becomes the foundation stone of your growth in career.

8.  Adds competitive advantage
Hands-on training helps you to understand Six Sigma tools and techniques so become well equipped and prepared to excel before you join the workforce. The six sigma certification as rated under top 10 most preferred certification for 2018, helps you in acquiring a

9.  Enhances analytical skills
Six Sigma helps you to better understand the background and skill set of employees which results in better performance calculation benefiting with more success level and lesser failure causes.


To Summarise:

Six Sigma is no doubt loved by people across the globe. People from manufacturing, Quality, and Production are passionate about Six Sigma Training and Certification. Six Sigma not only helps in achieving a knowledge for upgradation, but it also helps to achieve a brand value. Six Sigma is something which one can start implementing practically immediately after completing training and certification, and that’s the main reason for its recognition worldwide.

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