Benefits of becoming a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certified professional

Lean six sigma green belt is one of the most preferred and demanded certification program across the globe. Manufacturing, Production, Quality, Business, and service industry professionals are passionate about lean six sigma methodology and certification.

Many multi-million dollar companies implement Lean Six Sigma methodology and certification as it is one of the most notable ways to improve service quality, increase productivity and enhance the efficiency of overall processes.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification is a professional credential used to ensure quality improvement in organizations. It works as a hallmark for quality management and shows that a certified professional is quality oriented, has higher working efficiency and has lower errors in the output.

  • Lean six sigma provides complete assistance to the candidates not only in the knowledge but also making them efficient enough to utilize the tools properly for the purpose of improving the business processes.
  • The certification exam is difficult to be cleared in the first attempt and required practical know-how of lean and six sigma tools. The candidates clearing the examination are assumed to have advanced skills and knowledge and are organization choice to implement lean six sigma methodology.
  • Individuals are required to complete all the stages of the certification for acquiring the credential. A certified professional is well equipped with lean and six sigma tools and becomes ready for thousands of jobs across the globe.

The core benefits of acquiring six sigma courses for the individuals are:

1. Become certified, add a credential to your profile

2. Ensure Compliance and become a quality oriented professional

3. Helps Nurture Managerial and Leadership Ability

4. Help Your Organization Eliminate Errors a reduce wastage

5. Helps Organizations Improve Business Processes

6. Sustain Quality Improvement in Organizations

7. With lean six sigma become applicable for all industry

8. Excellent Pay Packages and opportunities across the globe

9. Improved Prospects at The World’s Best Companies

10. Help Improve Customer Relations at Your Organization

Lean Six Sigma certifications are of different levels:

1. Yellow belt – basic level certification given at associate level, Yellow belt lets people understand and start using basic six sigma tools and methodology. The yellow belt allows an associate to enhance day to day processes and spread the culture of continuous improvement.

2. Green Belt – it is the second level of lean six sigma and is one of the most demanded and valued level. In this certification, people are part of six sigma projects and are implementing Lean and six sigma methodologies and tools. Green Belt often work under the guidance of black belts help build the Continuous improvement culture in the organization.

3. Black Belt – It is a role in which 50% Lean Six Sigma skills are learned and used and 50% leadership skills are used. A black belt should be able to understand and implement Lean Six Sigma methodologies, change management skills, mentoring skills, coaching skills and influencing techniques. This role once lead by a resource will be able to generate a leader for the organization.

4. Master Black Belt – This role requires 80% leadership skills and 20% lean six sigma skills. A master black belt leads a team of Black belts and guides them for overall project implementation and completion.

So, the benefit of Lean and six sigma certifications are enormous and this is a carrier changing move once somebody does these training and certifications.

An indicative list of professionals who often go for lean six sigma certifications are:

  • Financial/business analyst
  • Commodity manager
  • Project manager
  • Quality manager
  • Production manager
  • Production Engineer
  • Manufacturing process engineer
  • Continuous improvement director
  • Business managers or consultants
  • Project manager/Program Manager
  • Director or VP of operations

The core benefits can only be driven if an individual has learned lean six sigma methodology and has done projects implementing the required tools.

At & ISEL, we offer instructor-led training and accredited certification for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.

The program and certification are offered in collaboration with ISEL(, Institute for Skill enhancement and Learning.

The course deliverables are:

  • 16+ hours of interactive live virtual classroom session by ISEL Master Black Belt on weekends
  • Study material and books couriered to candidate address within 5-6 workings days
  • Case study, Exam tips, and References offered for practical exposure
  • 24*7 Trainer support via mail and on-demand telephonic discussion on weekends
  • Telephonic discussion with experts on weekend
  • Sample questions and assignments for examination preparation
  • ISEL Certification Validation Tool offered for the employer and third-party credential verification
  • On-demand dummy projects offered to a candidate for six sigma practical application
  • Internationally accredited Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification offered to the candidate

Finally, to conclude,

Becoming Lean Six Sigma certified professional has rewards for both, an individual and the organization. Lean Six Sigma methodologies have the capability of improving your company’s profits and making customers delighted. Lean six sigma certifications for many years to come will enhance marketability and probabilities of valuable employment among individuals and organizations.

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